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(One life to Live - Philosophy of Life)


What is Meaning of Life?

What is the meaning of Life? The Meaning of Life... what is actually the meaning of Life? This one question "meaning of Life" is the most asked question on the Internet. Why?

Every Human Being wants to know and understand the Philosophy behind the meaning of Life! Why are we here... what is the purpose of our living on Mother Earth... what is the real meaning of Life? The queries are numerous... there has got to be a justification for our living. What is the basis of existence of Life on planet Earth?

Before we indulge into knowing "the meaning of Life" we need to understand Life itself. How do we differentiate between a mortal (living being) and an immobile material (having no Life within)? For this we need to start from the beginning of the cosmos itself... The time of the big bang!

At the time of the big bang when God Almighty which is but the size of half a thumb explodes itself... all atmans (souls) get scattered all over the cosmos and in doing this they lose their pristine purity and as a ball coated with honey gathers dust while rolling... these atmans (souls) also get impregnated with impurities. This is the fundamental cause of Life... if these atmans (souls) had remained pure all the time... the need for Life in whole of the cosmos would not have arisen.

These atmans (souls) in their cosmic journey now need a body so that they can purify themselves and come back to original pristine pure form. These atmans (souls) do not have the power to purify themselves without the aid of any external body. They need a body to work out its Karma and in the process the dross within the atman soul shall get removed.

Let me explain this further but before that I need to explain the definition of God.

At the time of pralaya in Hinduism (the time of complete dissolution of cosmos)... the total cosmos which consists of many universes dissolves back into its original pristine pure form... this is the form we call God Almighty! The size of the whole cosmos at this moment of time is half the size of a thumb, which is nothing else, but the collection of all purified atmans (souls) in the cosmos.

For purifying themselves why do the atmans (souls) need a body? This feature can be explained further by the example of mining.

If I need to extract one KG of pure gold (say an individual purified Atman in its pristine pure form) from a lump of hundred KG of gold ore then I need to pass the lump of hundred KG of gold ore through the requisite mining process. It is absolutely clear that this one KG of pure gold can not on its own separate itself out from the hundred KG of gold ore without the help of an external medium... it needs requisite machinery to remove the 99 KG of dross within the ore.

Similarly, the unpurified atman the soul within cannot on its own remove the dross within... it needs an external medium... a body in order to come back to its original pristine pure form. And in the process... this so-called impure Atman is required to manifest a body, which consists of a long chain of manifestations... a total of 8.4 Million manifestations and a Life cycle of 96.4 million earthly years... a long journey indeed!

In Hinduism... the total Life cycle in the Life of an atman the soul within which consists of 8.4 Million manifestations and a total journey of 96.4 Million years is well-defined in the glory of the Bhagavad Gita... the one and only sacred Bhagavad Gita... the doctrine preached by Lord Krishna (an Avatar). Lord Krishna descended on Mother Earth about 3600 years ago... about 1500 years before the advent of Jesus Christ on Mother Earth.

Bhagavad Gita... the Song Supreme... is music to the ears! It spells out in total clarity about the meaning of Life... the core of Life itself in its entirety. It defines the relationship between various forms of Life... the relationship of a Human Being with single cell formation, multi-cell formation, insect Life, plant Life and finally the form of an animal before evolving into the form of a Human Being... the highest stage of manifest Life in the system of God Almighty.

reaching the stage of a Human Being... every Human Being has the power to gain enlightenment (Self Realization) and finally salvation (moksha in Hinduism). Bhagwan Mahavira, Gautama Buddha, Jesus Christ and Prophet Mohammed all gained salvation after reaching the stage of Enlightenment. These Souls became immortal forever, as they had nowhere else to go having achieved salvation... the cycle of birth and death had ceased to exist for them. They had reached the pristine form of purity... the initial stage from which they had started on their journey at the time of Pralaya (the dissolution of cosmos) and the big bang (the start of the cosmos).

