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End of the World

2012 judgement year

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(Nostradamus Predictions Present and Future)

Nostradamus Quatrains Century 1 Quatrain 53 interpretation

Nostradamus quatrains: nostradamus quatrain Century 1 Quatrain 53 clearly depicts the rise of Hinduism in the coming years. The materialistic riches... gold and silver will lose its shine and the coming age "the new golden era" would announce spirituality regaining a strong foothold in the times to come.

What of the intangible riches with which every human being has been richly imbibed with? Have we totally forgotten our true real worth? Shall we not ever truly realize our status as a human being?

Nostradamus the seer could visualize about 450 years before, the rise of a nation having spirituality as its main base. India... the spiritual centre of the world does not need an introduction. It has seen a great upheaval in the past about 850 years.

Initially dominated by Islamic rulers who repeatedly invaded India for about 600 years and the last 200 years of rule by the British almost destroyed and subdued the Hindu culture! Nostradamus could see it forthright that around 2012... Hinduism would again establish itself as foremost of all the world religions.

(Even though Nostradamus Century 1 Quatrain 53 does not directly point towards the year 2012... the happenings as indicated in the four lines of the Nostradamus quatrain Century 1 Quatrain 53 indicate towards the present day scenario)

A great nation solely troubled depicts the fate of United States of America. With passage of time USA which has usurped the status of the watchdog of Mother Earth shall face the fury of the Islamic onslaught. Unilateral occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq, threatening attitude towards Iran will make United States of America bite the dust.

The holy country Iran... which may or may not use nuclear energy for peaceful purposes... can it ever be dictated upon by anyone other than their holy masters... the prophets who from time to time have guided the holy people of Iran. Time has come when we see the stronger exerting its might upon the meek using unfair and unethical means.

What shall be the result of this? A holy war between the stronger and the meek... A full scale nuclear World War Three between United States of America and Iran! USA supported by its allies... the Europe and countries having Christianity as its base on one side and Iran and all the Middle East countries including Pakistan giving it a tough fight.

The law of Islamic Dharma... the religious tenets put to challenge... the Islamic fundamentalists decides to hit back at USA and its allies. The law of the land... the practice of passing fatwa's at the first opportunity is put to acid test. The USA and its allies unwilling to accept fatwa's any further retaliate with full fury.

The resultant fight between the two would escalate into a full-fledged nuclear World War Three between Christianity and Islamic Dharma. And the winner would be the silent spectators. China and India both having population above 1000 million people each would watch the cat and dog fight between Christianity and Islam.

The end of the world war 3 would see the materialistic tendencies within human beings fading into the past as if they never existed. This shall give rise to the spiritual spark that exists within every human being as its soul atman. Ignited to its extreme... the humanity would find a new meaning... the intangible riches gain a foothold!

Gold and silver having lost its shine... the feeling of brotherhood that existed since times immemorial shall revive the bond of love amongst human beings and also all other forms of life. A new meaning of life would emerge. In the post World War Three scenarios... the human life would carry utmost significance.

This lost love between human beings is much more precious than gold and silver. Spirituality world-wide would now be freely practiced. The materialistic wants and riches losing their shine... the rituals would lose their value forever.

It is not merely going to the temple, church or a mosque that leads us towards spiritual freedom... the truth lies in freely accepting the spiritual laws of nature. These laws were prevalent ever since mankind gained its footing but their implementation was not in vogue.

The fundamental nature of Christianity and Islamic Dharma having come to a naught... it is almost the end of practicing Christianity and Islamic Dharma after the World War Three. Now it is only the practice of spirituality all over which shall imbibe the lost values amongst human beings. back to nostradamus quatrain century 1 quatrain 53

Nostradamus Quatrains Century 2 Quatrain 46 interpretation

Nostradamus quatrains: nostradamus quatrain century 2 quatrain 46 confirms the coming of a messiah who shall re-establish the lost human values and make the society living worthy. After great trouble for humanity... yes, it is almost after a period of 3600 years that one shall witness the coming of an Avatar (God Almighty manifest in human form).

