Death in family

Death in family: Essay by Vijay Kumar... The Man who Realized God in 1993
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Death in family

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Death in family

If death occurs in the family... does not mean all is lost! Who does not feel the pain?

I will tell you the story of my life... I realized God in 1993. My mother was still alive. Having reached the stage of Nirvikalpa Samadhi... the whole cosmic wisdom was at my tips.

Daily when I returned from office... I used to find my ailing mother sitting by the side of the main door watching everyone coming in or out. This was her normal routine. My mother was very weak from the beginning. In contrast, she was an extremely pious lady.

One day after returning from office I casually glanced at her. Without flicker in her eyes, I could feel she was conveying some message. I stopped for a moment and looked at her face. She was telling that her time has come to bid goodbye. I knew what it meant. But for someone who has realized God death loses its meaning.

Even though I cared for my mother very much... I went upstairs to my room. Next day also the same thing repeated. Third day also the message conveyed was the same. I bluntly asked her whether she wanted a 10 year increase in her life. I knew that such transfer of age would lessen my life by 10 years. All communication between us was through telepathy (no word was ever spoken).

She sort of internally laughed. Why would a failing body want to live more! The soul atman of my mother conveyed to me that it was on the verge of getting a new body... Why interfere! I could feel the cheeriness within her... the same feeling a child enjoys when promoted to next class. The child knows that on being promoted the mother had promised a new blazer... a new coat! And now the soul of my mother looked forward to a new body!

I also laughed it loud conveying to her that all as destined by God Almighty is for welfare of all. A day later the soul of my mother left the body. The whole family, relatives and friends were badly weeping... I was so happy that now my mother could look forward to a new coat... a new blazer!

Death is to be taken in its stride. No one is prepared for death in advance. It just happens! Make yourself busy in something that is most dear to your heart. When you busy yourself to the extent that you even forget your grandmother at times... you would regain your composure!

Do not forget... you are only thinking of yourself! Why not take the responsibility of the whole family and provide comfort to each one of them. It is only then peace would prevail in the family. May God bless all!

Essay by: Vijay Kumar "Atma Jnani"

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