residual balance of karma

Residual Balance of Karma: Article by Vijay Kumar... The Man who Realized God in 1993
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Residual Balance of Karma

Every single human being nay every living being is responsible for every single action of ours! This is how God Almighty ordained the system of karma to be. The doctrine of karma is the governing factor in the cosmic system... as we sow so shall we reap nothing less or more! We simply cannot expect mangoes to grow on a guava tree.

Ever since souls' atmans started their cosmic journey... the manifested human being became responsible for every single act of theirs. We are what we are! A philosopher has rightly said, "every human being is the sum total of ones thoughts". Whatever be our residual balance of karma at the time of death of the body... the same becomes the opening balance of next life.

If the closing residual balance of karma of previous life demands our soul atman manifesting the form of a cobbler... one simply cannot manifest the form of a prince! If we desire our soul atman manifesting form of a prince in next life... we need enact karma accordingly! In the domain of God there are no free lunches.

If we suffer in present life... all owes its existence to the karma performed by us in the past! If we desire improving our condition in present life... our indulgence in positive karma, good karma, Punya karma all the time is necessitated. Let me take one example... when we choose to get divorced by the woman who wants a good time? Is the query!

It is quite possible in the earlier manifestation your partner suffered the same fate at your hands and now karma is only repaying back! As long as we continue looking at things from one point of view... we shall never reach the truth! If we are chosen to go hungry in desert... it is quite possible in the previous manifestation we left some to the same fate!

It is in our interest to get out of the clutches of negative karma of previous manifestations at the earliest. A portion of karma termed Prarabdha karma in Hinduism is the only way out of the residual balance of negative karma of past lives. The mantra for Prarabdha karma is not known to anybody and is very precious.

It gets unveiled to a person at the right moment. God Almighty takes care of that! In my life of 53 years I have given this mantra to only two persons... which from my point of view deserved it!

Essay by: Vijay Kumar "Atma Jnani"

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