explaining death to young

Explaining death to young: Essay by Vijay Kumar... The Man who Realized God in 1993
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Explaining death to young

Explain the concept of death to two year old daughter in the same narration as if her five-year old friend is telling her. Then she will grasp the gist of the matter.

Storytelling is really an art. Take your younger daughter sometimes to zoo or even the pets veterinary where she can learn for herself how young toddlers are cared for. She might also witness the death of some animal kids. She would slowly come to terms and understand the scenario.

On the Discovery and the National Geographic channel we observe many instances of animal dying. Your daughter when she witnesses such scenes... might ask you what is happening!

You may politely explain to her the meaning of death (a time to bid goodbye to all on Mother Earth and go to the house of God). She will learn but slowly. Don't be impatient in teaching her the meaning of death.

Explain to her what illness is and how sometimes people suffer and die. Tell her everything from an independent viewpoint. Explain to her as if your daughter is visualizing a comic scene.

Hunt for a cartoon DVD which depicts death clearly... In terms that a child can understand! Many would be available off-the-shelf. Get guidance from a councilor or a DVD librarian if need be.

Children have curiosity about many things... not necessary we tell them the meaning of everything. If you don't reply... slowly her patience will dry out and she will forget what she was talking about. This fact I have observed with many children. In most cases it helps to keep mum. Children are supposed to learn things only at appropriate age and timings.

When the opportune time comes... explain to her everything as a true friend! She will greatly appreciate it.

Essay by: Vijay Kumar "Atma Jnani"

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