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Exclusive Articles Philosophy of Life: Essays by Vijay Kumar... The Man who Realized God in 1993
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Articles Philosophy of Life

  • Ego and freedom
    The ego of a human being is what makes one! Let loose... the ego of one can cause irreparable damage... an absolute chaos in practical life! Restricted and directed towards a definite goal... one becomes a Bill Gates in life. The ego of a human being is directly governed by the emotions, the intellect, the wit and wisdom one practices in daily life!

  • Life going wrong
    Things seem to go wrong as you have developed a tendency to invoke negative thoughts all the time. The impact of the negative thoughts... you are drained out of the vital energy that keeps life going! To get out of the rut of negative thinking... you have to become an optimist in life! The glass is always half full... you only perceive it half empty!
  • Remaining unlucky
    our soul atman the spirit within being born lucky or unlucky... all is our doing! If we are born rich or poor... it is also our doing! In the cosmic domain everything is governed by the doctrine of karma! As we sow so shall we reap... nothing less or more! As is the residual balance of karma of all our previous manifestations, so is our present! our soul atman the spirit within being born poor owes its existence to the residual balance of karma of the previous manifestations!
  • Creator of god
    I shall explain it all in entirety. God created the Cosmos (the entire Cosmos consists of many universes) and God Almighty exists from times immemorial. And why do we call God Almighty as the Creator of all shall be explained first? God Almighty is not the form of human beings. It is a colossal power... the magnitude of which can never be imagined by human beings with limited power of the senses.
  • Secret of being Happy
    Secret of being Happy is subduing your ego forever and pursuing a goal of life dear to your heart. Above 99% people world over never get to pursue a life of their dreams. Some become slave to the choices of their parents, some to their teachers, others to circumstances and some leave things to chance! Imagine the fate of Bill Gates when he was turned out of school on a surmise that he was a total failure in studies!
  • Afraid of Truth
    Yes... the present ephemeral world has no place for truth. It has been aptly stated that, walker of truthfulness does not get a morsel of food. In the present materialistic times... the present Kali Yuga (metal age)... when wanton desires become dominant... practicing truthfulness is considered dumb! One who simply cannot earn living following the path of truthfulness... is considered a failure in the present Kali Yuga!
  • Bhagvad Gita Christianity God
    The concept of God Almighty in Bhagavad Gita and Catholicism Christianity do not go hand-in-hand! If we desire understanding the concept of God Almighty... we need to dive deep into the ocean of wisdom contained in Bhagavad Gita... the most sacred Scripture of Hinduism existing on mother earth. The doctrine of Bhagavad Gita was given to mankind by Lord Krishna in the battle of Mahabharata. This one single doctrine is sufficient for one to reach the stage of enlightenment (kaivalya jnana) and salvation (moksha)!
  • Bhava Karma
    Yes... thinking wrong of anyone means a sin has been committed. In Jainism this has been termed as the doctrine of Bhava karma. If the physical injury incurs 10 negative points on the scale of sinning... wrong thinking incurs almost 10% of the physical injury. The factor of Bhava karma is not a fixed entity... all depends on the magnitude of sin committed (whether physical or in thoughts).
  • All shall be ok
    Every single quote in life is as truthful as it has been thousands of years ago. No quote ever goes old! Why? Every single quote in the world is based on absolute truth. Truth never goes old with time... so does a quote! The saying, "All shall be ok" will always hold true as nothing in the cosmic system was built by human beings. God Almighty is the Creator of all. It knows all... it does all! We human beings simply play our part... nothing more!

