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Karma Yoga: Essay by Vijay Kumar... The Man who Realized God in 1993
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Karma Yoga JRD Tata
Karma Yogi par excellence
(myths of Karma Yoga - JRD TATA)

Who is a Karma Yogi

Do we ever realize that most Westerners are Karma Yogis’ par excellence. They may not be aware of the subject meaning of the word (or the word "Karma Yogi" itself) ... Yet they have practiced and followed Karma Yoga since times immemorial, not willingly but inherently. They were not even aware of the purport of it! To be or not to be is not the question but inherently following a form of Yoga best suited to needs of today, what more could a person of the present Materialistic World ask for!!

Karma Yoga stands for doing your duties towards your own self, family, society and masses without a feeling of doubt, obligation or lust but as a duty one has to perform in the service of God. Karma denotes one’s capability to think (invoke positive or negative thoughts) followed by action (thoughts in crystallized form). None can perform even a single act without a thought preceding it! Can you?

The correct approach towards the path of Karma Yoga is living in the present (now or never). The fleeting seconds passing by are the true actual moments within your grasp. You have absolutely zero control over the past events. You can exercise 100% control over the future by controlling your present!!.

Yoga denotes trying to communicate with the almighty through various means. Means or paths are only three ... Jnana Yoga, Bhakti Yoga or Karma Yoga. When you try to follow the Karma path ... you are called a Karma Yogi for, in fulfilling the requirements of self, family and society you are doing an act of his (God). Satisfaction obtained by such deeds is thus, a prayer completed!!

Those who make prayers as their only solace of Life like Priests, Swamis, Sadhus and Munis etc. ... are called Bhakti Yogis. Those who embrace Jnana as their chief aim of Life ... through introspection and Self Realization reach their destined goal of Life are followers of the Jnana Yoga path.

The path of Karma Yoga is simpler and easy to follow for you neither have to leave your family and more so enjoy all comforts of Life but via this path you can never reach the goal in one Life span (Who knows what we shall be in our next Life! It is always desirable to divert ourselves from the path of Karma Yoga to Bhakti Yoga or Jnana Yoga in the present life).

At every stage of Life you also invariably follow the path of Bhakti Yoga while making your prayers (though inherently). Bhakti Yoga alone is capable of taking you towards God but in Jnana Yoga you have the added advantage of solving all your queries before you realize God. A Jnana Yogi is competent enough to guide the whole Humanity towards the Ultimate goal of Life ... The culmination of all your prayers ... God - Realization! back to who is a karma yogi

JRD Tata Karma Yogi par excellence

Who was JRD? Frequently referred to as the Man of steel... JRD Tata is the scion of the Indian technological setup. JRD Tata believed in the concept that infrastructure building carried the utmost importance in the society as of today.

The Tata group as of date is recognized by the Indians not as an industrial powerhouse but the utmost an individual or a group can do for a country. JRD Tata was a true Indian at heart... unlike most industrial houses and the politicians of today.

JRD Tata... was a one man show! This one individual was able to build the complete infrastructure our country India has as on date. Most industrial houses believe and live on the surmise that monetary gains are the first priority. For JRD Tata it was the last priority.

JRD Tata believed on the surmise that if the country grows by the grace of God and countrymen... the Tata Empire is bound to grow. He was a true trustee in whose hands the building of India was handed over by God Almighty. He fulfilled his dream of building a strong infrastructure for the country in his lifetime.

Not a single politician or a bureaucrat could ever corrupt his mind. He was a pillar of faith for his countrymen. The present generation always looked forward to what JRD Tata was in his life. They not only learned their lessons in life by trying to emulate his teachings to the society... but by practicing values for which JRD Tata stood all his life.

JRD Tata was what he was! A pillar unto himself! He was an embodiment of true love for his countrymen. During the lifetimes of JRD Tata nowhere in the total Tata Empire one could find unethical practices in vogue.

Some of the prime teachings of JRD Tata include his passion for living as a true trustee, remaining fair to all and sundry in every walk of life, never trying to undermine the trust his subordinates carried in him and themselves.

JRD Tata lived as a true trustee for in his lifetime he never built a house for himself. According to JRD Tata life was to be lived only as a true trustee as everything belonged to God Almighty. Being a mere caretaker in the hands of God... JRD Tata did what a true trustee is desired to do.

His arguments for not building his house was that if he had ever built a house of his own then it was possible that his wife may ask for building a house befitting his status. If that was so then it would not be possible for JRD Tata to match the likings and preferences of the Saudi kings who had the fittings in their bathroom made of gold and diamonds.

To avoid the day-to-day bickering JRD made Taj Mahal Palace Hotel his home. In this hotel he had two presidential suites built. One he used for himself and the other was only available for the highest executives of various countries. And JRD Tata used to say that his most important businesses were conducted by him while traveling in the lift with these executives.

What an extraordinary fait accompli JRD Tata had!

Living as a true trustee... JRD Tata believed in the fact that the total worth of Tata Empire was never owned by him. In dealings where vested interest dissolves forever... the outcome is always bright and favorable. JRD Tata believed in the true value of a human being and in return people believed in him.

Such was the belief in JRD Tata that even one verbal commitment from him was enough for the society. No pondering over the written facts... JRD Tata always believed in what a human being stood for. He had tremendous faith in his employees and in return the employees... the workmen believed in him from their heart.

The Tata Empire is primarily responsible for building the entire technological infrastructure of the country. This inculcates such a feeling of enthusiasm and patriotism among the young generation of today that India still survives the onslaught from the corrupt political and the administrative Arena.

If life is to be lived truly it must be lived on the same terms as lived JRD Tata. To emulate JRD Tata in practical life is a gigantic task but not unachievable. If JRD Tata could do it then the common man of today can also do it! For it is the truth behind the dealings which paves way for the strength in character requisite of becoming one like JRD Tata.

Air India, Tata institute of social sciences, Tata institute of fundamental research, Taj group, Tata memorial hospital are some of the mementos presented by the doyen of Indian industry, a pioneering aviator popularly known as JRD or jeh to the society.

May God bless the Tata Empire! back to jrd tata karma yogi par excellence

Essays By: Vijay Kumar "Atma Jnani"

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