When is the end of world

When is the end of world: Essay by Vijay Kumar... The Man who Realized God in 1993
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When is the end of world

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When is the end of world

Yes, the 12th year of 21st century would be rightly called the judgement day... when a normal human being whose advent is awaited with abated breath... Bhagwan Kalki shall dominate the scene. The end of every era (Yuga) happens in this fashion. When the clock rang 12 o'clock in the noon... it was the best reign United Kingdom ever witnessed during the times of Queen Victoria.

None realized that the seeds of discontentment were also being sown in faraway land India where slavery was practiced at its best by British. The episode of JallianWalah Bagh that witnessed massacre of about 3500 innocent people at the hands of the British is a mute testimony to the gory deeds of the white. History is ripe with atrocities of the British in most British colonies during the era of Queen Victoria.

History repeats itself. Time has now come for the British to suffer. The ball is in the court of the people of UK. They need to conduct themselves in right earnestness. The war that was unilaterally imposed on Iraq by USA in the name of WMD (weapons of mass destruction)... UK turned out to be their biggest ally!

What if the Muslims world over retaliate now? As far as 1985 when I toured England... some British waiters in the hotel lobby insulted some Indians by calling them Indian dogs! Only because these porters were lifting the baggage of Indians!

Practicing patience, persistence and perseverance is the motto of all Indians! What if the people of UK suffer at the hands of nature now? In the coming world war 3 in 2012, one third of the coastal belt of UK shall go below sea waters.

UK is bound to suffer for the atrocities it has exercised world over in the name of hierarchy! The clock is ringing 5 a.m. ... the time is ripe for a war of Dharma (righteousness)! Let God Almighty decide the fate of all!

By: Vijay Kumar "Atma Jnani"

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