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Do Animals have a Soul: Essay by Vijay Kumar... The Man who Realized God in 1993
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Do animals have a Soul
(philosophy meaning of life)

Do animals have a Soul? Yes, every animal rather every living being has a Soul. Before we delve further into the existence of soul we need to understand the origin of the cosmic system in its entirety.

The whole cosmos starts with a big bang and all the Atmans (Souls) in the Cosmos get scattered all over the cosmos. These Souls do not have the power within to purify themselves and comeback to their original state. They need a body to do that. Hence every atman the soul within waits for a suitable body that it can manifest and start on its cosmic journey.

And this cosmic journey of 8.4 Million manifestations and 96.4 million earthly years is required to be undergone by our soul the atman within before it can come back to its pristine glory. The moment atman the soul within gains its cosmic glory... we state the atman soul to have gained immortality... it has now become free from the cycle of manifestations... This is a stage of salvation as we call it in Buddhism and Christianity, known as moksha in Hinduism.

The cosmic journey that an atman soul undertakes starts with the body of an amoeba (single cell formation)... Which is the first stage in the Life of our atman the soul within. As Life proceeds by this single cell formation evolves into a multi-cell formation, then insect Life, next as a plant, an animal and finally as a Human Being.

By the time this atman the soul within takes the body of a Human Being for the first time... our atman the soul within has already crossed the barrier of 7.3 Million manifestations... a long journey indeed! So as to say that all animals, plants, insects and all single and multi-cell formations are our brethren of the yester years.

Considering our stage in present Life if taken as 18 years... we can only mentally recollect what we were at the age of six years. As a Human Being if we look back then this six years of age is the stage when we may have manifested as a plant. Say 12 years can be stated as the age when we took the form of an animal.

Looking at a child of six years... we do not ignore the child... for he is one of our own. We have also passed that stage of Life. But as a Human Being we fail to realize that all plants and animals and even the insects are the phases of Life that we have already lived and passed through. Difficult to comprehend but the truth cannot be negated.

In the average Life span of 70 to 80 years we pass different phases of Life. When we are born we are a child... as we grow we become a toddler... then a teenager and finally a grown-up boy or a girl and finally a grown-up Human Being. Similarly, in the cosmic Life cycle one passes through different phases of Life... the initial phase being that of an amoeba, then insect Life, next as a plant, then as an animal and finally to evolve as a Human Being.

Now we also need to understand why our atman the soul within cannot purify itself... had it been so the necessity of creating a cosmos would not have ever arisen. Let me give an example that shall make things absolutely clear-

If we need to extract one KG of iron from a lump of hundred KG of iron ore then we require passing the ore through the requisite mining machinery for processing. And unless this processing occurs... this one KG of iron cannot separate out on its own from the hundred KG lump of iron ore.

As one KG of iron needs the mining machinery for it to separate out from the ore... similarly, every atman the soul within requires a body for removing the dross within. And for this every atman the soul within has to pass through a total phase of 8.4 Million manifestations and a cosmic Life span of 96.4 Million years.

The moment this one KG of pure iron is devoid of the impurities within... 99 KG of impurities having separated out... this one KG of iron has become pure... it has gained its original pristine pure form... atman the soul within has now crossed the barrier of various manifestations and comeback to its original state... it has gained immortality for ever.

Essay by: Vijay Kumar "Atma Jnani"

Vijay Kumar... The Man who Realized God in 1993 explains the concept and meaning of
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