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Are you a slave of your Destiny: Essay by Vijay Kumar... The Man who Realized God in 1993
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Are you a slave of your Destiny

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Are you a slave of your Destiny
(how to take control of destiny)

Destiny: Do you as a Human Being feel your destiny is controlled by Cosmic hands? What you shall get in future shall not be of your making but cause of a supernatural happening else where!!

No doubt sometimes you gets results of your Karma immediately and feel the strings of your future are in your hands but, when you watch people with pious background getting tormented and put to miserable ends ... you think twice! Who is the Controller of the rewards and what are his standards of his judgment!!! Does he always judge people with an unbiased attitude or are there favors and displeasureís to be shown. You wonder and get lost in the perennial Query disturbing all ... never able to get a reasonable answer from within. Will the correct answer evade you for ever? What is the measure of intelligence ... When shall the truth dawn upon you!

Some people say ... All answers can be found in Bhagavad Gita and the Upanishads! How shall I understand the Bhagavad Gita! Who shall explain it to me in a dialect I can understand! It seems to be so complex that even the so called Pundits do not seem to know the correct purport of it ... What then!!!

Sanjay is a middle aged businessmen. By Grace of God he seems to have learned the hidden truth? He is always cheerful and never gets affected even by the death of any. Be there a gain or loss, he is ever so cheerful ... It seems he is a Cosmic being on a Cosmic journey and Life on Mother Earth is but a small sojourn for him. He seems to have a grip on his destiny ... That is what he all the time feels. He says he can be very rich but to what use!

We came empty handed and shall return empty handed ... What use of amassing wealth by orderly or dishonest means. Whatever is necessary to live a healthy and balanced Life he is able to do that much. Rest of the time he spends contemplating on God. He says "Till the time we do not know "Brahma Vidya" we feel a void in ourselves, as if we are two bodies cast in one but once you learn of the cosmic truth, your I is gone and you are but pure consciousness".

According to him, every soul takes a body on Mother Earth to continue its Cosmic journey and in that it prompts the body to do what is just and right (through dreams only!). Only then it shall enhance itself to the higher planes of mental achievement for, lies the "Brahm Vidya" on the highest plane of Mind power. By control of Mind power & acquiring Brahma Vidya says Sanjay "Destiny is 100% under his control".

Why should we all follow the path taken by Sanjay. If sanjay feels so it may be his personal case. The same may not be applicable to others!! He may be also wrong somewhere. Let us seriously try to understand what is destiny?

Let us measure all the achievements of a Human Being on a -100 - 0 - +100 scale. On -100 resides Satan and +100 denotes the Power of God. 0 is the level above which is born a Human Being and below which one gets the body of an insect, tree or an animal.

You are born in a family of a Brahmin priest on a starting scale of +42! Presume you get -4 points for committing a murder. Now, if you fall in bad company & become a dacoit and commit 11 murders in this Life ... What you expect to get but animal form at -2 in your next manifestation!! If you committed 2 murders and simultaneously earned +2 by your pious deeds then also you may be born in a lower caste family at -36 (considering that +40 is the lowest plane to be born a Brahmin).

Does this mean that one born in a lower caste family can not attain the status of godhood by realizing self in that very Life. It is not impossible but may be extremely difficult to attain Brahma Vidya in a single Life span as the amount of prayaschita (atonement required to wash out accumulated sins) required may be so huge that one may buckle under the pressure.

Is it difficult for an average Human Being to emulate Sanjay! What are the factors directly affecting you in controlling your destiny!!

Step 1: Stop the inflow of negative thoughts

If you intake what is wrong .. How can the results be positive! It can best be explained in computer language "Garbage in, Garbage out" ... What you invoke all the time forms the basis for what your future is going to be!! Invoke positive thoughts all the time ... thoughts which wish welfare of one and all and without an exception. No foes ... all friends ... may be only in thought initially, but your future is going to be bright for you have rightly earned it. Your enemies may not think friendly of you but it does not matter! Thinking good of all ... all the time can never bring to you a future full of harm for you (all our actions are preceded by thoughts ... Good actions follow good thoughts).

Godís system is justly ordered. All Stars Galaxies and Universe would collapse the moment there is chaos in the Cosmos. In a justly ordered system all is serene and calm ... Peace reigns supreme. If you invoke good and positive thoughts all the time and have chosen a define aim of Life then the positive forces of nature shall help and nurture you to achieve your aim.

Step 2: Have a predetermined chief aim of Life

Without an aim in Life, your Life is like a rudderless boat which left to the mercy of forces of nature may either comes ashore or get Sunk in the process. Life shall fade away if it has no concentrated efforts to make ... Stagnation of thoughts breeds inefficiency.

