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  • religion and hostility
    religions are simply ways of life... following of the enlightened masters of the various era! Every religion stems from an enlightened master... never otherwise! Whenever one gains enlightenment and preaches the wisdom to the masses... one develops a following!

  • religion and Science
    religion primarily helps us keep a balance in life as a physical manifested being. We do not necessarily be religious in nature. We can simply follow the spiritual path. It is the field of spirituality that ultimately guides the destiny of a human being. What is right or wrong... must we given in or stand up and face the truth... how we shape our physical realm of life is all governed by spirituality. And what is spirituality?
  • Basis of religion
    The root of all religions is Dharma (righteousness)... not faith! When not one religion existed on Mother Earth... the humanity still survived. How? Dharma is that inherent ingredient in the cosmic system which forms the sap of living form! Devoid of Dharma (righteousness) life simply could not exist on Mother Earth or in the Cosmos!
  • religion and Evolution
    Every religion primarily is a following of an enlightened master. No enlightened human being would ever teach or preach anything that is wrong. Having reached the level of enlightenment... the soul atman within having gained its pure original pristine form... any impurities within an enlightened being is absolutely ruled out. It is only when the dross within removes completely... one gains enlightenment (kaivalya jnana)... never before!
  • Why a religion
    The second path is lived by our physical manifest itself... the one prompted by our ego. This is where religion comes into play. As we live life as a member of the community... we need to follow certain rules framed by our religions masters. If all the family members go to a temple, church or a mosque on a particular festive occasion... it becomes imperative for us to follow!
  • Belief in religion
    It is not religion... it is simply a matter of faith that some people believe in the existence of God Almighty but not Jesus as the only son of God. Why? It is for the simple reason that Jesus Christ truly is not the only son of God. Every human being for that matter is a true son of God. Jesus Christ was born a normal human being and gained enlightenment and finally salvation. His following was termed Christianity.
  • Good religion
    Hinduism religion is not only the oldest but the best religion amongst all. This is the only religion that teaches human beings to gain enlightenment (kaivalya jnana) and finally salvation (moksha). Hinduism believes in the fact that every human being has the right to the kingdom of God (aka Vaikuntha in Hinduism). Following Hindu religion... one can reach the kingdom of God with ease.
  • True religion
    If we try to understand we would realize that every religion develops after an enlightened soul. The teachings of Jesus Christ culminated into Christianity and those of Gautama Buddha into Buddhism. Every religion primarily teaches us to follow the path of truthfulness, ethics and morality. There is never a religion of hate. Every religion is a different path to the same goal.
  • Difference religion Spirituality
    religion stems from community living. As the society progressed and enlightened beings manifested on Mother Earth... their teachings and followings were termed as religion. religions primarily focus on worshiping God as the Creator and maker of all... with whose grace the whole Cosmos exists. In Buddhism the existence of God itself is denied... yet, they all believe in a source of power... an energy source that is the cause for all existence in the Cosmos!
  • Religious Beliefs
    There is simply no connection between pursuit of knowledge and religious beliefs one follows! Pursuit of knowledge becomes necessary to earn a living! To spend the sojourn of 70 to 80 years on Mother Earth happily... it becomes imperative for human beings to gain knowledge... develop a career in the chosen goal of life!
  • Choosing religion
    Choose the religion I have... was that all really possible? One never chooses ones religion! We are rather born into it. We get our religion by birth. The religion of our parents becomes our religion. If I am born in a family of Jains, I become a Jain when I grow up. None can alter this equation. The residual balance of karma of our past demands so.

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