armageddon end of the world

Armageddon end of the world: Article by Vijay Kumar... The Man who Realized God in 1993
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Armageddon end of the world


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Armageddon end of the world

Whatever we call it... Armageddon or the end of the world... all is expected to happen around 2012... The predicted Mayan doomsday! Bible... the sacred book of Christianity also advocates annihilation of the Church... the Vatican by 2012! Quran also spells doom for Islamic Dharma around 2012. Practically it will not be end of the world! What then?

Around 2012 is expected annihilation of about 1200 million people from the face of earth. Such a massive man-made calamity can only result when people fail to exercise restraint in affairs personal! Patience and forgiveness taking backseat... it will be a fight to finish between Christianity and Islamic Dharma!

Both these religions are fundamentalist by nature. Unable to forgive each other... it would be cat and dog fight to annihilate one another. In the melee that follows... the world war 3... 1200 million people would die a gory death. Mankind is presently facing the worst tenure in the history of mankind. Unable to practice forgiveness... the only solution is a fight to death!

Dominated by ego and wanton desires human beings stoop so low... it has become difficult to differentiate men from animals. Faith amongst each other almost dwindling... time has come to do or die. It is a fight for survival. The theory of evolution that stood ground for animals as of now stares mankind in the face! Survival of the fittest has become order of day.

All results from mass karma performed by the community world over. As is the karma performed by 6500 million people... accordingly would be the results! We have ourselves put self into this predicament... Why blame God or nature! Mankind presently passes through the Kali Yuga phase of life (the darkened age) when relationships amongst each other is at its lowest ebb.

In the circumstances to expect miracles from God Almighty is totally ruled out! The fury of nature would be with vengeance. We have long played with nature. It is time God Almighty and nature reacted! As per the law of karma... we reap what we sow... Nothing less or more! We simply cannot expect mangoes to grow on a guava tree!

The fury of nature would result in heavy melting of icecaps... sea waters rising by 10 to 12 feet... thousand feet high waves becoming common... coastal belts world over almost wiped out... there would be nothing much for mankind to look forward to! In the circumstances Bhagwan Kalki... an Avatar of the era (God manifest in human form) would surface on Mother Earth.

Coupled with the power of Chanakya and man gods like Mahavira, Gautama Buddha, Jesus Christ or Prophet Mohammed... Bhagwan Kalki would re-establish Dharma (righteousness) around 2014. Beyond 2014 lay the dawn of golden era... a new beginning... a new meaning of life! Mankind forever would lose interest in wanton desires and materialistic riches!

Essay by: Vijay Kumar "Atma Jnani"

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