We may believe it or not but the mankind today awaits the coming of this messiah... Avatar of the coming Yuga, the sat yuga (golden age). Ever since Lord Krishna the Avatar of the earlier era came about 3600 years ago... the society has seen great upheavals.

No relief in sight... it seems the present chaos is out of bounds for a human being to rectify. In such circumstances nostradamus quatrain century 2 quatrain 46 points towards the greater one... the chosen one who shall manifest a human form and guide the humanity out of the present chaos.

The present phase of the yuga has become unlivable. The basic fabric of the society having broken down... it is lawlessness and forcible dominance all over. Take the case of any country, society or a caste. The situation is the same all over. No part of the world is devoid of the present situation of unrest.

The will to live... the increase in the prayers somehow make the whole cosmic system vibrate. This makes one human being taking the lead. Every Avatar... the definition of Avatar is not that God Almighty himself manifests... a normal human being amongst us simply takes the reins and because of his godlike activities... people simply term him as an Avatar.

This is how every new yuga operates. The start of the new yuga announces the coming of an Avatar of the era. It happened 3600 years before when Lord Krishna, an Avatar of the era descended on Mother Earth and now people wait with abated breath the coming of Bhagavan Kalki, the Avatar of the present era.

The coming of an Avatar... the coming of Bhagavan Kalki is the result of the Great sufferings the society has suffered in the recent past. It is the end of the sufferings... the precipitation of the sufferings which shall be effected by Bhagavan Kalki. This can only happen with a catastrophic end... a nuclear world war which shall annihilate those who have bad karmas accumulated in the balance sheet of their life.

It is only then the society will cleanse itself of all the rot. After the end of the World War Three... it shall be a restart for the developed society as we see it today. It was rightly envisaged by Albert Einstein that the fourth war would be fought with stones and uprooted trees.

After the end of the World War Three... we shall find all traces of the developed society as we see today completely vanished. The society will have to grow back from the basic roots. This happens in every yuga. This is the only means for the cosmic system to carry on. There is no other way out for the materialistically oriented human being to see reason.

As termed by nostradamus in nostradamus quatrain century 2 quatrain 46 the Great mover... Bhagavan Kalki as we shall call him shall renew and uplift the society to its basic values. This is not a simple task. To bring about a catastrophic change in the society... it shall be the end of about 1200 million lives in the coming World War Three.

What is the prime difference between the present situation and the time after the advent of Bhagavan Kalki. Everything remains the same from the cosmic point of view. It is as of present about 90% of the people indulge in activities which do not conform to the standards of a civilised society. After the advent of Bhagavan Kalki... the position will simply reverse.

In a sat yuga (the golden age) we shall find less than 10% of the entire population indulging in nefarious activities. The wanton desires, the attraction towards materialistic riches will almost zero down. Having subdued our animal instinct... human beings would look forward to a new meaning of life! This is what Bhagavan Kalki shall make it possible for us.

To bring about such a drastic change in the society is not possible even for man gods like Mahavira, Gautama Buddha, Jesus Christ and Prophet Mohammed. Bhagavan Kalki... an Avatar of the era apart from being a spiritualist of the highest order is also a born Chanakya... one who shall be able to deliver the present society of all the ills by his straightforward talks and dealings.

A diplomat of the highest order... a logistical thinker... a true representative of God Almighty on Mother Earth... Bhagavan Kalki... the 10th incarnation of Lord Vishnu brings about the changes by removing the veil of ignorance which tightly binds the human beings of today!

Unable to see beyond the limitations of senses and the mind... Bhagavan Kalki would make mankind see beyond the ephemeral.

