warning signs of end times

Warning signs of End Times: Essay by Vijay Kumar... The Man who Realized God in 1993
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Warning signs of End Times
(signs of the end times)

The warning signs of end times are apparent. The global war menace being the biggest of all! The decaying human values indicate we are presently passing through the Kali Yuga phase of life when the basic fabric of the society breaks down. In the present metal age the end result of blame game that follows is blaming each other for karma enacted by us all jointly.

As of date if something goes wrong in USA... who shall be to blame? Barack Obama... the present incumbent to the post of president of United States of America... or the community en masse! As the situation prevails... none wants to take blame! People will blame the president notwithstanding that every single citizen of USA is responsible for the act. Why?

We have dutifully elected the president of America. If anything goes wrong in USA... the president acts only on behalf of the citizens of the country. For any judgement of error by president of USA... the blame squarely shifts to all citizens of the country en masse! Blaming others for our faults is what Kali Yuga is all about... the present metal age... the Dark Age!

The decay in human values is the first warning signs of end times! Since many decades human values have taken a downturn. The dictatorial working of Hitler that resulted in millions of Jews getting annihilated was the biggest crime of all... the first visible warning signs of end times! None during that period could resist workings of Hitler... not to mention opposing him!

In recent times humanity watched with horror the forcible occupation of Kuwait... a sovereign country by its neighbor Iraq. In the melee that resulted Iraq was attacked by United States of America and its allies. A full scale confrontation resulted in Iraq almost getting annihilated. As decreased supremacy of Iraq... the exercise of power by USA unilaterally was witnessed by world.

Even after Iraq god subdued... United States of America continued its occupation of Iraq in the guise of WMD (weapons of mass destruction). Even though energy officials of United Nations confirmed otherwise... United States of America was unwilling to relent and vacate Iraq. This was a dangerous trend... a forcible occupation of a sovereign country by superpower number one!

The mindless bombing of Iraq... the enormous amount of energy released resulted in global warming of unprecedented magnitude. Even though none confirms that the biggest menace of global warming was due to bombing in Iraq... people in power continue to cite different reasons for the same! How long shall we continue to hide the truth is a million-dollar question?

The global warming is the second biggest warning signs of end times! Until we control our lust for power... until the bigger nations of the world treat the poorer nations as father would treat a child nothing much could be expected on the political front. As an individual the adage goes, if the whole country... if the whole world is going to dogs... then get the most out of it... the scrupulous!

None wants to restrain self. Even though we talk of Gautama Buddha, Jesus Christ or Prophet Mohammed... humanity is yet to see teachings of enlightened ones getting implemented! What if a small percentage of mass believes in Buddha or Jesus! Time is passing against hope! Nothing concrete is visible... it definitely indicates the coming of end times, the warning signs of end times!

Scarcity of food world over is the third biggest warning signs of the end times. If the global warming is not controlled... if humanity continues indulging against Mother nature... then the fury of Mother nature would be unabated... far more worse than the worst tsunamis, the most devastating earthquakes world has ever witnessed!

Humanity needs to be punished... the evidence of warning signs of end times are being repeatedly projected to mankind by God Almighty yet, we have to learn our lessons! Mankind must deliver before it is too late! Simply by donating billions of dollars to organizations like United Nations does not serve any purpose... the so-called philanthropists are failing mankind miserably!

The mankind needs a messiah... an Avatar (God manifest in human form) to uphold Dharma (righteousness). Hinduism prophecies the coming of a messiah in end times! The advent of Bhagwan Kalki... the annihilator of Kali Yuga is awaited with fervor. Yet, mankind fails to understand unless every single individual improves self... it is death we are facing head-on!

The era of messiah of the present era would be ruthless! Those who have committed a crime have to pay in blood. In the times of Bhagwan Kalki there is no chance for mercy. As per Hindu doctrines... the day the pot is full of sins... it is the day of jackal... none can save such a one from gallows. It shall be eye for eye... tooth for tooth!

The decay in human values is the biggest crime committed by mankind in the name of accumulating materialistic riches galore. The lust towards hoarding materialistic riches abound is taking the society to ransom! For how long shall we continue to treat money as an end to itself... money was always a means... never an end in itself!

The unprecedented corruption witnessed world over is another warning signs of end times! Human beings... the highest manifest stage in the cosmic life cycle... are stooping so low that it sometimes becomes difficult to differentiate human beings from animals! Society seems to have lost its meaning... the ethical and moral values taking a back seat!

