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Letter to all Mankind: Essay by Vijay Kumar... The Man who Realized God in 1993
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Letter to all Mankind
Are we not truly sons and daughters of God

Beloved sons and daughters of God,

You are born a Human Being. Your inner urge always prompts you to search for the hidden "Eternal truth" ... the truth of you, the "I" within. What of the goal of your being born on this Earth! Yet, every moment of your Life you are involved in the sustenance of your Life as a physical being.

You have heard many learned people speak at various forums. They spoke of different routes of obtaining the truth ... All religions are not an end in themselves but different paths towards "realization of God" i.e. "Self realization". Your eternal and perennial quest would find peace once you learn who "You" are. "You" are the source and the searcher. You truly are the master of your destiny ... the final assimilation of your "Atman" with the "Eternal source of energy" known as "God".

You as a manifested physical Life form have different goal of your Life but, the "Eternal goal" of you as an "Atman" in all the manifestations since release is constant. "Eternal goal" is same for all living beings whether Human, animal or a plant. All three Life forms are living beings as per Charles Darwin. Why the fight among followers of various religions? You are free and at liberty to choose your own path (i.e. any religion) to realize self at the earliest. Self realization is only possible in a human form.

The "Lord" meant it so.

Every "Atman" on its cosmic journey to purify itself manifests various Life forms. You have power to choose path but not the goal. Goal of all beings in the Universe is fixed ... "Liberation from manifestation". Once you complete your Karma, Cleanse the "Atman" and make it pure ... you get liberated. The cleansing of "Atman" is possible only as a Human Being, the highest and the last stage of the various manifestations created by the "Lord".

You alone have the power to think and control in this World. You who realize the "Eternal truth" are recognized by the learned society as Deva, Rishi or Swami. Every Human Being on the last leg of its cosmic journey and having realized self is recognized as Deva, Rishi or Swami. The status of "God" is attributed by the society to Mahavira, Buddha, Christ or Mohammed ... Those who have realized self and liberated their "Atman" from further manifestations.

Understand the noble goal of "Atman" within you ... cause for all misery and fear vanishes. None can cause harm to any "Atman" being immortal. The "Atman" can not itself liberate to rejoin the "Lord" until it has cleansed itself (Karma is exhausted) through various manifested physical forms.

Never criticize or hurt anyone. Do not disturb peace of any being. Physical injury is being inflicted upon you. Use all fair means to protect yourself ... more so if you have dependents. You have full right to fight back. In the physical realm of the World non-retaliation may be construed as your weakness and result in hardships but on the Spiritual level you win for ... You can Forgive.
"Lord" desires you to carry out "Karma" through your physical self. You must defend your physical form from mutilation. Your body is the temple of your "Atman". Destroy the temple ... "Atman" will leave. In the physical World the family weeps bereaved. "Atman" again manifests. The Spiritual journey of the "Atman" goes on irrespective of happenings in the physical World.

Never disturb peace and tranquility of the beautiful World we live in. Every living being has right to live. Refrain from mental abuse ... it is more painful. Never hurl back abuse on the abuser. Pray to "Lord" for removal of the cause of pain in the heart of the abuser and the hurt. Pray for bestowing wisdom upon the abuser ... to differentiate right from wrong. Indulgence will spoil the present ... Your most precious possession for the day.

Son of God Daughter of god: Who are we?

What of our goal as a physical being!

pray to god. "Oh Lord" give us strength for loving all Human Beings as thy brothers and sisters. Will thou not be serving God in such service. Shall thou remain unblessed by God. Nothing is more charming and graceful than blessings of the "Omnipotent". our soul atman the spirit within "Atman" craves for such blessings for ... they are milestones covered in the journey towards "God".

Take Life as it is. We are puppets in the hands of the "Lord". Unless we do our "Karma", we shall never liberate and continue manifesting various Life forms one after another.

"Love all". Every Human Being is the highest manifestation by "Atman" within. We truly are sons and daughters of "the Lord". We have all originated from the same source.

Yours in love,

(Vijay Kumar)

Essay by: Vijay Kumar "Atma Jnani"

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