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  • Big Bang concept Evolution
    Putting all our facts together... only if we rely more on the Sacred Bhagavad Gita of Hinduism... the doctrine given to mankind by Lord Krishna (an Avatar of the era)... the concept of creation and evolution would become clear to us forever. Neither are scientists, the cosmologists wrong... nor is the theory of creation that God Almighty created the whole Cosmos!

  • Beginning Big Bang
    Atheists or no atheists... the existence of God and the big bang theory are intimately connected. In the absence of one... the other simply cannot exist. If God Almighty did not exist... there would never be a big bang! If there were no big bang, God Almighty simply cannot exist! Why? It is for the simple reason that at the time of big bang... it is God Almighty himself that explodes with a big bang causing the formation of a new cosmos... a new cosmic life cycle!
  • Beginning Universe
    None for the truth lies elsewhere. A Cosmos, the big bang, God Almighty and souls atmans... All are integrally connected. How? The biggest evidence that the Cosmos started with a big bang is our existence as a human being... the existence of life on planet Earth (not universe for a Cosmos consists of many universes)!
  • Cause Big Bang
    The Cosmos started with a big bang is a confirmed fact. But what caused the big bang would be cleared now. A new cosmos is created whenever the big bang occurs. Let us travel to time slightly before the occurrence of the big bang. What is the shape of the Cosmos then!
  • Big Bang truth
    Big bang is as much a truth as God Almighty himself. In absence of big bang God Almighty cannot exist. Putting it vice versa... in absence of God Almighty the big bang theory gets negated. How? In brief I shall now explain how it all happens.
  • Big Bang theory God
    This cluster of all purified souls in the Cosmos... the size of half a thumb is what we know as God. This massive energy... the size of half a thumb unable to contain itself for long explodes with a big bang... no extra triggering is necessary as the unimaginable power this half the size of the thumb contains is beyond parallel.
  • Believing Big Bang theory
    Believe or not to believe is not in the hands of human beings... we simply abide by the dictates of God Almighty. If we think that the life of a bacterium in our body carries any meaning... we need believe in the concept of big bang. If a bacterium in our body thinks its life is the end of all... then the whole cosmic concept becomes an illusion! How?
  • No Big Bang
    Big bang is as truthful a fact of life as our existence in this world. No big bang... no soul would ever exist in this world. Big bang theory is that vital part of cosmic life which forms the basic of the cosmic system. Why?

    It is only after big bang occurs... life comes into existence in the cosmos. Soon after the occurrence of the big bang... all souls' atmans spread out all over the Cosmos. As the gaseous vapors cool down and universes, galaxies and cluster of the stars form all around, with passage of time souls atmans manifest bodies on planets like Mother Earth.

  • Singularity Big Bang
    This cluster of all purified souls atmans in the Cosmos after the complete dissolution of the old cosmos is the singularity that is the only truth of the Cosmos. This cosmic concept becomes clear when one reaches the last leg of cosmic life... the stage of enlightenment! For Mahavira, Gautama Buddha, Jesus Christ and Prophet Mohammed understanding the gist of big bang theory was like ABC. This cosmic analogy is beyond the purview of the five senses and the mind.
  • Creation Big Bang Evolution
    Gods' creation, big bang and evolution are no different things! Call it water, Jala or Paani... all three mean the same. Take the path of Quran, Bible, Buddhist scriptures or Jaina doctrines... you shall reach the same goal!

    God Almighty is not the form of a human being to create anything. Nor was the whole Cosmos created in six days. God Almighty is a source of pure energy... the sum total of all purified souls atmans in the Cosmos at a given point of time!
  • Universe expanding
    If it were not so... there would not have been any Cosmos at all. Why? If we try to understand the analogy behind the formation of the Cosmos... it will become apparent that the Cosmos is ever expanding (one Cosmos consists of many universes).

    Starting from the beginning in brief... the old cosmos is dissolving... it reduces to the size of half a thumb. This half a thumb, the cluster of pure energy... the combined total of all souls' atmans in the Cosmos is what we know as God Almighty. This colossal power... the massive energy unable to retain itself in its original form explodes with a big bang and starts the formation of a new cosmos.
  • Other Universes
    Science has its limitations... with passage of time our discoveries and inventions are speeding up! Maybe at a certain stage in future we catch up with the distant universes... How many years from now we do not know! Travel from one universe to another is totally prohibited by God Almighty... the prime reason why science has its limitations! Who knows in what form one reaches the stage of enlightenment in another universe... maybe it is the form of a cobra! In the circumstances how would one distinguish between the alien Cobra and those manifesting our planet?
  • Big Bang Universe
    Whoever says the theory of big bang disproves the sayings in the Bible... is hundred percent correct! The Genesis chapter is a wrong interpretation of the factual truth. It shall be proved below -

    The theory of big bang assumes the existence of God Almighty. In absence of God almighty... no theory of big bang can withstand! Why?
  • Escape Velocity Big Bang
    The escape velocity of the matter in the Cosmos (one Cosmos consists of many universes) at the time of big bang was much much greater than the speed of light. It is only once in the lifetime of Cosmos that the escape velocity increases manifold at the time of the big bang. So great... so massive is the explosion that causes creation of a new cosmos... no theory of science could make a guesswork.
  • Speck started Big Bang
    God Almighty... the size of half a thumb at the time of the big bang... the cluster of all purified souls atmans in the Cosmos unable to contain itself in that small volume explodes with a big bang starting the formation of a new cosmos... a new cosmic life cycle for all the souls atmans contained within.

    This massive explosion... the colossal energy released makes all souls atmans hurtle down the journey of the Cosmos at unimaginable speeds. The rolling stone gathers moss and so do all these souls atmans in the Cosmos.
  • Earth Big Bang
    The Earth has traveled a distance long enough to cool down and become receptive for origination of life. Everything in the cosmic system is measured in terms of light years... the distance traveled by light in one year is known as one light year which approximately equals 9 trillion kilometers.
  • Word was with God
    Word was with God and the word was God... Is just a magnificent play of words by an enlightened soul Jesus Christ!

    If we look at the chronology of the events at the time of formation of a Cosmos... a new cosmos can only form when the dissolution of the old cosmos occurs. At the time of dissolution of the Cosmos... all the souls atmans in the Cosmos in whatever stage of manifestation they may be reach the 8.4 millionth manifestation... the last in the cosmic life cycle.
  • Light Big Bang
    The big bang explosion triggers massive waves that keep the Cosmos in ever expanding state. In the peripheral belt of the Cosmos... the temperatures definitely exceed what exists on our planet Earth. But our solar system rotates within its axis of rotation which is fixed. In the circumstances... how could one see what is happening at the edge of the Cosmos?

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