The acceptance of non standard materials from China world over is another warning signs of end times. Customs or no Customs... one can find illegally imported materials from China world over... be it a reputed store or the street corner! In the name of mass fabrication, China is producing spurious products just to gain an economic mileage over USA.

The supremacy of United States of America as superpower number one is no more internally accepted by China... the powers that be! Whatever the excuse... whatever the blame game... whether it is ruining the Hindu nation Nepal... or providing nuclear technology to Pakistan, or North Korea... one would never find China wanting!

But a Communist nation like China that is eyesore of most... can never be trusted by people world over! The reasons are apparent. Be it a democratic demonstration or a call for solidarity by various trade unions... the administration of China was never found wanting... always crushing their own people by muscle power... the most loathsome tactics used by humans against another!

Using armored tanks against students and civilians in the Tiananmen Square is a glowing testimony to the ruthlessness practiced by China... the most unworthy of human beings world over! In the house of God there is no place for communism. Power never flows from the barrel of a gun... power always belonged to people, by the people... for the people!

A permanent change in weather conditions is another warning signs of end times. Where there used to be three months of rainy season yearly... we now find it curtailed to a month or two! An acute shortage of water leading to minimal production of electricity! The reservoirs and Dams almost dry... people are finding it difficult to get potable drinking water!

Deserts that have experienced no rainfall in decades are experiencing rain and snowfall! Such adverse climatic changes can lead to disastrous results... almost irreversible! The heat conditions also have gone from bad to worse. During peak hours where normal temperatures never exceeded 38°C... people are experiencing above 43°C!

Mankind is presently passing through almost unlivable conditions... resulting from misuse of natural resources! We have never cared for Mother Nature... and now Mother Nature does not seem to care for us! If mankind continues its charade against Mother Nature with the same pace as today... we are not far from the end of end times... a total renaissance!

Life always comes full circle after a period of about 3500 to 5000 years. About 3600 years earlier came Lord Krishna in Dwaper Yuga... an Avatar of his era (God manifest in human form). Then the situation was full of strife... almost as we are passing today! In the circumstances to bring back the control to society... the coming of a messiah is necessitated!

A Joan of Arc is the call of the day. An enlightened one coupled with powers of Chanakya (the most able administrator world has ever seen)... such would be the powers of Bhagwan Kalki that mankind would address him as man God... a human God! As per the doctrine of karma... those with a chain of sins behind are facing death in the eye!

End times do not mean the end of the world in 2012 as prophesied and predicted by many seers and sages of present times of which the famous French seer Nostradamus was one! Nostradamus predictions about the end times... the end of world 2012 are not an error of judgement! The karma of mankind... the mass karma of the complete humanity predicted it so.

Karma always moves in a linear fashion. Based on such theories... astrologers and seers are able to predict the future quite accurately! Nostradamus was a seer of the highest order... a visionary par excellence! Nostradamus predicted end times in 1994... Then 1998... 2003... 2006 and finally 2012! As is the karma of the masses... accordingly shapes the destiny of mankind!

People fear living in end times... but a truthful one never fears the same! If we indulge in positive karma, Punya karma... good karma all the time... we have nothing to fear! Fear is writ large on faces of those who have a history of corruption behind! Such people never escape the gallows... for the doctrine of karma never forgives any lapses!

As we sow so shall we reap... nothing less or more says the law of karma! As we cannot expect mangoes to grow on a guava tree... we also cannot continue indulging in crime and not getting noticed for it. The day our pot of sin is full... even God Almighty cannot save us! If we desire escaping the clutches of end times... our indulgence in Punya karma is the call of the day!

The trust amongst each other at its lowest ebb... for those who believe in Punya karma... good karma... ethical means and morality... working hard to neutralize the bad effects of negative working of others is the only way out! We need sacrificing our self interests for the sake of others... the humanity at large!

We are simply an instrument in the hands of God Almighty. our soul atman the spirit within destiny laid in our hands... our karma performed! There is still time to repent and ask forgiveness of Mother Nature before irreparable damage is done. If we do not... all the present scientific achievements in vogue would bite the dust as was predicted by Albert Einstein the famous physicist.

Albert Einstein rightly predicted that the fourth world war would be fought with bamboos and sticks. He predicted the annihilation of mankind and all scientific achievements in the coming world war 3 which is expected around 2012 ~2014! Nostradamus could not be wrong... nor is Mother Nature. The entire blame shifts to mankind... the egoistic nature of human beings!

Essay by: Vijay Kumar "Atma Jnani"

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