mind a universal phenomenon

Mind a Universal Phenomenon: Essay by Vijay Kumar... The Man who Realized God in 1993
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Mind a Universal phenomenon
(logic behind Mind Plus and Mind Minus explained)

Mind of all Humans is one

Mind of the Universe is one. Every individual only invokes the Mind and uses the thoughts and knowledge contained. No new thoughts are generated by any individual. Likewise, no thought becomes old due to passage of time. Thoughts of a local and temporary nature are not invoked by anyone once that Era passes but the thoughts of universal nature i.e. Knowledge contained in various scared texts of most religions can be invoked by Self Realized Souls at different times. Does it mean that, if all the sacred scriptures get destroyed, the messages contained in them can be invoked by any God realized soul and reproduced anytime! Yes, it is so.

What is a Mind? Mind is a "Universal Reservoir of knowledge and thoughts" ever present in Ether all over the Universe. Every thought is present in this reservoir since eternity. Universal Mind also has two compartments i.e. Mind plus and Mind minus. Depending upon our attitude we draw thoughts either from Mind plus i.e. positive thoughts or from Mind minus i.e. negative thoughts. The drawing of thoughts from this reservoir is done by our brain. Now, can we still say that a Human Being has a mind. No Human Being ever born on this Earth or in future ever shall have an individual mind. our soul atman the spirit within brain acts as an antennae for drawing thoughts from the Mind as per our will.

our soul atman the spirit within will power is exercised by our "Atman" within and which is further governed by the destiny of our past lives and the Karma of our present Life. The resultant Karma of past and present lives will affect our decision whether we invoke positive or negative thoughts. To be successful in Life, one must learn to invoke only positive thoughts. Once you learn to dwell in thoughts of positive nature, you are nearer to "God" than anybody else. Life in human form becomes a blessing. We want to live Life than ... Merely pass it. Sorrows which disturb us on our Earthly abode can altogether be avoided if we avoid invoking negative thoughts. No sorrows ... No pain.

Spiritual gains alone .. carried to next Life

People come and go, the "Atman" within casts aside old garments and exchanges them for a new ... Whence arises the question for weeping and wailing! One who weeps is far away from truth. We are merely a manifestation by the "Atman" and shall be cast aside when our use is over. "Atman" is immortal ... It invokes various garments on the basis of resultant Karma of that moment. our soul atman the spirit within Karma in present Life must be such that ... We carry the seeds of our good deeds to the next Life. All materialistic achievements in this World carry no weightage and only Spiritual heritage earned by us shall be carried to the next Life. "Atman" within wants liberation. Materialistic achievements by the physical body have no value for an "Atman". Spiritual upgrading of our mental capabilities alone is recognized in the realms of the Spiritual World of "Atman". Why not all of us all the time strive for Spiritualistic achievements.

The whole World is crazy for amassing wealth which everyone consciously knows ... Whence comes the time for leaving the Earthly abode everything shall be left behind. Still, the greed persists .. "We feel incapable of controlling ourselves". The control is within ... It is upon us to succumb to the lust or not. As we do not have an independent mind we cannot blame the mind, as is the case with most Human Beings. Why blame anyone or anything for our follies!

Respect the "Eternal Truth". God's grace shall be bestowed on us. Can we ever hope to liberate our "Atman" from further manifestations without the grace of the Lord! Remove the veil of short sightedness from your eyes. The truth is within. Perceive it and all will become clear to you.

Never again blame your mind for the wrongs committed by you. "Atman" within only supports you if you are willing to listen. Will power can be increased by invoking positive thoughts all the time. As your confidence over your self increases ... So shall your Will power.

Human Brain .. an antennae

Can thoughts floating in Ether be invoked by anybody! Yes, you can invoke all thoughts traveling on a particular wave length at a given moment of time. If four persons in different corners of the World invoke same wave length of thought at a given time .. Can they communicate between themselves through telepathy? Yes, provided their transmission power is developed to that capacity. For telepathic transmission broadcasting and receiving capability of brain must be adequately developed. You must have often observed that when two persons are invoking thoughts on the same wavelength .. they get connected. If they dwell in thoughts of similar nature friendship is imminent. Else, both feel antagonistic towards each other for no reason or rhyme.

