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I thought I was poor: Essay by Vijay Kumar... The Man who Realized God in 1993
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I thought I was poor Human Being highest creation of god

Human being, the highest creation of God ... Still poor? Unbelievable! You really must be joking!! Submissively true to admit for most but, it remains a fact in this Kali Yuga (Metal Age) of today. Most Human Beings have denigrated themselves in thinking and projecting themselves to be the poor most in the community wherein they live. Can the Truth be belied upon??

Kunwar V B Singh, a close friend admitted one day ... He thinks he is the richest man on earth. How come it be! Never heard of him either on TV, Newspapers or in the share market but yet he claims ... He is truly the richest not of his Country alone but amongst the World Community. Had I got a clarification from him ... May be he might have boasted ... Result of a bloated ego! But no, his wife Noori whom I trust completely for her words also feels the same. When I asked her to quantify her claim, she narrated so ...

My husband Kumar an Engineer by profession was not born with a silver or a golden spoon in his mouth. Nor he inherited Wealth from his foreFathers. He is what he is since his Childhood ... A man true to his words and deeds ... A true soldier of God. Never committing even the smallest sin not only out of fear of God (the Omnipresent watching one and all) but out of humility he feels towards the Creator for making mankind ... As it is!

Do not all lower species look towards us with fear and respect! Fear .. for their experience have taught them to be brave and face Man, the killer of innocent birds and animals not primarily out of necessity but enjoyment it inhales out of Nature while hunting. The same Nature, the watcher of all deeds ... has it not seen this Human Being grow gradually from a seed in the Mothers womb to a being ... Full of potential.

As years pass by and comes the time for departing of a Human Being from the Mother Earth ... Does Nature, the Creative Energy of the Universe feel abused and hurt! It neither was happy when one come nor is sad as it leaves ... Kings come and go but the system of Eternity remains (the same) forever.

Unless you learn to respect all irrespective of the status one enjoys either in the Jungles or the Society ... We shall continue to manifest again and again!! If by our pious deeds we burn out the balance Karma and gain Emancipation (Never to be born again) ... We shall continue to be born in one Life after another. No rebirth (Reincarnation)... We gain moksha (Liberation), Become a living man God!!

Learn to live like a true Lord ... Always contented within your self. The true riches lie not in the material wealth you accumulate in one Life ... None ever could carry it to the next Life. In one Life you may be a trader and may amass immense wealth ... What of your sinful deeds which would make you manifest the Life of an animal in next manifestation. Had he been able to carry the wealth of his previous birth ... of what use it would have been for an animal?

In the system of God All things and happenings are justly ordered. We only carry the Punya or Paap Karma of one Life to another ... Nothing else, not even the size of an atom! What use hankering after ephemeral pleasures of Life? What of the average Seventy years one lives on Mother Earth compared to Eighty Four (?) lakh lives one has to manifest (as an Atman, soul) in a single Cosmic Life span. Taking an average cosmic Life of eleven years (as ordained in most Hindu scriptures), the total Life one soul may live comes to 96.4 million earthly years. This is not an exaggeration but a truth well explained in Bhagavad Gita and Upanishads ... Why neglect them?

You are Rich if you think rich ... You are Poor if you think you are poor!

How about counting oneís assets!!! Born a Human Being, the highest plane of Evolution as a body ... You have within your control two things: Power to think (Which can make one reach the level of Buddha, Mahavira or Christ) and Power to Forgive ... The biggest gift of God bestowed on mankind ... For thy can Forgive one and atone for sins committed in all lives!!! You may be young .. Still you can Forgive those elder to you. The mistake be of the offender but you must learn to swallow your pride ... A tough but a wise decision.

How about your material assets! If you live a Life full of passion, free of greed and also not indulging beyond your sustenance power ... You are bound to balance your Life on Earthly plane. The inherent greed which prompts you to hoard more and more is the root cause of manís poverty ... Poor thinking escalates it further. You are rich if you think rich ... You are poor if you think you are poor( result of your lowly thoughts).

Essay by: Vijay Kumar "Atma Jnani"

Vijay Kumar... The Man who Realized God in 1993 on I thought I was poor. For more details on highest stage in manifest creation visit - i thought i was poor. Send your query - click here Ref. 970212

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