Nostradamus Quatrain century 1 quatrain 53

Nostradamus Quatrain century 1 quatrain 53: Meaning explained by Vijay Kumar... The Man who Realized God in 1993
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End of the World

2012 judgement year

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Nostradamus Quatrains Century 1 Quatrain 53 interpretation
(Nostradamus Predictions Present and Future)

Alas, how we will see a great nation sorely troubled
and the holy law in utter ruin.
Christianity (governed) throughout by other laws,
when a new source of gold and silver is discovered.

Nostradamus quatrains: nostradamus quatrain Century 1 Quatrain 53 clearly depicts the rise of Hinduism in the coming years. The materialistic riches... gold and silver will lose its shine and the coming age "the new golden era" would announce spirituality regaining a strong foothold in the times to come.

What of the intangible riches with which every human being has been richly imbibed with? Have we totally forgotten our true real worth? Shall we not ever truly realize our status as a human being?

Nostradamus the seer could visualize about 450 years before, the rise of a nation having spirituality as its main base. India... the spiritual centre of the world does not need an introduction. It has seen a great upheaval in the past about 850 years.

Initially dominated by Islamic rulers who repeatedly invaded India for about 600 years and the last 200 years of rule by the British almost destroyed and subdued the Hindu culture! Nostradamus could see it forthright that around 2012... Hinduism would again establish itself as foremost of all the world religions.

(Even though Nostradamus Century 1 Quatrain 53 does not directly point towards the year 2012... the happenings as indicated in the four lines of the Nostradamus quatrain Century 1 Quatrain 53 indicate towards the present day scenario)

A great nation solely troubled depicts the fate of United States of America. With passage of time USA which has usurped the status of the watchdog of Mother Earth shall face the fury of the Islamic onslaught. Unilateral occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq, threatening attitude towards Iran will make United States of America bite the dust.

The holy country Iran... which may or may not use nuclear energy for peaceful purposes... can it ever be dictated upon by anyone other than their holy masters... the prophets who from time to time have guided the holy people of Iran. Time has come when we see the stronger exerting its might upon the meek using unfair and unethical means.

What shall be the result of this? A holy war between the stronger and the meek... A full scale nuclear World War Three between United States of America and Iran! USA supported by its allies... the Europe and countries having Christianity as its base on one side and Iran and all the Middle East countries including Pakistan giving it a tough fight.

The law of Islamic Dharma... the religious tenets put to challenge... the Islamic fundamentalists decides to hit back at USA and its allies. The law of the land... the practice of passing fatwa's at the first opportunity is put to acid test. The USA and its allies unwilling to accept fatwa's any further retaliate with full fury.

The resultant fight between the two would escalate into a full-fledged nuclear World War Three between Christianity and Islamic Dharma. And the winner would be the silent spectators. China and India both having population above 1000 million people each would watch the cat and dog fight between Christianity and Islam.

The end of the World War 3 would see the materialistic tendencies within human beings fading into the past as if they never existed. This shall give rise to the spiritual spark that exists within every human being as its soul atman. Ignited to its extreme... the humanity would find a new meaning... the intangible riches gain a foothold!

Gold and silver having lost its shine... the feeling of brotherhood that existed since times immemorial shall revive the bond of love amongst human beings and also all other forms of life. A new meaning of life would emerge. In the post World War Three scenarios... the human life would carry utmost significance.

This lost love between human beings is much more precious than gold and silver. Spirituality world-wide would now be freely practiced. The materialistic wants and riches losing their shine... the rituals would lose their value forever.

It is not merely going to the temple, church or a mosque that leads us towards spiritual freedom... the truth lies in freely accepting the spiritual laws of nature. These laws were prevalent ever since mankind gained its footing but their implementation was not in vogue.

The fundamental nature of Christianity and Islamic Dharma having come to a naught... it is almost the end of practicing Christianity and Islamic Dharma after the World War Three. Now it is only the practice of spirituality all over which shall imbibe the lost values amongst human beings.

Essay by: Vijay Kumar "Atma Jnani"

Vijay Kumar... The Man who Realized God in 1993 explains Nostradamus Quatrains Century 1 Quatrain 53 meaning and interpretation. For more details on nostradamus quatrains century 1 quatrain 53 visit - nostradamus quatrains century 1 quatrain 53. Send your query - click here Ref. 060522

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