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Fate and Destiny: Article by Vijay Kumar... The Man who Realized God in 1993
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Fate and Destiny

Every human being is the master and controller of ones destiny! Why? Everything in the cosmic system is governed by doctrine of karma... as we sow so shall we reap nothing less or more! As is our karma in the present manifestation... accordingly is our future! If we are born in the house of a cobbler... all owes its existence to the residual balance of karma of previous manifestations.

Having come unto this Earth... having born to our parents... we have already manifested a part of our destiny! By enacting good karma... positive karma... Punya karma in present life we can finally manifest destiny. But to establish absolute control over destiny... having a goal in life is of utmost importance. Having a goal is journey half covered.

In the absence of a goal... our life is like a rudderless boat going round and round in the ocean. As we normally witness... there are many hard and sincere workers all round but only very few succeed in life. Why? Because above 95% people world over never form a goal in life. In absence of a goal... all our stored energies dissipate without accomplishing anything worthwhile.

Smart as human beings are... a portion of karma termed Prarabdha karma in Hinduism does not fructify immediately. This portion of karma termed Prarabdha karma can fructify now... a few months or years later... or in the future manifestations! This hidden factor of karma was created by God Almighty to keep human beings in check... lest we not interpolate!

We sometimes witness one winning a lottery suddenly... that does not result from karma of present manifestation. This results from the precipitation of, the fructifying of... positive residual balance of Prarabdha karma from the previous manifestations. What if the residual balance of Prarabdha karma is negative... most likely bad fate befalls us suddenly!

Both fate and destiny go hand-in-hand. To get out of the clutches of negative residual balance of Prarabdha karma from the previous manifestations... it becomes imperative we indulge in positive karma... good karma... Punya karma all the time! Only then can we negate... neutralize the bad effects of negative Prarabdha karma from previous manifestations!

Essay by: Vijay Kumar "Atma Jnani"

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