Nostradamus quatrain century 2 quatrain 46 confirms that atmospheric deterioration mankind shall face during the end times of the present yuga would simply be unbearable. Still mankind has to survive. Heavy rains... unprecedented downpours, massive floodings, waves to the tune of 1000 feet in the seas would make life go haywire.

Nostradamus quatrain century 2 quatrain 46 also confirms that blood and milk will spill all over. It shall not be a period of respite for the mankind. Both... one who has indulged in nefarious activities and the pious one... all shall suffer! The pious will have to pay a price for the deeds committed by the indulgent.

Every new yuga demands sacrifice from the pious. Many amongst us who are absolutely pure in nature will lay down their lives for the sake of society. Only then a great awakening amongst the masses is possible.

World War Three and the aftermath shall see people fighting for milk... an essential ingredient for the young. It is only when the precious blood of mankind shall spill all over the streets... the mankind shall realise its folly.

Nothing to eat... no pure air to breathe and water to drink... the clamour of steel and plague would take over. Snatching of morsels would become a routine feature. Might is right would be the order of the day. The steel would rule. The meek would perish. Scattered dead bodies and animals taking to the streets would result in plagues which mankind could never have imagined.

To top it all... the World War Three would witness the use of lethal laser rays being fired from satellites in the skies. It would almost be like witnessing a streak of fire striking from the heavens. Every hidden form of weapon developed by most civilised countries would be used in the coming World War Three.

World War Three would be a free for all no holds barred war in which every country existing on Mother Earth would participate willingly or unwillingly. It shall be a fight to the finish. It shall be the survival of the fittest. The theory of mass karma... the doctrine of karma would dominate!

As is the balance of karma... so shall be our future! If the balance of karma is positive in nature... all the more possibility that we shall survive. Those with a negative balance of karma shall perish in the World War Three.

Why not all of us penetrate the veil of ignorance and see the light of the day. As long as the animal within us continues baring its fangs... the mankind would not find reprieve! It simply is unbelievable that most human beings today stoop much below the level of animal species. back to nostradamus quatrain century 2 quatrain 46

Nostradamus Quatrains Century 2 Quatrain 89 interpretation

Nostradamus quatrains: nostradamus quatrain Century 2 Quatrain 89 clearly establishes the supremacy of India after World War Three. This Nostradamus quatrain refers to the two great masters. And who are these two great masters? USA and UK, USA and Israel or any two other countries!

Bible prophecy clearly indicates the end of Christianity after 2000. Similarly, the holy book Quran indicates the end of Islamic Dharma after the year 2000. Nostradamus predictions also confirm that the third and the last nuclear war of this era would be fought between followers of Christianity and Islamic Dharma.

Nostradamus predicted the start of World War Three in 1999. Any happening... any event that occurs in the world is a direct result of the resultant karma of the entire population of the world... the 6000 million plus human beings live on Mother Earth. If the prayers increase then any untoward happening also gets postponed.

Exactly this happened in the case of World War Three. The escalation of tensions in the Middle East region during the occupation of Kuwait by Iraq and finally the forcible occupation of Iraq by USA and its allies could have led to World War Three situations but that did not happen.

The happening merely got postponed as the world did not want it to happen. But for how long! The postponement cannot be indefinite. As per the present scenario... World War Three is likely to occur between 2010 and 2012. The start of the World War Three would purely depend upon breaking down of relations between USA and Iran.

In 1993 when I realized god, I could foresee the start of World War Three with Iran being the triggering point. The messiah of the Islamic countries... the sole representative of the Muslim world... Pakistan... the spoilt child of United States of America is the master mind behind all activities.

As long as FBI and CIA keep the veil of ignorance tied tightly to their physical manifestations... Pakistan will continue to gloat in its terrorist activities worldwide. The moment United States of America realizes that it has just become a pawn in the hands of its spoilt child Pakistan... its patience and perseverance (which USA normally neither possesses nor practices) will finally give way.