Here I need to explain what happens during the time period between pralaya (the dissolution of cosmos) and the big bang (the start of the cosmos). Sooner the cosmos collapses (the complete dissolution of cosmos occurs)... the time of pralaya in Hinduism... all atmans (souls) in the cosmos achieve the state of salvation by the Grace of God. All atmans (souls) having become purified and regained their original pristine pure form... they reduce to the size of half a thumb... the definition of God Almighty.

In a nutshell, God Almighty is nothing else but the combined power of all purified atmans (souls) in the cosmos at a given point of time. This is the one and only definition of God Almighty. Imagine the mighty Cosmos getting reduced to half the size of a thumb... this powerful source of energy we call God Almighty is unable to contain this force of unimaginable energy for long... it explodes with a big bang only to create a new cosmos... a new source of Life!

Here interpretation in Jainism is wrong for as per the doctrines of Jainism "in whatever state the Atmans are... they shall again start cosmic journey from the same stage in the next formation of the cosmos... it cannot be... unless and until all atmans in the cosmos comeback to original pristine pure form... the dissolution of cosmos cannot occur. If the dissolution of cosmos does not occur... how can we expect a new cosmos to take birth! I was born a Jain... the moment I realized God... all religions became the same for me... I now do not write my name as Vijay Kumar Jain but I have now become Vijay Kumar... the man who realized God in 1993.

Glory is to God, the omnipotent Creator of the cosmos for having showered upon me his Grace to realize god within this Lifetime. The total Jain community desist my thinking... they feel I have gone wrong somewhere. They fail to realize that Lord Krishna... who advocated the preaching's of Bhagavad Gita came around 1000 years before the advent of Bhagwan Mahavira. They also fail to realize that it was only after Bhagwan Mahavira (the 24th Tirthankara of Jainism) descended on Mother Earth did Jainism took its roots.

It was only in the times of Bhagwan Mahavira that the complete Philosophy of Jainism came to be understood by the masses in general. Before the 24th Tirthankara... all the sacred knowledge contained in the doctrines of Jainism was limited to the Tirthankars, the Arihants (one who had gained Self Realization and reached the stage of Kaivalya) and the learned Scholars of the time. It is only when the Teachings or a doctrine gets precipitated that it has access to the masses. Before that there was no Jainism religion as such. The advent of Jainism religion can be considered from the time of advent of 24th Tirthankara Bhagwan Mahavira... not before! The following of the doctrine of Bhagwan Mahavira came to be known as Jainism.

Continuing with the journey of The Soul Within the cosmos... as time passes by... the cosmic system cools down and gives way to various universes, galaxies, milky ways and finally solar systems that have planets like Mother Earth rotating around it. These planets with passage of time become conducive for growth of Life. Time is now ripe for germination... it is the time for impregnation. Souls Atmans can now manifest a Life on Mother Earth... and hence shall start cosmic journey of Life itself... the journey of an Atman as a single cell formation (the first manifestation)... the journey as an amoeba (single cell formation)!

In the different phases of evolution... this single cell formation takes the form of a multi-cell formation. Subsequently it takes the form of an insect Life, than a plant Life, an animal form and finally evolves itself as a Human Being... the highest stage of manifestation in the Life of an atman the soul within. Glory is to God Almighty for now as Human Beings can an Atman gain its lost pristine glory... it is now that atman the soul within can come back to its original pristine pure form... the form of a purified Atman.

This journey from the single cell formation to the form of a Human Being requires a minimum of 7.3 Million manifestations... even as a Human Being there are 1.1 Million types of manifestations. human beings are the most privileged form of Life on Mother Earth. It is only as a Human Being can we realize the value of Life... the meaning of Life itself... can digest the Philosophy and the meaning of Life in totality!

We need to clearly understand that in all the initial stages of Life... the single cell formation, the multi-cell formation, the insect Life, the plant Life and the form of an animal... it was not within the means of these Life forms to assess the meaning of Life. It is only as a Human Being can we think and know the value of Life... it is an irony of fate that most Human Beings as on day indulge in actions that would even put the animal Life to shame.

