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Chakravayuha of Life

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Chakravayuha of Life
(reincarnation myths cleared - the truth behind taking re-birth)

The Eternal Truth

The "Eternal Truth" governing the entire system of the Universe is a truth par excellence. No Human Being ever fully comprehends the system built by the "Creator". Project this truth towards the general masses ... Persons holding high positions in the society get antagonized. They turn the masses against you. Their ego, the "I" within refuses to accept any change in the existing Spiritual and moral values of the society. They do not comprehend ... "Eternal Truth" is one. Different people interpret it differently.

Break the cordon of illusion around you. Never get bogged down by non factual values followed by the society ... Values not based on the doctrine of "Eternal Truth". Do not become a slave within yourself. Live a Life of choice. The doctrine of "Eternal Truth" hidden in the sacred Scriptures of every religion is the basis of "Mahabharata"... An epic written by sage Vyasa.

What is "Chakravayuha" as described in "Mahabharata"? Abhimanyu the great son of Arjuna in the battle with Kauravas knew the path of going within the "Chakravayuha" but not of coming out. He learnt this while in his Mother's womb. You enter "Chakravayuha of Life" unconsciously at birth.

Resultant Karma of your past is responsible for the "Samsaric jivan" you spend on Mother Earth. This compulsory performance of Karma based on samskar's of earlier lives manifested by your "Atman" is the "Chakravayuha of Life". You have to live ... in or out of it.

Your Destiny

Based on earlier samskar's, if you are destined to be born in the house of a blacksmith ... It is natural you become a blacksmith. You become a blacksmith not of your Atman's sweet will. You enter the "Chakravayuha of Life" bound by the samskar's of your earlier births. You need strong will power to plan and methodically come out of this "Chakravayuha" ... Enter a profession of your choice.

You become the master of your destiny based on your will power. You who continue to live in the prison of "Chakravayuha" are wasting valuable time on the alter of ignorance. Life is not a burden unjustly imposed. You have power within you to come out of the "Chakravayuha". Life is a gift, a boon from God, to enjoy the beautiful World created by it.

The animal or plant Life is never able to get out of the "Chakravayuha of Life". They get reprieve after manifesting as a Human Being. "God" vested power to think and excel only with Human Beings. Break the bonds of "slavery from within" ... The "Chakravayuha of Life". Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King thought par excellence and never let "Chakravayuha of Life" bog them down.

Rise from slumber

"Dharma" ... Your right to do what is just and right and not what was destined. One is destined to be born in a particular family based on Karma of the past lives. You as a child are bound to adopt the family profession or a profession to the liking of the head of the family. No child can choose one's profession ... you do not know what suits best.

Decision taken by your parents is binding ... You start on a journey of Life framed by them. You start working with little interest, the "Atman" within prompting changeover at the first opportunity. You realize the "Eternal Truth" ... human form is only a "clothing for the "Atman" within. You take a wise decision and become a leader in a profession of your calling.

Live a Life of content full of joys and happiness ... Happiness which comes from within. Happiness gained from materialistic achievements is alluring. Keep away from it. Live as a closed knit family. Love all living beings. The subtle truth hidden in the sacred Scriptures of every religion is same. All religions are different paths for obtaining a common goal.

Understand the "Eternal truth" i.e. "who am I", for "I" is not the manifested form i.e. a "jiva" but is the "Atman" within, the true inner self.

Reincarnation in Hinduism: Definition information Is it a myth or truth!

Realize the cosmic truth

Understand the true purpose of your cosmic journey. Start living a Life of content for thou can't harm anyone. Every "Jiva" (living being) has an "Atman" within. All Atman's generate from the same source ... All are the same. All Atman's are mirror images of the physical self. "Atman" within every "jiva" being same ... Can we harm our brethren "jiva" be it a Human, animal or plant.

Every Human Being while plucking a ripe fruit feels happy. Pluck an unripe one ... you feel guilty. Are you not shortening the Life of a jiva ... Disturbing the balance of nature. Had it not been so ... You would pluck everything in its early stages. Do you relish eating an unripe fruit. Artificial ripening affect the taste ... Causes gastric disorders.

Rapid Scientific advancements makes us commit blunders unknowingly. some are inevitable. Most are committed to satisfy financial greed ... the inherent lust of a Human Being. We incur wrath of the nature for committing such offenses. "None is supposed to meddle with the affairs of his".

Essay by: Vijay Kumar "Atma Jnani"

Vijay Kumar... The Man who Realized God in 1993 explains the concept of Reincarnation Chakravayuha of Life. For more details on is there life after death visit - reincarnation chakravayuha of life. Send your query - click here Ref. 940128

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