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Hinduism religion: Essay by Vijay Kumar... The Man who Realized God in 1993
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Hinduism religion

Hinduism religion is the most primary and fundamental religion of the world. Nothing in Hinduism supports fanaticism or fundamentalism as in Christianity or Islamic Dharma! With the development of mankind the first religion to develop was Hinduism. Why?

Prophet Mohammed... the preceptor of Islamic Dharma came many centuries later to Jesus Christ. Gautama Buddha... whose following is termed Buddhism came about 423 years earlier to Jesus Christ. Mahavira... the 24th Tirthankara of Jainism (preceptor) came 77 years earlier to Gautama Buddha.

About thousand years earlier to Mahavira came Lord Krishna... an Avatar of his era (God manifest in human form). It was Lord Krishna who gave the doctrine of Bhagavad Gita to mankind in battle of Mahabharata. The teachings of Bhagavad Gita do not form beginning of Hinduism religion.

Before coming of Lord Krishna came Vedas; the first scriptures, sacred documents directly revealed to mankind by God Almighty! All Vedas of Hinduism form the initial revelations invoked directly from God. Along with Vedas came Upanishads (Independent treatises).

Hinduism religion is a conglomerate of various faiths, teachings, and invocations of various sages and saints of different era! Hinduism religion is a totally tolerant religion. For understanding Hinduism one need not convert to Hinduism. Any human being world over can follow the tenets of Bhagavad Gita without becoming a Hindu!

It is Hinduism religion that preached to mankind the meaning of forgiveness... that essential ingredient of life in absence of which religions simply could not exist for long! Hinduism religion carries same importance as that of a soul atman existing in the body!

No live body can exist in absence of a soul atman. The moment our soul atman leaves the body... the body decays and dies! In absence of Hinduism mankind would carry no meaning. The subtle teachings of life... the essence of life lay in the teachings of Bhagavad Gita.

It is by following teachings of Bhagavad Gita... Mahavira, Gautama Buddha, Jesus Christ and Prophet Mohammed finally gained enlightenment (kaivalya jnana) in their lifetime. The lost years of Jesus Christ are attributed to his stay in India... in the famous Nalanda and Taxila universities of yore!

Prophet Mohammed also gained his entire teachings while in Persia that lay along the boundary of India in ancient times! Lord Krishna... Mahavira... Gautama Buddha... all belonged to India. And so do Sri Ramakrishna Paramhansa and Maharishi Ramana... the only two persons amongst the world community who gained enlightenment in the last about 150 years!

Hinduism religion is never considered a religion... it is always termed a way of life! By assimilating the pearls of wisdom contained in sacred Bhagavad Gita of Hinduism any human being world over can reach the stage of enlightenment (kaivalya jnana) and finally salvation (moksha).

The teachings of Bhagavad Gita have a universal appeal. Even while remaining in ones religion... any human being world over can follow the teachings of Bhagavad Gita... finally gain enlightenment and salvation!

India has been attacked from the East by Muslim invaders countless times but not once till date India has attacked one sovereign country world over. The practice of Ahimsa (nonviolence) and forgiveness have been long preached and practiced in India. Hinduism religion forms the core of life on Mother Earth!

Essay by: Vijay Kumar "Atma Jnani"

Vijay Kumar... The Man who Realized God in 1993 on name of the Hinduism religion. For more details on hinduism view of forgiveness visit - hinduism religion. Send your query - click here Ref.

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