  • Give Charity
    Charity (aka Daan in Hinduism) as practiced today is not what it is supposed to be! Most human beings distort the meaning of charity Daan. In Hinduism right charity is one... the giver of which always remains unknown. It has been rightly said that if the right hand gives charity... the left must always remain unaware! Charity never demands advertising!
  • Happy moments
    The Happy moments was the day I gained self realization! It was 3rd of August, 1993 2.15 a.m. in the morning when God Almighty gave me a darshan on one-to-one basis! It was a communion that can never be expressed in words. Talking to Almighty God every moment of life has become my forte. Having realized God in 1993... I can commune with God at any moment of my life... at my will!
  • Definite goal in Life
    What we need in life is a fixed goal! One simple goal... a profession... a passion indulging in which one loses track of time... a career one always looked forward to! Almost 99% people on Mother Earth never formed a goal in life. In absence of the goal life is a rudderless boat going round and round in the ocean! Having fixed a goal is journey half complete!
  • Definition Human Being
    As a physical manifest form... every human being at a given point of time is the sum total of all his thoughts! our soul atman the spirit within soul atman within is the real owner of the body... it is our soul atman within that has manifested the body and not otherwise. our soul atman the spirit within soul atman has manifested the form of a human being to remove the impurities within. The moment all dross within removes... the human being reaches the stage of enlightenment (kaivalya jnana) and finally salvation (moksha)!
  • Life Blind person
    Life is not limited by the senses. If one sense fails... we have others to assist! Helen Keller who was deaf and dumb became the biggest motivator of mankind even though severely handicapped. Helen Keller had an excellent guide in Anne Sullivan... her teacher! It was the faith of Anne Sullivan that kept Helen Keller moving ahead... no matter what!
  • Speaking from Heart
    Some statements are not to be taken literally... they have a deep imbibed meaning! Speaking from your heart simply means, talking straight and truth... and only truth! Why? We all know in our heart lives our soul atman which is but God Almighty in minuscule form. Everything that comes from our heart... the voice of our soul atman always speaks truth.
  • Master of destiny
    No doubt every human being is the master of ones destiny but the question remains... how many people take charge of their life and finally govern their destiny? We are masters of our own actions and thoughts... but we are also governed by the five senses that control human nature! Only by taking control of the five senses and the mind can human beings manifest destiny!
  • Knowledge
    Knowledge is what we gain from books and experience. The storehouse of knowledge is so vast... it varies for different human beings! No human being can ever think of gaining all knowledge existing in the cosmos. As is our goal of life... so must be our indulgence in knowledge. If I desire becoming an engineer in life, I simply need to indulge in books related to engineering only.
  • Man good evil
    At any given point of time every human being is good and also evil! All is dependent upon the thoughts one invokes! If we invoke positive thoughts from the reservoir of mind plus... good actions follow. Drawing negative thoughts from the reservoir of mind minus leads us to sin! Sometimes we do well of all... at other times we become evil!
  • Sinless Life
    "Sinless Life" simply means that in absence of sin... life itself cannot sustain! In the cosmic system we always have two sides of the same coin. If we have day... we also have night. If we have fire... we also have water. If we have happiness... we also have sorrow! Similarly sins also form a part of life. The presence of human form indicates residual balance of negative karma. If it were not so... our soul atman within would have become pure... the human form would have gained enlightenment (kaivalya jnana) and thereafter salvation (moksha).
  • Positive negative thinking
    By patiently practicing positivism in life... we initially invoke only positive thoughts all the time. As time passes by... we try to control the flow to its minimum! Highly successful ones in life only invoke thoughts that they desired invoking! Having established a control over the flow of thoughts... one ultimately succeeds in life! It is thoughts and thoughts alone that distinguish a king from a laborer!
  • Talking to Self
    Whenever we talk to self... it is a dialogue between our real self... our soul atman within and God Almighty! All human beings cannot indulge in such a dialogue! Burdened with wanton desires and greed for materialistic riches... most human beings always subdue the voice of offer soul atman within... Which with passage of time stops giving messages?
  • Real beauty
    The inner beauty of a human being is far more predominant than the outer beauty. The outer beauty is ephemeral... with passage of age... the physical beauty fades and dies. The inner beauty... that generates from within... the beauty of our soul atman that shines on our forehead and face (the glow) is permanent.
  • Define Spirit
    Spirit is our soul atman within the body. It is celestial energy... that is the real truth of life! It is this spirit... our soul atman within that has manifested the form of a human being and not vice versa. It is not within the capacity of a body to manifest a soul atman within. Spirit is something we cannot see with our eyes. We can only feel the presence of a soul atman... the spirit within our body!
  • Life span Human Being
    The control of life span is in the hands of God Almighty. How? No human being is born on its own. It is our soul atman within that has manifested the body to work out its karma... to remove the dross (impurities within). It is not within the capability of the body to manifest a soul atman... The control of life being in the hands of our soul atman that lives within our heart... the body being an inert matter simply cannot do anything!

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