Some times it also happens when invoking thoughts of similar nature, the stronger of the two probes the mental prowess of the other (i.e. his brain). Result ... The person with the lower intellect can feel that his mind is being probed by an outsider but as he has no remedy he keeps quiet. To avoid probing of our minds by highly developed ones .. We must ourselves rise above slavish animal indulgence and develop our intellect. Remember working of TV or a VCR. Any good program which is being broadcast can be stored in the memory of the VCR. Likewise thoughts we think would be of our future use can be stored in our memory i.e. in the memory cells in our brain. Other thoughts not considered important pass by .. And are forgotten as time passes.

To develop our memorizing power, we must develop our brain by use. Invoking positive thoughts all the time results in overall development of our brain system. Everyone Understands that the brain of a Human Being can never be duplicated by Human Beings for it is a computer built by "God" and is foolproof. One gift "God" has bestowed on all Human Beings is his brain. The more efficiently you use it ... Automatically it upgrades. Better the grasp, quick is the enfoldment and higher planes of mind can we probe.

We establish contact with "God" on the highest plane of mind. Meditation is nothing but trying to Spiritually elevate to higher and higher planes of "Mind" thus leading to establishment of contact with "God", the Creator.

Shruti .. a Universal system of communication

Can we invoke the words spoken by any Human Being ... One living in the present (now or never) or having lived in the past on this Earth! Yes, all words thought of or spoken by any sage, intellectual or a normal person can be invoked by anyone anytime. Does this confirm the system of Shruti as mentioned in our "Vedas" to be a "Universal principle of communication" established by the Creator. How wonderful it is that anyone can invoke any thought or word spoken 2500 or more years ago! But, as physical being has no entity in the Spiritual World and it is only "Atman" within that works hence, thoughts invoked by man Gods like Buddha, Mahavira and others are the Eternal thoughts and can be invoked by any developed brain and the message passed onto the general masses.

Interpretations of Eternal thoughts by different brains is made in different ways. Reason being ... Eternal thoughts if conveyed to public in the same condensed form as invoked by Sages with high intellect without any changes may not become clear to the public. Hence, further category of Sages with still lower intellect interpreted the true meaning and presented these words in a language understandable to the common masses. Thoughts are present in the Ether in all the languages of the World that have been used since the dawn of Civilization by Humans or other living beings. Does this mean we can invoke words in any language of the World! Does this also mean that no language ever dies! Yes, It is true.

The system of "Shruti" as stated in our scriptures thus is a "Universal system of communication" and with passage of Ages, the sacred messages are still available to all who can invoke these messages contained in Vedas, Upanishads and other sacred texts. Can we invoke the mighty power of man Gods such as "Mahavira", "Buddha" etc. ... A cluster of Pure ethereal energy! Yes, by anyone and any where. You can also talk to these cosmic energies. You can receive their blessings even after a lapse of 2500 years ... Anytime.

Maya .. the doer of all evil

Never hate a Human Being. Hate the "Maya" which has cast a veil of Ignorance over the eyes of all Human Beings. Remove this veil and every Human Being, more particularly most Indians would be found to be a true replica of "God Almighty". We Indians are born on a sacred soil .. All the Cosmic giants like Mahavira, Buddha and numerous Saints have liberated from this soil. our soul atman the spirit within soil is inherently rich with the blessings of these liberated Souls. We are Spiritual Masters of the World. We Indians are humble in our Spiritual dealings. We have Faith in the Lord to the extreme. For us even a lay stone or a tree is sacred. We worship Mother cow ... All rivers and Mountains are sacred to us.

The veil of "Maya" has distorted our living. We see what we want to see... not what was destined. What we see is perceived as truth. Real truth becomes inherent and with passage of time ... Is given a secondary importance. We are an "Atman" is a primary truth. The physical body manifested by the "Atman" is the secondary truth. We may neglect the primary truth but what is primary remains primary. You see the stars in the night. In day time, you do not see them. In fact they are where they are all the time. If the effect of daylight prevails on us all the time, then we shall slowly forget that stars were there. We would perceive the daylight as the only truth.

