meeting swamiji a saint of the highest order

Meeting Swamiji a saint of the highest order: Essay by Vijay Kumar... The Man who Realized God in 1993
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Meeting Swamiji A saint of the highest order
(seeking the real essence of life)

Lost in the jungle, one broods! Is the Life we spend in the city ... the real Essence of Life? Is there anything beyond which we normal Human Beings are unable to see. What is the real meaning of Life ... Who shall explain it to us! My thinking ... Do all my friends think the same? What if they have different parameters of judging Life ... Who shall resort the disparities in thinking if it at all exists!!

How long can we continue wandering here and thither. It is almost 48 hours since we got lost. Yesterday was a lucky day for all of us that we found an abandoned hut in an isolated jungle! What of now! What if we take shelter in a cave only to meet the owner at night? It could even be a lion!!

Fear crept into our thinking but the seemingly large group gave vent to all fears. All of us together would be able to ward off any attack, so we all thought! Was there any other solution than being optimistic!

The more we traveled towards North, the more dense the forest (jungle) seemed to be. We had been told deep inside towards the North was an old temple of Shankar Parvati where the jungle folk came to pay respects to their Gods and Goddesses.

It was past 8 p.m when there was a shout from our Major friend. He had been able to sight a light not far away. What could it be, the temple! Or the dwelling of a hermit. It could also be a meeting place of dacoits. Varied thoughts kept floating into our minds.

Whatever it be, We shall face it together and all started towards the destined goal. Vow! a hermit living in the midst of jungle. A long bearded Sadhu whose look gave the comfort we all needed badly for the moment.

We wanted to Query the Sadhu ... Who had the courage to ask a question and be prudent! All we were looking forward to was a shelter for the night!

Swamiji gave a cursory look at all of us and went ahead to prepare for us what ever he could serve us as a meal. Help was all around. Some who were too tired ... gave way to sleep. Others, enjoyed the food ... a collection of roots and berries.

Next day woke us with a personal call from Swamiji. It was still 5.30 am but the rules of the hermitage were to be followed. We had to get ready and be in the puja hall by 7 a.m. After morning prayers, Swamiji sat amongst us and gave a cursory glance amongst us ... So you are sixteen in all!!

I knew! I had prepared myself for this!! As if jolted out of deep sleep we could not help but looking questionably at each other. What does Swamiji mean! Was it predestined that we all were to get lost and were to reach the Hermitage on a fixed day! How could that be possible. As far as my thinking goes such paranormal phenomenon were a creation of Occultists and we never thought there was any truth in that! How could we deny what Swamiji was saying. It had to be true! Let us hear what Swamiji had to say further ...

Swamiji started by telling us his part of the story - He was an Engineering Graduate from a famous University and having found the truth of Life was now living in the deep forests for he now found no difference between the busy and densely populated areas we called cities and the mighty jungles which gave shelter to almost all of the highly recognized Spiritual Saints of India.

We initially were thrilled to learn of Swamiji being a technocrat but when he continued further we started to realize that he was much far ahead of us ... At the very threshold of Life wherein one leaves the burden of Life for ever ... Never ever to be born again ... Liberation from the cycle of birth and death for ever!!!

We could not fathom his words. We though understand the outline of what he meant to say but the deeper meaning evaded us. Was it our destiny to give an ear to what Swamiji had to say! We were even more perplexed!!!

(to be contd.)

Essay by: Vijay Kumar "Atma Jnani"

Vijay Kumar... The Man who Realized God in 1993 on Meeting Swamiji A Saint of the highest order. For more details on seeking essence of life visit - meeting swamiji a saint of the highest order. Send your query - click here Ref. 970922

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