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Death in dreams

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  • Death in dreams
    Death in a dream simply indicates that nothing ever dies. our soul atman the spirit within soul atman within our body is the Governor of life. As in the dream... the death occurs and when the dream vanishes we are we still alive, similarly the death of the body in the cosmic system does not mean anything.

  • Dreams and Spaceships
    In a dream spaceship reflect that our soul atman within the body can move around the Cosmos with ease. It has no limitations whatsoever. In dreams what we see is not our physical self... the body but a reflection of the physical self. The alien is none other than our soul atman within. In the physical manifested journey of life we pursue a goal prompted by our ego. Sometimes this goal clashes with the desires of our soul atman within. It is our soul atman that plays the governing role and has manifested the body. It reigns supreme!
  • Dreams part of physical manifest Life
    No... Dreams do not play a part in the physical manifested life directly. If we understand what dreams are... the question... the riddle would solve by itself. Dreams are like a pressure release valve as in a pressure cooker. When stresses in physical manifested life increase beyond sustenance by a human being... dreams follow! In absence of dreams... most human beings would die early from heart failure or brain haemorrhage.
  • Own death in Dreams
    Death in dreams only reflects one thing that every death is only ephemeral in the cosmic life cycle of our soul atman within. We all know that it is our soul atman within that has manifested the body and not vice versa. In the physical manifested life after the death of the body the family weeps bereaved... in the cosmic life cycle of our soul atman death is like changing of a garment.
  • Reality of Dreams
    Dreams are as real as we human beings. Dreams are the release valves built by God Almighty to avoid untoward happenings in life of human beings. In absence of dreams most human beings would not reach life span of even 25 to 30 years. Why? For the simple reason that tensions of daily life may result in a brain haemorrhage or heart failure!
  • Purpose of Dreams
    Dreams primarily serve two purposes in life. Dreams through our subconscious self makes us aware of the path we should follow in this ephemeral world. Whenever dictated by ego... we follow a path... different from one desired by our soul atman within... it is through the medium of dreams God Almighty shows us the truth!

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