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What is Meditation: Article by Vijay Kumar... The Man who Realized God in 1993
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What is Meditation

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What is Meditation

Understanding the definition of meditation yoga before indulgence in meditation not only leads to lesser tensions, better grasp of everything and less clutter in the brain... it removes all bars on the path of meditation yoga. Meditation is not what most human beings world over project it to be. Meditation is not sitting in a darkened room concentrating on the center of a dimly lit bulb.

Meditation is all about increasing our power of concentration to infinity. In practical terms this means... stoppage of all clutter in the brain... putting a stop to invocation of all types of thoughts that enter our brain incessantly. This becomes possible through the Shavasana pose of yoga... the dead pose!

Lying in the Shavasana pose of yoga... concentrating on our breathing process... the inhale and exhale which must be in 3 ~ 5 or 5 ~ 8 modes... one simply reaches the source of breathing. It is our soul atman residing within our heart that needs pure oxygen. By rhythmically controlling the inflow of outflow of breath... one experiences inner calm... a feeling of tranquility!

If our pose of meditation is right... the question of any itching does not arise! Shavasana pose of yoga demands highest level of sincerity and patience. One can practice it during night when going to sleep. The fan or air conditioner can definitely be turned on for comfort and to avoid any itching. Meditation never brings discomfort.

If we experience discomfort during meditation... it simply indicates our process of meditation is wrong! Meditation Yoga can be practiced any moment of time. I best practiced Shavasana pose of yoga during office hours... during lunch hour... during bed time! Meditation can be done anywhere and in any circumstances... no special preparation is necessitated!

Essay by: Vijay Kumar "Atma Jnani"

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