Iran finally would lead the world towards World War Three. This is my final dictum. The people of Saudi Arabia can be suppressed. The people of Japan can be suppressed. The people of Canada can be suppressed. The people of Iraq can be suppressed. The people of Kuwait can be suppressed. But Iran never!

What did all this lead to! Japan is no more a recognizable world economic power. It has been milked dry by USA in the name of providing military protection. Similar is the case with Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. With Canada USA practices a different equation. But Canada has also learnt the bitter lesson.

Any country surrendering its sovereignty to USA in the name of military support has suffered. History proves this. USA with false promises caused the downfall of USSR. What a pity! The people of USSR could not foresee such an event even though their wonderful president Mikhail Gorbachev tried his best in the name of perestroika.

On the contrary Iranians believe in giving a fight to the finish. They were never born coward. They do have fanatic tendencies when they decide to pass fatwas in the name of religion. This is the only point where they are grossly mistaken. But this is not as big a cause to be attacked by USA and its allies. If USA has closed its eyes towards the terrorist activities being carried out by Pakistan in the name Jihad it is their problem. No country of the world has got anything to do with it.

USA the so-called superpower number one has messed up the whole thing by brazenly supporting Pakistan for above two decades knowing well that such activities may backfire. It is simply unbelievable!

The population of Pakistan is more than USA. The population of India is almost three times that of USA. India has for a very long period of time practiced patience and perseverance. It is beyond doubt the spiritual centre of the world. But at no point of time USA did India right.

USA was always afraid of India getting ahead of it. By pestering Pakistan who has been promoting terrorist activities in the name of jihad, USA has not indirectly but directly supported terrorism world-wide. USA in fact is the creator of world terrorism at large. Rightfully it has no right to dictate anything either to Iran or Iraq.

We must never preach anything what we ourselves do not follow. But the superpower number one of the world has been doing it all the time. Perhaps as foreseen by Nostradamus... the time has not come for USA to face the fury of the Muslim world.

Time is right for World War Three to happen. As long as USA and Iran pull through diplomatically... the World War Three would be delayed. The moment everything fails... all would be over! It shall practically be the end of this era. All the developments of science we see today would bite the dust. The nuclear World War Three would destroy the basic fabric of Mother Earth. It would be a total calamity unto itself.

USA and its allied countries... the whole of Europe, Canada etc. would face the onslaught of total Muslim countries of the world. And what remains after the end of the World War Three is what was predicted by Nostradamus in Nostradamus quatrain Century 2 Quatrain 89.

India and China would be indirectly involved in the World War Three. India being the largest democracy of the world would become superpower number one after the end of the World War Three. China would become number two. This is not merely a prediction or assessment by one who was born on Indian soil.

I have reached the end of my cosmic life... the 8.4 millionth manifestation! I have nowhere else to go but to retire permanently from the cycle of birth and death. Having realized self... I have but to join the kingdom of God the moment I decide to leave the present abode.

I had retained my body for the prime purpose of passing on the gems of wisdom to those who are competent enough to gather them. Sri Ramakrishna Paramhansa got Swami Vivekananda in his lifetime. I shall also get one. Whatever has been contemplated by Nostradamus will come true.

Amongst the two great masters... one is India with about 1000 million population and another Pakistan with about 400 million population. Pakistan being the head of the Muslim federation... it is no doubt the great master of the Islamic world.

After the end of World War Three... India would gain in status even geographically. Pakistan having been roasted alive by USA in World War Three... it will just be a matter of do and die. In the aftermath of World War Three the world would see Pakistan aligning itself with the parent body from which it had separated in 1947.

The aftermath of World War Three would see India gaining in population above 1500 million people. How? Pakistan, Afghanistan, part of Indian Territory which was annexed by Chinese during the Tibetan occupation, Bhutan, Nepal, Myanmar, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka etc. would all become different states of India.

It is not that India would ask these countries to join but these countries owing to the respect these countries would have for India would come under the protection of India. India does not belong to one community or religion. It belongs to its inhabitants. Every state of India has a different culture to follow... there has never been any disparity between the two states.

