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Doctrine of Karma: Article by Vijay Kumar... The Man who Realized God in 1993
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Doctrine of Karma

The essence of life is not limited to one life span! Everything in the cosmic system is governed by the doctrine of karma. All is as clear as the books written by an accountant. Whatever is the closing balance of this life becomes the opening balance of the next manifestation! The doctrine of karma confirms the theory of reincarnation (rebirth in Hinduism)... the balance of life moves on from one manifestation to another without a break!

Whenever anyone experiences a bad phase in life... it does not owe its origin entirely to the karma of the present manifestation... the present life! In the domain of God... to desist the intelligent human beings from manipulating life, God inbuilt in the system some hidden factors! Whatever karma we perform now... the fruits of the karma may become available to us right now or four manifestations henceforth!

If one indulging in wanton desires and materialistic riches suddenly wins a lottery... it simply owes its existence to the karma of the previous manifestations... the previous lives manifested by our soul atman within! Similarly one indulging in godly thinking and possessing a sunny disposition when faces acute hardships... all is the result of karma of the previous manifestations!

In the cosmic system nothing is disordered at any stage as has been stipulated by the famous physicist Stephen Hawking in his book, "a brief history of time". The field of spirituality is beyond the capture of science. The ignorant scientist unable to understand the crux of the cosmic system assumed that God plays dice! In the system of God we reap what we sow... Nothing more or less!

If we need to succeed in life... we simply require working harder to neutralize the effects of the bad karma of the previous manifestations. Maintaining a positive balance of karma in the present manifestation is an essential must for succeeding in life! Furthermore, we also need to have a burning goal in life... a passion indulging in which we lose sense of time. Something we truly enjoy from our heart... when place of work becomes a place of joy!

Almost 99% people world over never form a goal in life. Their life is like a rudderless boat going round and round in the ocean. Having a goal in life is journey half covered. Having formed a goal in life... we must pursue the goal keeping all eggs in one basket... with a bulldog determination of Winston Churchill... a determination that never had a No in life! 1% always belongs to God Almighty. The choicest blessings of God are always available to human beings!

Essay by: Vijay Kumar "Atma Jnani"

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