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Criticism versus Limitations

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Spirituality and religion

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Essays Spirituality
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(by Vijay Kumar...The Man who Realized God in 1993)

Free essays Spirituality Mysticism Hinduism Philosophy Self Realization Jainism Meditation Yoga Gita Upanishads and various other branches of Hinduism - by Vijay Kumar...The Man who Realized God in 1993 - free online essays!

A collection of essays on matters beyond the mundane (Spiritual) ... enough to activate your sixth sense!! Inner Meanings of sacred Scriptures unveiled in an easy to grasp and understand language.

My articles ... Essays you will want to read again & again!!

    Truce with my inner self
    The most Fundamental truth of your Life ... Your true self "the I within"... One essay which can change the entire course of your Life!

    Chakravayuha of Life?
    Reincarnation ... The Truth behind? Your present Life, mere part of the bigger whole ... The Cosmic journey undertaken by an atman the soul within! The spell of earlier lives ... Your gateway to the house of God!

    Letter to all mankind
    Creator is one ... Are we not truly Sons of God! Wherein lies the difference between a Man and Women ... We all manifest a body on Mother Earth only to cleanse atman the soul within!

    Silence...The talk within
    The power of silent words ... Your secret to Spiritual elevation! Ramana Mahirshi, the messiah of the Doctrine of silent preaching ... A fully God Realized soul!

    Mind...A Universal Phenomenon
    Biggest Query of mankind since the dawn of civilization ... The Mind of a human being! The Truth ... Does it lie with the Scientific Community? The Sacred Books of all religions of the World bare it all ... the Absolute Truth in its Entirety!

    India...A Democracy or an Authoritarian rule
    The Truth of India ... the biggest Democracy of the World! The leaping Tiger is about to rise from Slumber ... Become super power number One in 2006!

    The Search for Truth
    India vs. USA, the two biggest Democracies of the World ... Who shall take the lead? Is there a comparison ... One hardly 650 years old, the other since Mother Earth was born! One the Epitome of Truth and Patience ... Other an international bully?

    Shape of the World to Come (1994-2006)
    The Third & Final World War of this Era ... 1999-2003! A Nuclear War between Christianity & Islam ... A fight to the finish! A Mahabharata of the Modern Age ... God will uphold Dharma!

    Guidance of a Proper Guru ... Is it Essential!
    How to recognize a Guru (the Spiritual Teacher)... One who shall lead you on the path towards God! One living in an air-conditioned Ashram with a big loudspeaker ... Or the one living in serene surroundings and remaining in Grihastha Ashram has Realized God!

    Knowing God ... Is it Idealism?
    Human being the physical self, atman the soul within, are they both ... Sides of the same coin? One your true internal Self, all powerful and watchful ... Other a mere puppet in the hands of God! What use gaining all knowledge ... Invoke wisdom, the doorway to the abode of God!

    God ... the Creator and man .. Gods
    Creator is one ... man Gods can be many! No more rebirths ... You (the True self within) is liberated for ever!

    Immortality ... Its meaning and Concept!
    Immortality ... Can a Human Being ever become immortal! Is it merely a physical concept .... Does Spirituality have the solution? Who becomes immortal ... A mortal frame or atman the soul within after liberating itself from the cycle of manifestations!

    Swarga Heaven, Naraka Hell and Dharti (Mother
    Earth) ... their interwoven connection!

    Every atman soul manifests initially on a Life supporting planet and then goes on Spiritually elevating itself to higher and higher planes. You go to ‘Swarg’ (Heaven) owing to your Punya Karma and ‘Narak’ (Hell) owing to your Paap Karma. God never differentiates ... For him all are equal!

    Criticism vs. Limitations!!!
    You have assigned a task to an employee, to be completed within a time frame. You have his consent. Yet, he fails to deliver the goods in time. Must you shun him, Rebuke him in front of others ... Criticize him for making a false promise!!

    Satsang ... It’s importance in Daily Life!!!
    How the company of Saints affects us is best explained by the phenomenon of coating. We can make Brass look like gold by coating and polishing it with liquid gold. If we coat it again and again the upper layer of gold would become so thick that with passage of time

    Who is a Karma Yogi!!!
    Do we ever realize that most Westerners are Karma Yogi’s par excellence. They may not be aware of the subject meaning of the word "Karma Yogi" itself ... Yet they have practiced and followed Karma Yoga since times immemorial, not willingly but inherently.

    Meeting with Swamiji ... A Saint of the highest order!!!
    Lost in the jungle, one broods! Is the Life we spend in the city ... the real Essence of Life? Is there anything beyond which we normal Human Beings are unable to see. What is the real meaning of Life ... Who shall explain it to us!

