it seems like 2012 already

It seems like 2012 already: Essay by Vijay Kumar... The Man who Realized God in 1993
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It seems like 2012 already

Time is not running fast... what is happening is... untoward events keep increasing day by day! The whole world is aghast! Morality and ethics nowhere in sight... it seems we are passing the worst phase in the history of mankind! It truly is Kali Yuga... the metal age... the Dark Age!

Time seems to be running out yet, the worst is yet to come! The final showdown would be a scathing attack on United States of America by Pakistan... the so-called terrorist hub of the world! Pakistan does not harbor terrorists... it creates them... it is the kingpin... the master of the game!

For how long United States of America would remain blind! The inevitable is bound to happen! Death of about 5 million people in a single stroke... that is what is being planned by terrorists across the borders of Pakistan and Afghanistan! Unless Obama administration tackles the situation head-on... nothing much will improve!

In the present circumstances... individuals are not supposed to sit and wait! Every single individual must do one's duty to the fullest! Only then can the society contain the onslaught of terrorists! Life seems to have gone haywire! Nothing in control... people world over are losing patience! At this stage... forgiveness cannot be practiced!

Remedy is not in sight except indulgence in positive karma... Punya karma all the time! The most any human beings can do is... prepare for the worst by putting best foot forward! For containing terrorism world over... it needs handling by an iron fist! There is no other language the terrorists understand.

By: Vijay Kumar "Atma Jnani"

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