Killing animals for the sake of pleasure and killing of lower forms of Life by an animal for the sake of eating is something very different. One indulges for pleasure and other for the sake of maintaining Life... the body itself. It has really become difficult to differentiate the animal between the two? back to meaning of life?

What is Way of Life?

What is way of Life? Jainism religion is not a religion... it is always considered as a way of Life! Bhagwan Mahavira the 24th Tirthankara of Jainism always stated that every Human Being has the power to become Bhagwan Mahavira... for every Human Being has the power within to reach the 8.4 Millionth manifestation... the last step in the stage of cosmic Life cycle.

The followers of Bhagwan Mahavira are never known as Mahaviras... the name Jainism is not named after Bhagwan Mahavira, as is the case in Christianity and Buddhism. The followers of Jesus Christ are known as Christians and followers of Gautama Buddha as Buddhists. Jainism has always been considered as a way of Life because it follows the fundamental route of evolution.

The word Jaina is derived from "Jina"... one who has won his real self. In other words, anyone who has won himself is named as Jina... one who has come face to face with our inner self, our atman the soul within. Having reached the 8.4 Millionth manifestation one has become "Jina"... a free Atman. The Life cycle for this atman the soul within has ended. It has gained immortality forever.

The doctrines of Bhagwan Mahavira emphasize upon this fact that every Human Being must work out his Karma in a fashion that we reach the final goal of cosmic Life... the 8.4 Millionth manifestation and when one shall become Bhagwan Mahavira himself! He never considered himself as a God. He never stated that he was the only son of God and according to him every Human one-day reaches the status of Bhagwan Mahavira in the end. So, why not start on the journey of enlightenment now!

Jainism and in particular Digambara sect and the Teachings of Jainism carry a larger meaning for the whole Humanity. Jainism never differentiates Human Beings as belonging to different religions and sects. Jainism believes in one and only fact that every Human Being belonging to every religion and creed... the moment one reaches the last manifest stage... the 8.4 Millionth manifestation... one becomes Bhagwan Mahavira himself.

atman the soul within freed forever stops belonging to any religion or creed. It is absolutely free... it has gained immortality! So is the way of Life every Human Being is required to live and follow for gaining emancipation and finally liberation forever from cycle of birth and death! back to what is way of life

One Life to Live

You have only one life to live... understand that! Clear and out.

In the whole cosmic life span of 96.4 million earthly years that every individual soul the atman within is required to pass through... what significance is of 70 to 80 years of present life spent as a human being. Yet, every human being has been given the power to live the present life at its best. No compromises on that.

It is not merely the time factor which matters most... it is the quality of life lived every day which makes us worthy of living as a human being... the highest manifest stage a living being can take on mother earth. Always remember that it is only as a Human Being one can gain the stage of enlightenment. It is not in heaven or hell that one can get enlightened.

Only one life to live: give life its very best shot you can give! Bill Gates, Edison, Einstein and JRD Tata were not the produces of a single day of effort... they spent days months and years struggling to achieve the goal of their life... something which was dearest to them from the heart. They succeeded in life for they knew how to overcome obstacles, the gossips and face the community as it were.

One life to live: Live life as if there shall never be another day! Do not simply while away time for the sake of it. Live for the community and the values you have always cherished in your life. Human life is after all a gift from God... we have but to spend it wisely!

Strive to become a Mahavira, Gautama Buddha, Jesus Christ or Prophet Mohammed in the present life for you have only one life to live. It is only in billions that one chooses the path to become a Mahavira, Gautama Buddha, Jesus Christ or Prophet Mohammed. Gaining enlightenment is the final goal of every human life... strive for it within this life for you have only one life to live.

Only one life to live... Put your best talents forward and prove to the world your worthiness. Always remember that in the cosmic system you are the one and only one who has an ingredient of becoming a master in your own field. No matter what none other can excel you in that field. It is your destiny and the will of God that shall always guide you on the right path.

Live life by choice and not out of compulsion for you have only one life to live. Listen to the sweet small inner voice coming from within your heart... the voice of your soul the atman within. It shall never guide you on the wrong path. Choose the journey of your life wisely and there shall never be any regrets later on.

