india a democracy or an authoritarian rule

India a Democracy or an Authoritarian rule: Essay by Vijay Kumar... The Man who Realized God in 1993
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India a democracy or an authoritarian rule

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India a Democracy or an Authoritarian rule
(India to become Super Power No.1 in 2012)

India a Democracy: You are building a house and require plans to be approved from the housing authorities. Will the concerned clerk move your application and get your plans sanctioned as per requirements? Not unless you appease his requirements! On other hand, if you feel, it is the duty of the concerned clerk to help you and for which the state is paying his salary then, he may try to point out an anomaly in the drawings or documents with which he has no concern, or else come out with an excuse that he is busy and ask you to come another day. If you dare question him about availability of his boss then, glaring at you he may unhesitatingly say, "Boss is busy"!

In the circumstances, can you expect building your house within a time frame before the prices further escalate and you land up building an annexe instead of a house. Unfortunately, if the clerk is not in a mood to clear your papers then, does approaching his boss or trying any other means using your influence help? The answer in nine out of ten cases would be a "NO".

Are these symptoms of a healthy democracy? Then, what is the remedy?

You have been robbed in broad daylight of all your personnel belongings while going to your office. When you present yourself at the complaint counter of the concerned police station, is your complaint politely registered and you are assured of early recovery of your goods? "No", on the contrary the concerned clerk may refuse to record your complaint that it does not lie within their jurisdiction.

If you are lucky enough to convince him that you have approached the right police station then he may try to verbally assure you for early recovery of goods without lodging your complaint. On other hand, if you insist on a written complaint then you may have to face a salvo of uncivilized language asking you to approach anyone for getting the same registered.

If you do have a saintly patron who uses his influence and gets the complaint recorded then also, whatever complaint is recorded may be totally contrary to the statements made by you. Can this wrongly registered complaint be got changed even by the highest authority?

Can you expect Justice in the circumstances!

You are a government servant earning Rs. 4,000/= P.M. You are the proud Father of three daughters. Your ambition is to build a house, marry your daughters and after retirement lead a well settled Life. Will you be able to marry your daughters within your means? Will you be able to pay for all the installments of a government offered flat?

"No", then is it the society and its customs to blame?

Will you continue living without being able to enjoy Life in its human form as bestowed on us by the creator. Still "No"! Then why not abandon the old customs?

INDIA, the biggest democratic state of the World is beset with Three major problems.

Unless eradicated or corrective measures taken, would lag far behind the smaller democracies of the World, i.e.

"Change from parliamentary to a presidential system of Democracy"

"Control in population through effective birth control measures"

"Strengthening of the law and order system"

Change from Parliamentary to a Presidential System of Democracy

The United States of America is the best example of a successful presidential system of democracy and it has rightly taken the place of superpower number. The United Kingdom which at one time ruled over half of the World and which gave India its parliamentary system to follow has lost its control over most of the colonies and has not turned out to be a very effective system.

India having a population of 900 Million compared to 250 Million of U.S.A. and 60 Millions of U.K. has not been able to make its presence effectively felt in the International market compared to other successful Democracies of the World.

Should we not switch over to the presidential system before it is too corrupt/failed political system of ours, that we find its duly elected members of the Parliament and Legislative Assembly are only to blame, barring few exceptions.

On the contrary, why has India not taken position number One ?

If you are engaged in a government job or running a Business Establishment then, if you do not enjoy the patronage of your Boss or Political leaders, can you expect promotions or run your business smoothly and successfully! In the circumstances, can a society in the present scientific age survive ... What to say of advancing the scientific achievements.

How long shall we be ruled by people elected with sheer muscle power?
Control in Population through Effective Birth Control Measures

Can you afford to pay for the Education of more than two children and simultaneously fulfill the other requirements of the house hold? If you have three children you may continue to survive but, what if, you have more than six or above? You would be extremely lucky to be made incharge of family planning department or offered a berth in the Cabinet.

Will the achievements in the field of TV, and the present pace of scientific development taking place in the Audio & Visual gadgets now available within reach of above middle class, reduce the present rate of increase in population? Whatever be the increase of the per capita income, the same is offset, rather negated by the corresponding increase in population.

Can India being a secular Country achieve this target by proper implementation of birth control measures! Adoption of some harsh measures as being practiced by China, Is it the solution? A person having 3 children and whose gross income is Rs. 2,000/=, must he be punished compared to a person with the same size of family and whose income is Rs. 5,000/= per month. Is the punishment by the creator not sufficient.

Is punishment a healthy sign of a developing society? "No", as we are living in a civilized World.

Implementation of well framed rules to contain the growth of population strictly followed by the society at WILL - Is it not the only solution!

Stringent labor laws adversely effect the growth of a nation because the employer finds himself at a loss when he has to Fire an unwilling worker. Are such workers not a parasite in a developing society?

The labor laws should be amended to favor business establishments, but simultaneously must not create hardships for the workmen. It is only the brains behind successful enterprises which make the society and its working stable. Is there no hope for a democracy with above fifteen percent population of the entire World!

Strengthening of the Law and Order System

The Law and Order situation of the Country is alarming and calls for some concrete measures for improving and bringing it at par compared with other democratic setups of the World. With political interference at every stage, even the best officers are unable to carry out their duties sincerely and effectively.

In U.K. and else where a small but disciplined police force is sufficient to handle situations wherein many times over police personnel would be required in our Country. Why?

Sincere and honest officers at the top with no interference at any stage from Political quarters can bring about a radical change and improve upon the existing poor Law and Order systems.

An honest and a respectable citizen as on date may not like to intermingle with the custodians of law unless any pressing domestic situation so demands. Why? Have the people lost Faith in them! Or are they indifferent towards the needs of the society!!

Can an honest citizen pay for the attorneys fees and simultaneously expect Justice! Always bearing in mind that, it may take anything between ten and odd years before the case is finalized and then also he is not sure whether he will rightly win.

The answer in the present context is a blunt "NO", barring few exceptions.

Indian Democracy vs. authoritarian rule what is a true democracy:

Where has our national pride gone!

Can we not have a controlled birth rate!

Can we not abolish dowry system from our society!!!

Can an effective Executive President totally devoted towards the nation and supported by his team of selected Governors achieve the above targets and take the nation towards prosperity!

Why not all of us search for the hidden soul!!!

It may be difficult to point out as to who will take this coveted position but undoubtedly the future president who would strive to change the system of governance of this Country from parliamentary to presidential must have already been born!

According to Nostradamus someone from the East would show the light to the ailing Humanity of today, to steer the Country out of the present mess and make it Super Power number one. Wait till 2005?

Essay by: Vijay Kumar "Atma Jnani"

Vijay Kumar... The Man who Realized God in 1993 on India a Democracy or an Authoritarian rule. For more details on India a democracy visit - india a democracy or an authoritarian rule. Send your query - click here Ref. 931206

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