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Now or Never: Essay by Vijay Kumar... The Man who Realized God in 1993
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Now or Never
Importance of living in present

Never plan anything for tomorrow or think of the past. Live the present. You are living in the present ... Why think of the future or the past!

Why do sciences of Astrology, Palmistry and other related Occult sciences gaining a better foothold than other general sciences. Leaders of today are not Spiritualistic in nature. They tend to show they are ... only to hide their weaknesses. In futile hope of reaping fruits of Karmas of past lives ... they are ruining their present. "Tomorrow" is the bloom of our resultant Karma of today and past lives ...why the worry by the said "Learned people"!

One becomes a rich and influential person in society based on his Karma of past lives. In this Life he does not realize the truth. The day the "Punya" of our past lives is exhausted Life shall become a burden on us. Every act of ours in this Life bears fruit ... be they bad or good.

our soul atman the spirit within ego persuades us to commit immoral acts and an unwise person while exerting his influence over the common masses feels elated. He tries to prove his might at first available opportunity. Result ... the ego which should have been suppressed to gain more and more wisdom increases resulting in further accumulation of "Paap Karma".

Do you actually perceive the hidden truth! Your ego debars you. Ultimately the "Punya" of past lives get nullified and thus begins the Life of torture for this so-called gentleman. It often happens that "Punya" of past lives be so great that if in this Life you continue doing bad deeds throughout your Life you shall never suffer. Further, sometimes you also reap good fruits ... but what when "Punya" ends!

Your body was manifested by your Atman as a vehicle to further the cause i.e. increase the Purity
... to liberate when fully pure. But you, a Human Being do not follow the call of nature, the wisdom of God and due to your foolish deeds instead of furthering the journey of your Atman within, puts it back from where it started.

You as a Human Being are not supposed to play with the Divinity within for this Atman alone is the absolute Truth. Your body will decay with time and die its natural death but Atman shall live forever until the dross is completely removed.

Do not hamper the natural process of purification of your Soul Atman ... you are only the tool. Act as a catalyst and your Life as a Human Being will become full of charms and laughter.

Money is only a medium to live on Mother Earth ... to spend earthly abode peacefully, happily and cheerfully. Time is the medium for Atman to proceed on its journey. Killing of time (Procrastination) is a very bad habit with a Jiva (living being)... overcome it by realizing the truth.

Do it now .. you may never get a second chance. O earthly Human, it is an order to you from your Atman. Do not indulge in unfruitful acts. You waste time at the expense of your Life. How long is the Life span of an average Human Being ... say 70 years. These are not sufficient to see a fraction of the total beauty created by God on Mother Earth. Then, why degradation of ethics and moral values!

You understand the truth (your Atman within always prompting you to tread the right path) but you continuously indulge only to meet a bitter end. Why? What persuades you to keep busy in accumulating material riches when you clearly understood ... Nothing shall go with you when you leave this body but your virtues, your Spiritual assets (your Punya).

What is the most important factor for achieving success in this materialistic World!

Giving alms or helping a poor or doing a community service with dubious intentions, will never earn you Punya. Act as a true soldier of God. Serve him rightly by taking care of the truly unfortunate ones. We pity the unfortunate ones only to remind them to do good deeds and earn Punya lest they shall again be born a beggar or a leper.

Essay by: Vijay Kumar "Atma Jnani"

Vijay Kumar... The Man who Realized God in 1993 on Now or Never. For more details on importance of living in the present visit - now or never. Send your query - click here Ref.

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