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Male Masturbation: Article by Vijay Kumar... The Man who Realized God in 1993
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Male Masturbation Excessive indulgence steps to control the act

And we think we are the only one facing this predicament... the act of male masturbation. We fail to realize that even the best of human beings who reached the highest brackets of their life indulged in such activities like male masturbation which are very normal for an average human being.

What wrong has one done... has your indulgence in masturbation caused hurt to anyone... none probably! We feel guilty of masturbation because we keep on losing the vital ingredient of life... the precious semen which is required to be stored if we desire to achieve higher goals in life.

Read the Autobiography of Bertrand Russell - he was an expert in the act of Masturbation. He admitted all this in his autobiography... he was one of the famous psychologists of his time. He never felt guilty of what he had done. Yet, he overcame this fallacy of his life (male masturbation) by adapting a creative attitude towards life. He made himself world-famous.

You are an intelligent human being! What are you waiting for... just stop masturbating from now onwards and that is possible only when you recite some Mantra. And what is that mantra?

For a small moment of time imagine that if all the ladies in the world were your mother, sister or daughter... then also would it be possible for you to imagine yourself in sexual fantasies! Never... and if these sexual fantasies ceased to exist then the need to masturbate would not arise. We only masturbate to gratify and satisfy our sexual urges. And these sexual urges are related to the world of sexual fantasy we have built around us.

Think meeting Ladies on the way in everyday life... and irrespective of the age if you respect that Lady as your mother, sister or daughter... then your sexual urges would gradually decline. And the day would come when they would altogether cease to exist. And that day shall be the golden day of your life. You would have regained all your lost energies.

Don't forget, these sexual urges which spur male masturbation occur once in a month. And why is that so? Even if one does not indulge in sexual fantasies then also we shall feel the urge to masturbate very strongly at least once in a month. This is the moment wherein we have to maintain absolute control and make sure that no wrong thought related to ladies is permitted to enter our mind. This much exercise you have to do. God has blessed all with mother and sisters... think of their blessings and hard- working nature whenever you feel the urge. I promise it shall always go away...

The monthly dose of energy which God provides to every human being... be it a man or a Lady... is irrespective of whether we conserve it or waste it (by male masturbation). We get the monthly dose no matter what. The prime reason for the monthly dose is that God does not want the human being to feel that the grace of God is not available to mankind. However having given the dose God does not desire of all human beings to complete their cosmic journey early... had it been so there was no reason why God would have created a cosmic journey of 8.4 million manifestations altogether (a total earthly journey of 96.4 million years).

God gives us this energy for us to preserve it... and the ignorant enjoy masturbating and doing away with this most powerful energy of the cosmos. If we retain it since our childhood then it is possible that in a short period of time this particular child would develop so much energy that one would become a Buddha or a Mahavira in ones lifetime. Is it only practicing celibacy that the spiritual masters of the era were able to reach their goal? Yes, celibacy plays a very vital role in the field of spirituality.

You would have read of the instance of Sage Vishwamitra who fell from grace on seeing the sight of a beautiful Lady taking bath in most sensual circumstances in a forlorn place. And what was that... was it not God testing Sage Vishwamitra whether he would be able to preserve this energy or not... and he failed!

What happened with Acharya Rajneesh (nee Osho)... he experienced a moment in his lifetime that not even a single country in the whole of the world was willing to take him for he was being considered as a rot for the society... his practice of mixing sex with Yoga was beyond acceptance... in the domain of pure spirituality... sex has no place whatsoever. Acharya Rajneesh... his doctrine became a failure in the end... he got lost and fell from grace.

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If people of the stature of Sage Vishwamitra and Acharya Rajneesh can fall from grace... for a common man to practice masturbation and lose this vital energy is not uncommon. Those who learn this bitter lesson early in life... they achieve the goals in their life early. There is no point thinking of ladies all the time. When comes the time... we shall all get a suitable partner and the need to masturbate would end for ever.

Repeat the above mantra within you as you tend to go wrong... you shall always revert to the right path and refrain from male masturbation. Keep on reciting this mantra as many times as you can. You do not need to sit down in the Lotus posture to recite the mantra. It can be recited even while standing in the corner of the street or while at work... for reciting any kind of mantra no special requirements are ever there. God always desired that everything in the domain of God be available to every human being, rather every Jiva living being all the time... there are no special privileges in the kingdom of God. The King and the laborer all stand in the same queue in the kingdom of God.

May God bless us all!

Article By: Vijay Kumar "Atma Jnani"

Vijay Kumar... The Man who Realized God in 1993 explains the concept and meaning of Male Masturbation. For more details on male masturbation story visit - male masturbation.
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