The patience and perseverance practiced by India will make all the smaller countries join India. India will gain superpower number one status beyond 2014. It is this phenomenon which is despised by USA. One can practice tyranny but not for long! The British had to bite the dust. And now it is the turn of USA. God Almighty has never supported dictatorship.

India after the end of World War Three will see a new peak in its relationship with all the countries of the world. Geographically also... Mount Everest the highest peak of the world would become a part of India. Spiritually India would be at its best. India would regain its lost glory.

To the bloody one the number recounted in Nostradamus quatrain Century 2 Quatrain 89 signifies that before merging with India Pakistan will have to do its recounting. As much as 20~30 per cent of the Pakistan population wiped out in the world war... a fresh census would become necessary for the one who has seen great turmoil in world war 3.

Glory is to this region of the world wherein lie India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Nepal, Bhutan, Burma, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. All these regions of the world have one message to convey to the world and that is a word of friendship and peace. Spirituality thereafter will follow-through. back to nostradamus quatrain century 2 quatrain 89

Nostradamus Quatrains Century 8 Quatrain 77 interpretation

Nostradamus quatrains: Nostradamus quatrain Century 8 Quatrain 77 admits that there exists an antichrist. In the system of God if all is okay with a particular religion then why should that religion suffer? There must be something wrong with Christianity for an antichrist to come and ruin the party.

In Jainism... no one finds fault with Mahavira (the 24th Tirthankara of Jainism)... there is no anti-Mahavira who is expected. Similarly, Gautama Buddha was always right and we do not either expect an anti-Buddha. Why this feeling of antichrist existing within the Christian community. Is it for the simple reason that Christianity harbors views which are in contradiction to the established norms of God Almighty? A price has to be paid for deeds wrongly done!

Has Vatican done something that may lead the whole Christian community towards total chaos? Yes! The fanatical tendencies that exist within Christianity will lead Christianity towards total doom. Christianity in the following years will reach a point of no return. This fact has been confirmed by Nostradamus in his predictions and in particular Nostradamus quatrain Century 8 Quatrain 77.

Christianity believes and advocates Jesus Christ as the only son of God. Christians do not believe that gods of other religions are above Jesus Christ. Such a dogma... such obscure practices makes Christians deviate from the right spiritual path. How many times we attend the church is immaterial unless we learn to respect other religions.

Disbelieving in god of other religions makes Christians shortsighted. A few years before the following news made headlines, "John Pope Paul had hired some of the best astronomers of the world to locate God through telescopes". Can there be any person as shortsighted as John Pope Paul.

If the head of the Vatican believes that God can be visualized by telescopes... then God help Christians! Such shortsightedness totally absent in Hinduism and other religions which practice patience and perseverance... what of their future!

Bhagavad Gita, the doctrine put forward by Lord Krishna in Mahabharata clearly spells that God Almighty is Nirakaar in form (without a form). It is pure energy like our soul atman present within us. If the total Christian community has such a religious head as John Pope Paul... why blame Pope alone for the total Christian community has elected him to the post.

It is but evident that the end of Christianity is near. It is not merely the predictions of Nostradamus that say so... it is the prevalent Christian practices which shall be the cause of doom of Christianity. As there is light... we also have darkness. This does not mean that every Christ must have an antichrist. In the spiritual domain such a happening is very rare.

Every enlightened person does not have a negative aspect of life. It is not the teachings of Jesus Christ that are wrong. It is the implementation of the teachings of Jesus Christ which is at fault. The Sacred teachings of Jesus Christ have been vitiated by those in power having vested interests. The Vatican and the religious heads fear putting the truth in front of the masses.

To keep the masses attracted... these religious heads disseminate wrong wisdom to the masses. Now it is upon the masses to correct these wrong disseminators of knowledge else false propaganda would make the whole teachings of Christianity a farce.

