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Belief in God: Article by Vijay Kumar... The Man who Realized God in 1993
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Belief in God

Belief in the supernatural... God Almighty himself is the gist of life. As an atheist one may or may not believe in the existence of God Almighty... but most atheists (with whom I have come in contact) believe that there exists some supernatural source of energy over which human beings have no control... something far more superior and powerful than human beings!

This belief in the supernatural power in the cosmos makes every living form connected. This supernatural power exists in every living being in minuscule form as our soul atman residing within our heart. All souls' atmans in the cosmos are not directly related but being of the same essence... all are indirectly connected!

Does it mean... the soul atman within a plant or an animal is of the same essence as that existing within a human being... yes, the truth is so! How?

I shall give a very simple example -

The soul atman existent within me when I was a child five years of age... does it still exists within me or has it changed with time?... The truth is the same soul atman exists with me but its ingredients have changed. Having traveled the path of spirituality and gaining self realization... I was able to remove the dross from within the soul atman. My soul atman having achieved hundred percent purity regained its original pristine form.

That is my isolated case. In the case of most human beings... minute traces of dross is either removed or added to the soul atman within. In practical life... we either earn Punya (virtues) or papa (sins) based on the karma performed. In essence the soul atman within remains the same. And primarily from one manifestation to the next... most human beings go a step higher on the spiritual plane.

In one of my earlier manifestations, I was a plant and also an animal. At that point of time also a soul atman existent within me except that it had more impurities (dross) within. My reaching the human form indicates the dross within the soul atman has considerably reduced... the basic essence of soul atman still remaining the same!

Human beings connect to nonliving beings out of emotion. As matter does not have a soul atman inside... direct connectivity with matter is totally ruled out! Whenever I visit the beautiful mountainside, the flowing brooks... the seaside I feel connected for the simple reason that all nature is the artwork of God Almighty. And when I connect to nature.... primarily I am connecting to the maker... the Almighty God himself!

It would not be beyond context to mention that the ultimate goal of every life right from the first manifestation to the last... the 8.4 millionth manifestation... is gaining release by our soul atman within from the cycle of manifesting life again and again. The moment a soul atman becomes liberated (that is possible when a human being gains enlightenment and finally salvation)... it leaves for the kingdom of God (aka Vaikuntha in Hinduism)... a point of no return!

Simple belief in God Almighty does not serve the purpose. For all practical purposes a firm belief... and absolute belief in God Almighty and his creation is a must on the path of pure spirituality. In absence of absolute faith in Almighty God... one just cannot gain enlightenment (kaivalya jnana) and salvation (moksha) in life.

Essay by: Vijay Kumar "Atma Jnani"

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