"O" Indians, perceive the truth ... Remove the veil. All the World looks forward to you. Each one of you has to act on his own ... None other can remove the veil than yourself. May be once but see beyond the veil ... You shall remain stupefied for ever. Once the Eternal truth is clear to you ... You will never again let the "veil of Ignorance" capture your senses. The power of "God" cannot be quantified. Once you lift the veil and see "God" for yourself, the powers of "God" in miniature form which are always inherent in you as your "Atman" are now available to you for .. You have realized "self". These powers were always there to be used by you intelligently since the dawn of civilization but you never introspected earlier.

Indians .. the Spiritual Masters of the World

"O" Indian, Do not sleep further. Awake to the occasion. You are the born leader of the masses ... Do not deprive the masses of their legitimate right to your guiding them. You have been the World leader in the past and shall continue to do so. So is the desire of the "God". After a cycle of 2500 years, the time has now come again for you to show the "Spiritual light" to the World. mankind today is engrossed in trivialities of the lowest order. It is difficult to differentiate between Human Beings and animals. Unless you act fast, mankind is doomed to be destroyed by the "Creator" for .. We have failed to uphold the order set by the "God".

Can we ever imagine "God" creating a Human Being as his replica only to fight on petty matters and annihilate itself. We have ourselves killed the values of the society. We all are collectively to blame. How can an individual be blamed for the chaos created by the whole Humanity? If anyone is a leader, he represents the masses. We have elected him to the post. If his actions are wrong we are to blame, not he for ... We have elected him to the post.

In this justly ordered Universe can we pass on the buck to others. The "Eternal Truth" remains the same since eternity. We may divert from the path but the path is always there. We may blame "God" for deeds committed by us, but the "God" is inherent in every living being. Can its presence ever by nullified? "God" shall always remain "God". We may superficially show respect but what of within!

Forgive all .. Receive God's grace

The stronger are trying to eat away the weaker ones. Might is the order of the day. How can we ever forget the mightiest of all, the doer and caretaker of all, the poor and the unfortunate one. We must learn to live patiently. Whenever we commit a mistake or a blunder, we pray to god to Forgive us and it Forgives. But, what of you ... You are mad to use and show your power. You want to annihilate those who come in your path!

You even disregard the advice of your Elders .. The experienced ones, many times more intelligent than us. You forget, you shall also be old one day and the same fate shall befall all of us. What then? Do not wait for the last breath! The wrath of the "God" shall be with vengeance. "God" created us to live as brothers and sisters and we are here, bent upon to outrage the modesty of our sisters.

Woe to Humans who fail to understand themselves. What a pity. We boast of understanding others but we do not see the divinity inherent in all. Be noble. Understand thyself. Humanity is on the threshold of being annihilated. A few years more and lo .. You would never get a second chance. Rise and perceive the truth .. Before it is too late.

God created the veil of Maya ... So that every Human Being has to struggle to proceed ahead on its Earthly journey. He has to do his Karma and also not to worry of the fruits. Journey to the kingdom of God though arduous is full of Bliss. In the present "Kali Yuga" of today, none wants to work, unless the reward is committed in advance. So is not the system of God. Man made systems will crumble in a short time. Those who abide by the system of "God" only shall reap the fruit. Time is ripe for a "New Mahabharata" but this time it will be a battle fought not in the fields but in the air. The air of today smells of the war. You only have to gear up your senses to the correct wave length .. To see the vision from within.

You who have eyes do not see beyond the veil of Maya. What of your cosmic eyes. Penetrate the veil with your intelligence. Perceive the truth. You as a Human Being are only carrying out Karma for your "Atman" within. You are only being used as a vehicle for your "Atman". Why act in Ignorance for the loss is yours ... Others have nothing to loose. Give a fillip to your Life ... Love all as your own. Become a true soldier of "God". See "God" in others .. You will never hate anyone.

Present is the future of the past

Never fear for your bread and butter. The Almighty who has made you will take care of that. Never worry for your shelter. Think above the ordinary. Godly thinking comes of God's grace. Earn the grace of "God" by doing good to all. In serving others you serve him. Do not look back. "Present is the future of the past". If your past is good ... present shall be bright and so shall be your future.

