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Exclusive Articles End of the World 2012: Essays by Vijay Kumar... The Man who Realized God in 1993
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  • Mayan calender Dec 21 2012
    If the Mayan calendar states the ending of the world as 21st December 2012, it does not need confirmation from MSNBC. The Mayan calendar itself is an authority. Devoid of spiritual depth... most people world over are unable to interpret the Mayan calendar as it is supposed to be! The Mayan calendar simply emphasizes upon the end of an era. And what does this mean?

  • December 21 2012
    Everything related to December 21, 2012 is covered under the subject of prophecy. In the cosmic system everything... every action is governed by the doctrine of karma. As we sow so shall we get... nothing less or more! The mass karma of the humanity changes every second... how can the fruits of the karma remain fixed?
  • End of world predictions 2012
    For a spiritualist... the impending doom in 2012 would result as sins outweigh virtues. For Dharma (righteousness) to prevail... the end of adharma (lawlessness) is a must. Contrary to above for an environmentalist the impending disaster is the result of disturbance in the ecology of the planet as a whole. Mankind has long played with nature... time has come for all to suffer!
  • Global Warming 2012
    We must not confuse the cooling of the inner core of Mother Earth with the global warming issue. Ever since the creation of the solar system... mother earth is cooling down. This cooling is in terms of the temperatures in the core of the planet Earth getting lowered. Global warming has resulted due to many factors...
  • Die in 2012
    1200 million people are believed to perish in 2012? A fight to the finish between Christianity and Islamic Dharma... world war 3 would witness fatalities none can even think of! Most... almost 99% people who perish in world war 3 would be those who preferred indulgence in wanton desires and materialistic riches than true religious or spiritual inclinations!
  • Mayan Doomsday 2012
    2012 would be remembered in the history of mankind forever. Around 2012 it is expected that the patience of the Islamic world would give way and no holds barred atomic World War 3 would start between USA supported by its allies and the Islamic world. It shall be a fight to the finish between Christianity and Islam. What makes me say so?

  • World ending December 21 2012
    End of the world on December 21, 2012 does not mean end for humanity and life on Mother Earth. End of the world simply implies a catastrophic event resulting in death of people beyond measure. Almost 1200 million people are expected to perish in the coming world war 3! The end of the world simply means the end of an era... the present era which as per the Mayan calendar ends on December 21, 2012!
  • 2012 judgement year
    The most probable year for judgement day is 2012... The year of coming of a messiah (an Avatar of the era... God manifest in human from). Hinduism terms the messiah as Bhagwan Kalki... one who shall annihilate the dark forces of the Kali Yuga (the present metal age)! Followers of Islam expect the coming of Prophet Mohammed! Christians expect the return of Jesus Christ as the savior of the world! Whoever it is... one would equal the powers of Lord Krishna that is!
  • World ending 12.12.2012
    The end of the world on 12/12/2012 is not what most conceive it to be! Even before human beings came into existence... nature existed! Nothing went wrong during those times except the calamities of nature that formed a part of the evolution! When human beings descended into the scene... they more or less never cared for nature! The distortion that occurred in the past 30 years or so dwarfs what happened in thousands of years in the past.
  • When is the end of world
    Yes, the 12th year of 21st century would be rightly called the judgement day... when a normal human being whose advent is awaited with abated breath... Bhagwan Kalki shall dominate the scene. The end of every era (Yuga) happens in this fashion. When the clock rang 12 o'clock in the noon... it was the best reign United Kingdom ever witnessed during the times of Queen Victoria.
  • End Mayan Calendar 2012
    The consequences of the world War three starting in 2012 would be enormous. About 1200 million people would perish in the War. A full scale nuclear War... none on Mother Earth would escape the fury of the world War three. Melt down of icecaps, sea waters rising by 10 to 12 feet, 1000 feet high waves, huge tracts of land getting submerged in seawater, acid rains and what not would be perceived between 2012 and 2014... The reason why the Mayan calendar ends in 2012!
  • End of the World
    The end of the world does not mean... end of planet Earth or doom of the whole Cosmos itself. The end of the world simply means that whatever scientific developments the mankind has achieved in a long span of time... all will come to a naught. How and why? Ever since the dawn of mankind... Religions have fought each other.
  • World ending 2012
    Yes, a massive upheaval is expected in 2012. 12th year of the 21st century shall witness the most fiercely fought world war... The world shall ever witness! A fight to the finish between Christianity and Islamic Dharma would result in annihilation of 1200 million people world over. The massive bombing... the use of nuclear weapons would disturb rather trigger the magnetic field of Mother Earth.

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