Even though you may be pure in thoughts but you live a predestined Life ... A Life which you inherited owing to the Karmas of your previous births ... In this Life you can take control of Life by directing all your energies towards a single aim. If your aim in Life is earning money and living a comfortable Life there is nothing bad about it but, destiny has in store for you two things (1) Take control of destiny and live this physical manifested Life comfortably else (2) Invoke all the mighty powers of God and learn of "Brahma Jnana" and free yourself of the cycle of birth and death for ever. In stage one you may become a Tata, Birla or a Ford, a true Karma Yogi like Vivekananda and in stage 2, you shall attain the status of a Jesus Christ, Gautama Buddha or Mahavira. Choice is yours. Both groups of people had destiny under their control but with different aims!!!

Step 3: Forgive others for ... It is not in their control to Forgive you

If you want to take control of thoughts entering your brain .. you shall have to learn to Forgive others. Numerous thoughts fly past your brain every second. You invoke only those which appeal to you. You are having a heated argument with someone. You shall notice ... Thoughts of hatred and thoughts of goodwill getting transmitted to you. If you are in the habit of blaming others then by invoking thoughts of hatred you shall start abusing the person opposite you. If you are a person of a sound countenance, you shall invoke thoughts of a peaceful nature and tend to Forgive the other ... Why should you retaliate in the manner your opponent is behaving! If you want to achieve a certain aim in Life ... Your forgiving him shall only please God for in serving his pupils, you serve him.

Step 4: Atonement for all negative Karmaís accumulated in past lives!

What of the past Karmaís which stop you from achieving your aim. In your past Life you may have been the cause of injury to so many Atmanís (Souls) and unless you atone for the sins committed in the past, you shall never be Forgiven. Praying alone to God ... will it serve the purpose? No, You have to be individually pardoned by all afflicted Atmansí. How do you know which Atmansí were they!

You do not come onto Mother Earth on your own. You are born through your parents. You may have brothers and sisters ... Many more acquaintances as you proceed ahead in Life. Still not clear! You do not come in touch with strangers in your Life but only those Atmansí with whom you have some bondage from the past lives. One by one ask these Atmanís (in physical manifest form) to Forgive you for any sin committed in this or earlier lives and that too knowingly or unknowingly. The Atman within your body shall give a deep shiver as and when the negative affects of an Atman leaves you ... For your good and for never to affect you again.


1. You have learnt the art of invoking only positive thoughts all the time.

2. You have a definite chief aim in Life to follow all the time.

3. You learn to Forgive people even if deliberate mischief or attempt has been made to anger or antagonize you.

4. You have learnt to negate all bad influences of this or earlier lives.

Compare the above to a plot of land consisting of jungle weeds growing haphazardly. You are bold enough to clear the field of all weeds. You are able to plough it afresh and after putting in manure and water etc. new seeds are sown in. What would be the outcome! A field full of desired plants with seedlings!! Is it not the bloom of your destiny!!!

Do not be hasty in your decisions. Be patient. Slowly and steadily you shall reap the reward of what you sow. Tatas, Birlas and Ford were not the product of a single dayís toil of sincere effort. All spent their initial years following the above four steps before they saw the spark of success.

Abuse none for you never know when you shall have to atone for the sins committed knowingly or unknowingly. God is very graceful. His doctrines and facilities are available to one and all ... Irrespective of the caste creed or status you may hold. Wherever you are, whoever you are ... Do not loose time. Start practicing today for you can earn enough merit to break the cycle of births and death let alone becoming a Tata, Birla or a Ford. Never forget ... It is only Godly thoughts which shall earn you a place in heaven

Astrologers can only give a glimpse of what your destiny is going to be ... Based on the balance Karma brought forward by you till that moment. His prediction of the future can be totally falsified if you are one of those whose destiny is in his own grips. Your Karmaís will change so frequently that it will come as a surprise even to you ... and you would wonder if you are the same person compared to your self of yester years. One who learns to make his own destiny has all the treasures of Cosmos within his grasp and peeping deep into the Cosmic system one can unlock those doors, behind which lies the Essence of the cosmos, the Creator himself. What value be of Earth and its treasures when you are in the company of God, the Creator.

You shall thus initially attempt to gather material riches and when comes the time to penetrate deep in the treasure house of wisdom shall you partake of those jewels of sacred wisdom which guide you on to the path of "Nirvana Salvation". Once atman the soul within leaves this body it becomes pure Consciousness ... of the same Essence as the Creator himself. Not to be distinguished between the two ... You become a living Mahavira, Gautama Buddha or a Jesus Christ never to manifest again.

Essay by: Vijay Kumar "Atma Jnani"

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