This wrong dissemination of knowledge has continued for many centuries. Now the time has come to face the antichrist. The antichrist is not one who is against the teachings of Jesus Christ but antichrist is one who is definitely against those who disseminate wrong seeds of wisdom to the masses and that too in the name of Jesus Christ.

The antichrist is awaited by the Christian community! Why? Have they done something wrong so that they await coming of an antichrist. Yes! The fanatical tendencies of the preachers of Christianity have indulged in wrong doings. To correct these wrong doings all await the coming of antichrist... one who delivers the Christians from the ills of pursuing the wrong spiritual goal of life.

Truly speaking... there is no such thing as antichrist. The inherent fear in every Christian gives birth to the concept of antichrist. Having done wrong to the society for continually long periods of time... the people of USA now fear an antichrist to come and destroy their culture.

The seeds of wrong doings were sown by people of USA long back. Now it is inevitable that they shall face the fury of their negative tendencies. Many call George Bush as antichrist. How can that be... he is an elected representative of the people of USA? If George Bush is at fault... the combined community of USA is collectively at fault.

If Osama bin laden is considered as antichrist... he also is a product of CIA. Why fear your own creation? USA has miserably failed to prove to the world that its attack on Iraq and subsequent occupation was correct and legitimate. Then why fear attack from Osama bin laden that may be an antichrist in making!

The repressive attitude of Americans is at fault. In the name of providing aid to the poor and developing countries... it has totally milked them dry. If all those who have suffered at the hands of USA collectively attack USA... then who is at fault? The attacker or the repressors!

The fear from the antichrist is totally unfounded. The people of USA must think and act clearly. They have to be logistical in their thinking and if they desire to continue to be superpower number one... it has to act responsibly. Gone are the days when people could be fooled for long.

The whole world is tilting towards spiritual knowledge. Lord Krishna came from India. So did Mahavira and Gautama Buddha. Jesus Christ gained his wisdom from Nalanda and Taxila universities which existed in India. Prophet Mohammed also belonged to a region in Persia which was once a part of India.

The neglect of India... the largest democracy of the world by USA indicates USA fears the might of India. In the present circumstances if the combined opponents of USA attack USA... India will just wait and watch. There is nothing much India can do about it.

Nostradamus Quatrain Century 8 Quatrain 77 predicts the fall of USA, its main ally Europe and Israel. The war is expected to last 27 months which means two years and three months. Nostradamus wrote indirectly to escape persecution at the hands of the King. The World War Three is expected to last about 27 months.

The collapse of United States of America in World War Three is not ruled out. In the face of a nuclear attack... probably USA will succumb to the injuries. The combined might of the Muslim world cannot simply be neglected. The mastermind of the Muslim world would finally be called as antichrist... one whose directives result in annihilation of USA and its allies.

The doctrine of mass karma confirms this. As has the whole country performed... so shall be their future. Because of the repressive policies of USA in the past few decades... the coming of antichrist as predicted by Nostradamus in Century 8 Quatrain 77 cannot be ruled out.

Nostradamus Quatrain Century 8 Quatrain 77 further predicts that overconfidence in their might would cause the fall of USA in the fight against antichrist. Unable to believe USA can be overtaken by one less powerful... the whole system has been put in jeopardy!

Nostradamus Quatrain Century 8 Quatrain 77 further contemplates death all over mother earth. Piles and piles of dead bodies amongst contaminated air and water... it would be difficult to survive! Such a ghastly scene has been predicted in Nostradamus Quatrain Century 8 Quatrain 77 that the reflection caused during the rain and hail would appear reddish because of blood all around.

The World War Three is the period of reckoning. The aftermath of World War Three would witness a spiritual upheaval. Nostradamus in his Quatrains predicts the start of golden era beyond World War Three. back to nostradamus quatrain century 8 quatrain 77

Essays By: Vijay Kumar "Atma Jnani"

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