death inevitable

Death inevitable: Article by Vijay Kumar... The Man who Realized God in 1993
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Death inevitable

Death... why should one be afraid of death?

Death has always been the most dreaded factor of life for any living being. It is not only the humans who are afraid of death... animals and other forms of life also feel the same!

What makes death the most fearful of all attributes of God? There is none who can defy death. It is only after gaining self realization and enlightenment that one becomes immortal. It is this stage when the fear of death vanishes for ever. Every God realized Master and an enlightened individual finally overcomes death.

What is to death that is feared about most? Death announces the end of the physical manifested journey on Mother Earth. Whatever be the achievements of an individual in any phase of life... be it the form of an insect, animal or the human being himself... all seems to have gone wasted!

After the death of the body... none remembers what the next manifestation would be! For the present being all is lost after the death of the body. The entity for which it lived all through in the present life seems to be lost forever the moment the death of the body occurs.

The achievements in the present life... do they carry no value. Why does not God Almighty show mercy on human beings and increase their life span proportionate to their achievements in the physical manifested life.

It is a remote possibility that such an arrangement may have worked. Probably God Almighty did not have able advisers. People of the level of Edison and Einstein may have continued living for thousands of years. In doing so they would have immensely benefited the mankind and for God there was nothing to lose. But so was not destined by God. Why?

Some thoughts on after life-
The concept of a previous birth or the next birth is misunderstood. There is nothing of this nature that exists in the cosmic system. Had Human Beings possessed the power to be reborn ... if only it was the human being, which had manifested the Atman soul, only then this anomaly would have truthfully stood its ground.

We are born and we die ... nothing is in our control ... the governing factor for every human being is the Karma ... the residual Karma from each birth manifested by an Atman the soul within which gets carried forwarded onto the next life through the chromosomes.

We Human Beings are really to be pitied upon ... we do not have the power even to create the smallest particle existing in the Cosmos ... yet, it is only as a human being that an Atman the soul within can get liberated ... in no other life form can one achieve Moksha Salvation ... the highest and the ultimate power available in the Cosmos is still with a human being ... the power to realize self and merge with the absolute consciousness. More here- death and after life

Essay by: Vijay Kumar "Atma Jnani"

Vijay Kumar... The Man who Realized God in 1993 explains more on Death inevitable. For more details on why fear death visit -
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