You have only one life to live! Spend your life the way you would want to live it... not what others may have chosen for you! Be they your parents, teachers or friends... they can always be your benefactors... always remember it is you can only you who have to choose the goal of your life. Live life the way you like it. You are the Prince or the Princess of your life... none other can force or deviate you from your chosen path! It is a different matter that in the process some feelings may get hurt but rest assured in the end everything gets okay.

Always remember that God helps those who help themselves. You have to work out your karma in a way that you shall be able to accomplish the goal of your life. Prove to the world that you are the only one of your kind in the whole world who is the best for your chosen field of working. Do it now before it is too late for you have only one life to live.

One life to live is not as saying. It has to be practiced in every deed in day to day life. No one is perfect in this world. Everyone has limitations. The moment our limitations are over... one reaches the stage of absolute purity and gains enlightenment… Liberated forever from cycle of birth and death!

Never fear the unknown or even death... you never know what life has in store for you the moment next! Always look at the brighter side of life... do not forget that the most successful people in life always had their worst pitfalls. It was only the patience and the persistence practiced which kept them alive. Patience and persistence is to be practiced every moment for you have to reach your goal come whatever may! Never forget you have only one life to live!

Enjoy the beauty of the seas, mountains, the lovely Wayside Brooks and the beautiful nature. Do not wait for tomorrow. Live the present. You have to make it happen come whatever may. Go climb the mountains, explore the hidden frontiers of nature... always remember that you have nothing to lose in the bargain. Trust the Almighty God and always remember that you have only one life to live... so do it now!

Right from day one and until the last breath... always remember that we have only one life to live! If you need to spend time with your siblings... do it now. There may never be a tomorrow. Tell them all how much you love them from your heart. Make them feel the important person they are in your life. Do not slip for you have only one life to live. Whatever needs to be done has to be accomplished in the present life.

Life is meant to be lived... not passed by as most of us do. Take hold of your destiny and become the master of the fate. If you do not know the path... seek the guidance of an accomplished spiritual master. Study the autobiographies and the biographies of the famous and the successful people. The clues are always hidden in the so-called lighter moments of life. These people were really great for even the most trivial moments mattered for them.

Live a life of passion not greed. Reach the Mount Everest of your life. How happy Tenzing Norgay and Edmund Hillary would have been on reaching the top of the Mount Everest! It is a different matter altogether that Edmund Hillary felt remorse for now there was no other mountains higher than Mount Everest for him to climb.

In the earlier moments of life Bill Gates was a lonely person for he had only a caring mother to take care of all things that mattered to him. Even his school turned him out considering him a scholastic failure. He had an ambition... a chosen one... he fought for it and earned it... all the time guided by his mother. He succeeded in the end.

When I proceeded in search of God at the young age of 11 years... I had nowhere to go. None to guide in the whole world... it was a clear-cut uncharted territory I was to have traveled. I might have succeeded or even failed. It was only my determination, the patience and the persistence which paid in the end.

After 25 years of practicing spirituality absolutely alone all the time I had the vision of God. It was a meeting on one-to-one basis. I had succeeded and reached the end of my cosmic life. On earthly plane... most people consider me a failure... for I had reached the end of my cosmic life. I was much ahead of the present times... the people today are unable to fathom the depths of the wisdom I have gained.

Having gained self realization I have nowhere else to go. I shall within this life attain salvation moksha in Hinduism and liberate myself from cycle of birth and death forever. Glory be to God! What value if people On earthly plane do not recognize a truly God realized soul. I have achieved the purpose of my life.

It is my life and I am the master of it. I have live it on my own terms. For me success does not lie in the material riches and the wants. Indeed... I have learnt the true meaning of life... life as it was meant to be by God.

I finally summarize that you have only one life to live... make the most of it as long as you were healthy, fit and fine. Who knows what God has in store for you the next moment! back to one life to live

Essays By: Vijay Kumar "Atma Jnani"

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