    I thought , I was poor!!!
    Human being, the highest creation of God ... Still poor? Unbelievable! You really must be joking!! Submissively true to admit for most but, it remains a fact in this Kali Yuga (Metal Age) of today. Most Human Beings have denigrated themselves in thinking and projecting themselves to be the poor most in the community wherein they live!

    A Tribute to God!!!
    The Omnipotent Creator of the Universe is without form. It created Mother nature to tend to our needs. Sunshine, Air and Water are inherent supporters of all Life on Mother Earth. our soul atman the spirit within use of them must be with a limitation lest we shall face the fury of God!

    Are you a slave of your destiny?
    Do you as a Human Being feel your destiny is controlled by Cosmic hands? What you shall get in future shall not be of your making but cause of a supernatural happening else where!

    Spirituality and religion
    The difference between Spirituality and Religion is the most often asked question on the net. For a layman both seem to be the same. All one has learnt since childhood is going to a temple, mosque or a church for praying to God.

    Now or never
    Never plan anything for tomorrow or think of the past. Live the present. You are living in the present ... Why think of the future or the past!

    Why do sciences of Astrology, Palmistry and other related Occult sciences gaining a better foothold than other general sciences. Leaders of today are not Spiritualistic in nature. They tend to show they are ... only to hide their weaknesses!

    Anger and Forgiveness
    In our physical manifested World, when you anger on someone you do not known in what stage of manifestation one is. In present life one may be younger to you but in the Cosmic cycle, one may be thousands or Millions years ahead.

    To be or not to be
    The very existence of a Human Being on Mother Earth is fraught with a state of adventurism. Scaling ahead the unknown frontiers of time ... The chills and the horrors of the unknown journey becomes the guess of many but remember ... God is always there with you.

    To equate or not to equate
    Indians, the born Spiritual masters of the World since the time of the Vedas need not look forward to the source of all Jnana and wisdom. They are what they are. The Sun does not seek light from the Moon or the stars. It is the source of its own light.

    You Always Wanted To Know!!!
    ( A must read for all who want to understand Spirituality at its core - Questions from Spiritual aspirants world-wide get answered in this question and Answer forum)

    Questions confronting all mankind: The truth of your own self "The I within"!!! Who are we .. a Human Being? What cosmic role has one to play?
    Vijay Kumar "Atma Jnani": Every Human Being is in Essence a cosmic being ... a virtual source of energy living in X-dimension wherein we term it as a soul Atman in our ...

    New Essays

    What is the meaning of Life?
    Before we indulge into knowing "the meaning of Life" we need to understand Life itself. How do we differentiate between a mortal (living being) and an immobile material (having no Life within)? For this we need to start from the beginning of the cosmos itself... The time of the big bang! More on What is the meaning of Life here

    What does god Rama represent in the hindu religion?
    Bhagwan Rama was the son of King Dasharatha. He was the epitome of the physical manifested Life. He was the one and only one of his kinds in the history of mankind. In Hinduism he is considered the epitome of the physical form of Life. There is nothing beyond the status of Bhagwan Rama that is required to be accomplished in form of a Human Being. More on What does god Rama represent in the hindu religion here

    What is way of Life?
    Jainism religion is not a religion... it is always considered as a way of Life! Bhagwan Mahavira the 24th Tirthankara of Jainism always stated that every Human Being has the power to become Bhagwan Mahavira... for every Human Being has the power within to reach the 8.4 Millionth manifestation... the last step in the stage of cosmic Life cycle. More on What is way of Life here

    Understanding the whole concept of Heaven?
    Heaven that is also called as Swarga in Hinduism is the stage when our atman the soul within waits for a suitable body for it to manifest again. This atman the soul within has a balance of positive merits due to which it remains in heaven (Swarga).

    Any atman the soul within that has a negative balance of merits is awarded hell, also known as Naraka in Hinduism. Naraka (hell) is also the stage when our atman the soul within is in waiting for the next manifestation to occur. More on Understanding the whole concept of Heaven here

    What is the cause of Islamic terror?
    Is an Islamic terrorist creation of USA and its allies? Why does Islamic terrorists owe their allegiance to United States of America? Is USA responsible for creation of Islamic terror groups?

    Yes! United States of America (USA) is primarily responsible for creation of Islamic terrorists and Islamic terror groups world-wide. Why? More on What is the cause of Islamic terror here

    Do animals have a Soul?
    Yes, every animal rather every living being has a Soul. Before we delve further into the existence of soul we need to understand the origin of the cosmic system in its entirety.

    The whole cosmos starts with a big bang and all atmans (souls) in the cosmos get scattered all over the cosmos. These Souls do not have the power within to purify themselves and comeback to their original state. They need a body to do that. Hence every atman the soul within waits for a suitable body that it can manifest and start on its cosmic journey. More on Do animals have a Soul here

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