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God the Creator and Man Gods: Essay by Vijay Kumar... The Man who Realized God in 1993
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God the Creator and
Man Gods


Creator: "Brahman, the Creator" is one. Gods can be many. Brahman created the Universe and in it all Atmans (Souls). These Atmans manifest themselves in different forms to purify themselves. Once purified ... they attain Moksha (liberation). The purified Atmans have been accorded a status by the Society ... we call them God. Man Gods ... are those Human Beings, those jivas who in their Life time have liberated themselves from the cycle of birth and death and have become immortal (amar). They are known as amar for they shall not manifest again.

No living being can ever become immortal for the manifested form has a limited Life and with passage of time it biologically degrades. By controlling your breath with use of certain "Asanas" (Yogic exercises) you can never hope of becoming "immortal". If your normal Life is destined to be 70 years you may prolong it unto 200 years but what after!!! Moha (attachments) of the bodily frame shall ever keep you away from obtaining "Brahma Jnana" for a realized soul wants to leave this body and attain liberation (moksha) at the earliest!

These liberated Souls who were top on the ladder and who also imparted "Brahma - Jnana", before leaving for the abode of God, the Creator were given the status of God ... for the messages coming out of their mouth were "Eternal messages - the texts contained in Bhagavad Gita, Upanishads and all religions of the World". All these Human Gods were powerful enough - to invoke any message from the mighty reservoir of thoughts i.e. Mind plus. They never let any thought from Mind minus come nearby. Listening to them was for any mortal like hearing the voice of God - the creator, the Brahman himself. Adi Shankaracharya who interpreted the Vedas, Vedanta and the Bhagavad Gita is considered mighty ... for he also attained a near-God status by his bright revelations about the system of God.

Normal Human Beings who in this Kali Yuga the metal age of today find it difficult to live a Life full of moral and principles ... find the messages of Bhagavad Gita and Upanishads as mere texts to be read and devoured only by the 'so called’ learned priests of the Society. Today .. to achieve the status of a Swami Vivekananda would be enough ... What to say of attaining the status of a man Gods like Mahavira, Jesus Christ, Buddha or Prophet Mohammed.

All are after gaining material riches than earning "Punya" which alone is the "balance and net" carried forward to next Life. "How to make an ordinary mortal understand this truth", the Essence of all Sacred texts!

"Every God-realized soul must never think that "He is that". "He is that" only in the "Nirvikalpa Samadhi" stage & also the stage when he has imparted "Brahma-Jnana" to all and is leaving this body. At this stage also he may or not be considered equivalent to a "Human-God", for the simple reason that "As many Human Beings ... so many are the paths towards God, the Creator {applicable to Human Beings alone and not other jivas like insects, plants and animals ... for Mukti (liberation) by an "Atman" is only possible through the form of a Human Being}.

The invocation of messages from Mind (through Shruti) is done by realized Souls depending on their intellect and as all can never be at the same level at the same time ... like the voice invoked by an imported audio player can never match with the voice invoked by a locally assembled unit! In ‘He is That’ - ‘That’ denotes the status of a "man-God" (those powerful Human Beings who are true servants and representatives of God) and never "God-the creator". All individual Atmans shall remain individual until full purification (i.e. liberation of Atmans from further manifestation takes place & Atman is not further required to take a body). All collective purified Atmans are known as "God-the creator" i.e. the collective power of all purified "Atmans" is the power of "God" the creator. You a "purified Atman" are only a brick in the abode of "God-the creator".

When "Big Bang" occurs the abode of creator disintegrates. Due to the inherent power of evolution present in every atman soul it continues to take a body after body until it finally liberates. A time comes when all Atmans get purified & further manifestations cease to take place. Need for further manifestations gone ... the Cosmos collapses, to again become a concentrated mass not bigger than a cm and half in diameter. This concentrated mass re-explodes culminating in a Big Bang i.e. the birth of a new Kalpa, a new Cosmos all over again. This theory (i.e. the cycle of Kalpa) ... the origination and Pralaya shall go on for ever.

You, a Human Being, are the highest in the process of Evolution, a step below "liberation from further manifestation". Realize this simple truth and thy shall be the richest of all for you now possess ... not Gold and Diamonds but "Brahma Jnana" ... the most potent and powerful possession of any jiva. You now have the eternal right to Forgive one and all ... your ‘Ego’ shall henceforth not clash for you have realized that riches lie not in accumulation of material wealth but gaining ‘Punya Karma". Forgive one and all without exception .. however big the crime committed or may seem to appear.

Never let "corrupt thoughts" take possession of you. The "field of thoughts" wherein germinates every thought is your only possession which differentiates one from all other types of living beings on planet Earth and which you have to cultivate as a farmer cultivates a barren plot of land. When you take birth on Mother Earth, you are unaware of the process of cultivation and even do not know that you own a "field" which you alone shall cultivate in future. In childhood, the Parents cultivate this field for you.

Good Parents give you a positive outlook of Life and the child grows up with a Sunny exposition, in a serene atmosphere looking ahead to a Life full of Virtues and Morals ... Not so Educated ones (Educated not by degrees earned in Universities) impart a rather negative outlook of Life ... Resulting in the child sometimes being brought up in a neglected atmosphere feeling deprived as the most down trodden inhabitant of the Society.

Lucky are those who take possession of their fields early in Life and cultivate it according to their liking. Such children make a mark in the Society for they are inherently aware of the fundamental Truths .. those which are to be followed by all ... without exception. The Eternal principles which are explained in Sacred texts of all religions of the World ... Which can never be belittled nor condemned by any. These Truths act as the light posts which shine our fields day and night provided we have full Faith in them.

We go to Temples, Mosques and Churches ... why? What necessitates us to seek blessings from God now and then! Why do we at all want to recharge our moral batteries! Is it us, a Human Being or our "Atman" within which goes to such Religious places to communicate with the ‘mighty Lord’, the Omnipotent Creator of the Universe to seek his blessings so that We may in our Worldly pursuits advance ahead without hurdles! You may be a king or a laborer - all go to his abode irrespective of the family or caste one may belong to. Does this not bring to your mind ... ‘Atman’ within all is essentially of the same nature. Where lies the distinction? It is not God, the creator who distinguishes or discriminates but the ‘Ego-minded’ Human Beings who have set different standards for different beings.

Can you enter an Ashram without being intercepted unless you are a thief or a friend or an acquaintee! Is it not easier to go to the house of God (there are no timings for going to a temple, mosque or a church) on Mother Earth than the Ashrams and Math's (places for Spiritual minded people to stay) of the so called Spiritual leaders of the Society. They desire the society to seek appointment with them ... Longer the Que. ,bigger shall be the fame in which floats their bloated ego.

You may expect pardon from ‘God, the creator’ by praying with a humble heart and asking God in true earnestness to be Forgiven for deeds committed knowingly or unknowingly. Can you expect justice from a Court whose hands are bound by the law books and the advocacy of a corrupt advocate! One who intuitively feels that injustice is being imposed on an innocent one due to non-availability of documented evidence and proofs or due to false evidence by the vested interests but, fails to render the right judgment for, he fears the falling of the ax of those higher and mightier than him.

We must never ever loose our trust in the system of God ... If we desire to live a happy and healthy Life!

Essay by: Vijay Kumar "Atma Jnani"

Vijay Kumar... The Man who Realized God in 1993 explains the concept of God the Creator and Man Gods. For more on Can human beings rise to the level of God visit -
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Creator God Almighty: Human Beings alone have the power to become man god!

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