criticism vs limitations

Criticism vs Limitations: Essay by Vijay Kumar... The Man who Realized God in 1993
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Criticism vs. Limitations
(how to avoid criticism)

Criticism: You have assigned a task to an employee, to be completed within a time frame. You have his consent. Yet, he fails to deliver the goods in time. Must you shun him, Rebuke him in front of others ... Criticize him for making a false promise!! Nothing would lead to your getting the job completed satisfactorily within the shortest possible time.

Can we get work out of anyone by criticizing one! When Arjuna took a vow that either he will kill Jayadratha before the Sun sets lest he would burn himself on the Pyre that very night ... Did Lord Sri Krishna get angry!

He was annoyed, yes very much annoyed!! But, to safeguard the interest of his disciple in the interest of maintaining Dharma (for Abhimanyu the only son of Arjuna was killed by the Kauravas by deceit) Krishna felt impelled to find out a way! And he did find one!!

As many questions there are as many answers!! Every action has an equal reaction. To maintain the balance in the Cosmos, nothing is left to chance. If there is a Query ... there is always a way out ... only we have to search for the correct answer and in that we must know the correct path (lest we shall never reach our destination ... the correct answer or the Absolute Truth).

We very often indulge ourselves in criticism of one or the other. Parents are hurt by random emotionless replies hurled back by their so called disobedient children! Children feels oppressed by the dictates of their parents. Business houses are sarcastic about the approach of their bankers for not exceeding the prescribed limits, a common man feels betrayed by the society for most seem to go back on their words.

What is the remedy! Shall we all club together and criticize one or the another as is often seen in religious ceremonies and places of prayers (for as long as the ego of all is getting satisfied none is worried of the another). What fun there is when a group of ladies chat behind the back of those absent!!

We dare not criticize one in his presence but we can always stab one in the back ... Their is always ample scope for one to deny having made such a statement!!

Have we ever tried to look at the other side of coin. May be one we are criticizing was not a suitable candidate for the job. Can we ever win a horse race riding a donkey. Every living being has limitations! What to talk of commoners, even the biggest of Kings and ministers have had their weaknesses!!

One may be good at a job but failure in another. We have often noticed, some people are excellent clerks but give a managerial post they fail miserably. Why? We have come across situations when a certain incumbent who was a successful Chief Minister administering the affairs of the state satisfactorily and when elected to the post of Prime Minister failed miserably at the national level!!

Weighing everyone by his limitations, we learn the biggest lesson in history. Probably God has one and only one job most suitable for a particular person and in that one can he be the master one day but, to find out that job and also obtain consent of your near and dear ones to pursue that career is the toughest task of all!!

What God has in store for you should be the pursuit of one and all ... You get 8.4 Million lives to achieve that. Most consider themselves slaves of their destiny, live a Life not of their choice! What of those who are able to identify the goal!! Do Jesus Christ, Buddha, Prophet Mohammed and Mahavira fall in this category!!

Criticism has become the rule of the day ... the easiest of all paths. We either engage ourselves in unwanted criticism else we desire our advice be implemented (both are food for ego!). Can we restrain our verbal energy from going astray. Are we not supposed to think good of all! Contemplate on God Almighty of the cosmos.

Every time we feel like criticizing or giving advice ... Looking inward shall not only benefit self but the society as a whole. What of those highly developed specimens of the society whom we call Bhagwan (Gods). Did they have any urge left to criticize or advice one. Having transgressed all barriers of thinkable knowledge ... they became Omniscient. For them whom to criticize and for what ... made no sense!!!

Lift above slavish animal indulgence. Indulge if you must in the niceties of Life ... Dream if you can of the lofty thoughts and highest achievements a Human Being can rise to! Why loiter around giving free advice or criticizing one to satisfy your already bloated ego!!!

Essay by: Vijay Kumar "Atma Jnani"

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