Confusion is not the order of the day. God illuminates within us. Keep the light of intelligence burning within us ... The veil of ignorance will slowly melt away. However dark the future may seem ... The light of truth will dispel the darkness for ever. Pray to the Almighty to be of help to those who are under privileged. Help these ignorant people for .. They suffer for sins committed in the preceding Life. Do we want to laden our future with the sins we may commit today!

Innumerable living beings! Species unheard of or seen! Still we alone were given the privilege of being born a Human Being. Why? Because we have within us the divinity of the good deeds done by us in the past lives. Why spoil the future then. our soul atman the spirit within Cosmic goal is to liberate the "Atman" within. The Eternal reservoir of thoughts is available to guide us in this cosmic journey. Must we not behave more intelligently than fighting amongst ourselves.

A single attack on our Mother Earth by an alien form will make all the Countries of the World unite together, barring any exception. Why not unite now! What importance is of our Ego, the "I" within. Perceive the divinity ... You are an "Atman", an immortal being. The "I" as ego is a false notion. The Human cast which shall die and wither out in 70 to 80 years cannot have an ego. This is a trick played by "Maya" upon us. Try and understand .. You are rich with divinity within.

You are never late for good deeds

You have been tormented for centuries. You have slept for centuries but the time has now come to open your cosmic eyes which only can perceive the truth. You, an individual can create wonders. Abandon the untruthful path of Ego ... It deviates you from your reaching the goal early. Cosmic goal of all beings is fixed since you were first released by "God" i.e. obtain Moksha!

Do you know how many lives you have lived till now?

What various forms you had manifested in various lives?

How much is your Spiritual standing compared to your colleagues?

Where do you stand in your cosmic rating as on date?

How many more lives you are going to manifest?

Who you are? (not as a physical being but as a cosmic Jiva)

Who is he i.e. "God"?

Until you have answers to the above questions your intelligence is not fully developed. You do not understand from within. He is always with you but still you do not understand him. What a pity? Do not miss all that is to be enjoyed by you.

How many mountains have you climbed?

How many rivers explored?

How many animals and birds have you spotted in the wilderness on a safari?

You have seen till date what you wanted to see and not what you were supposed to see. Open up from within. Embrace him. He shall guide you in your cosmic journey. Do not fear anything. The Goal of all is fixed. Fear is a man made word. The "inherent being" i.e. your "Atman within" has nothing to fear but as your body is the temple of it hence, you have to protect your body. Why leave this body to start journey all over again!

Subconscious Mind Power: Do you believe in the power of mind control!

Be rich in understanding

Pity the rich ... Rich in wealth but poor in understanding. Embrace the poor ... Poor in wealth but rich in understanding. You will see him in everyone. Have you ever tried to help a poor not out of curiosity or vanity but due to your true love for him. Help one .. Receive one blessing. Help two .. Receive two blessings. What shall be your gain if you inherit the Spiritual blessings of the whole mankind. You will truly become a "man God", complete your cosmic journey and ultimately liberate, never to manifest again. Lord Buddha, Mahavira, Jesus Christ, Mohammed inherited the blessings of the masses in return for their selfless service of mankind.

For him all are equal ... All are his children but his grace varies. One who loves him and tries to reach him intelligently comes closer to him. Others who on the surface tend to be a devotee and are cunning inside .. incur the wrath of "God" and do not attain Self Realization in this Life. Figure it out for yourself? Who shall complete the journey first .. A devotee with inherent cunningness or a devotee who partakes his foods with a beggar in the name of the Lord.

All sky scrapers, modes of transport have been built by him as a mode of comfortable living. But, a man with a blind vision, blind not physically but Spiritually ... Makes it his goal of Life. For a common man, the means have become an End.

The vast powers of the mind are waiting to be scanned by you. Take the lead. Take your first step forward .. Scan yourself from within. You shall become the master one day.

Essay by: Vijay Kumar "Atma Jnani"

Vijay Kumar... The Man who Realized God in 1993 on Mind A Universal phenomenon. For more details on gaining control of mind visit - mind a universal phenomenon.Send your query - click here Ref. 940407

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