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Role of Celibacy in Grihastha Ashram: Essay by Vijay Kumar... The Man who Realized God in 1993
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Role of Celibacy in Grihastha Ashram Practicing Celibacy

Celibacy plays a very vital role in the life of all human beings. Particularly when one is married (in Grihastha Ashram) and has a family to support... it is all the more vital that we practice celibacy to its extreme. Why? What is it in celibacy that makes it such a vital factor in life of a human being?

Most human beings... the commoner... the average human being spends ones entire life with the assumption that the control of destiny rests with Almighty God. If that were true... how could a school failure... the architect of Microsoft Corp... The famous Bill Gates who mastered the Windows program became the master of his destiny?

How could Thomas Alva Edison... a school failure invent the first incandescent light bulb to give life a meaning. Why of all the things would Madame Curie spent her entire life extracting radium from pitchblende ore knowing well that the process might cause irreversible damage to her body?

All three... Bill Gates, Thomas Alva Edison and Madame Curie had one thing in common... they had learnt to control their destiny in entirety. None had been born with the switch of destiny in hand. It was sheer hard work, patience and persistence coupled with visionary thinking that they ultimately controlled their destiny.

And what is that fatal ingredient that lends the control of destiny in the hands of mankind? Primarily it is practicing celibacy Brahmacharya vrata. And what is celibacy?

As destined by God... every man and woman existing on Mother Earth is provided a small quota of energy month by month practically until the end of life. In the initial phase of life... this quota of energy is given in full. As women reach the menopause phase of life... this quota reduces considerably. In case of man also... the quota diminishes with age.

Practicing celibacy makes a man preserve his quota of energy month by month. As years pass by... this accumulated quota of energy by the process of autosuggestion can be transmuted to any form of creative activity dear to our heart (the doctrine of autosuggestion has been explicitly made clear by the most positive thinker of all times... the reverend Napoleon Hill in his books, "law of success" and "think and grow rich").

And in the case of most famous men... all directed their energies towards achieving the only goal of their life and in doing so they successfully gained control of their destiny.

I traveled the spiritual path. I was a spiritual seeker at a very young age. I wanted to meet God in the present life. I started traveling the spiritual path when 11 years of age. By 13 years of age my resolve to see God in the present life had been so firmly established in me that come whatever may I would have dashed through. (Truly speaking if God Almighty himself would have come and said, "My dear lad... leave this forlorn path for it is not meant for you"... I would have just bid him goodbye).

25 years of yoga and meditation led me towards the ultimate goal of my life. I realized God at 37 years of age. It was a miracle of sort. I was in communion with God Almighty from now onwards every second of my life. A communion with God on one-to-one basis and that to everywhere and any time is beyond the comprehension of words. I simply cannot explain the bliss experienced.

All was achieved while rearing a family (living a family life in Grihastha Ashram). In the present Kali Yuga... it definitely was a miracle of sorts. I never expected in the least what God Almighty had in store for me. My faith in God was hundred percent. I used the minutest portion of energy provided to me by God by transmuting it towards the ultimate goal of my life.

I have finally reached the last manifestation of my cosmic life... the 8.4 millionth manifestation! I can but gain salvation (moksha in Hinduism) when I leave the mortal frame. The cycle of birth and death would cease to exist henceforth. Having gained self realization... I have reached the pinnacle of spiritual glory.

Here I need to make one thing clear. The celibacy has to be practiced in totality for a continuous minimum period of 12 years to reach the stage of self realization. Mahavira did that and followed him Gautama Buddha. Jesus Christ practiced celibacy for a minimum period of 12 years and so did Prophet Mohammed. Every serious seeker of spirituality has to travel the 12 years path of celibacy in total truthfulness. Only then one reaches the stage of Nirvikalpa Samadhi.

What is most interesting in the whole episode is... those not interested in pursuing the spiritual path and gaining self realization may also practice celibacy to achieve the goal of their life dear to their heart. This is the only way one can take absolute control of destiny.

One may desire becoming the best computer scientist in the world... practicing celibacy would lead one towards that goal. Whatever is our goal of life... spiritual or materialistic... celibacy helps one achieve that goal in the present life.

Most people while away their life thinking life is a burden. For a practitioner of absolute celibacy... life is a journey full of gaiety and laughter. When we preserve the cosmic energy provided to us month after month... the growth in our earthly accomplishments is phenomenal! Celibacy is not only practiced by spiritual seekers but every human being who desires taking control of destiny has to travel the path of celibacy.

It is only when the accumulated energy directed towards the ultimate goal of life is transmuted to more creative channels that one gains absolute control of destiny.

Celibacy in Grihastha Ashram: The fatal ingredient that lends control of destiny in the hands of mankind!

Remember the episode when a commoner, a young child happened to see the Princess of the land through the window of his house even though prohibited. What made this young man think that come whatever may he would marry the Princess, how this young lad practiced absolute celibacy... gained control of his inherent energies and directed self towards the ultimate goal of life can be found in the storybooks taught in schools!

What we must never forget... The most important chapter of life it teaches us... nothing is impossible in the game of life! Life is like that! If we are true to our heart (meaning that we listen to the sweet small voice of our soul atman coming from our heart)... then nothing is impossible for a human being to achieve in this life.

Celibacy is the crux of life for a human being... be it a man or a woman! The iron Lady... the famous Margaret Thatcher ruled the kingdom of Great Britain with an iron hand. She succeeded in all her attempts. She really made life worth living and was praised world-wide for her wise actions. She was a true celibate.

Essay by: Vijay Kumar "Atma Jnani"

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