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Sects within religion: Article by Vijay Kumar... The Man who Realized God in 1993
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Sects within religion

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Sects within religion

If we observe the growth of a tree right from inception... we find initially the tree is merely a trunk. As the tree grows... branches start developing. Further down the journey... the branches develop smaller branches. Further down these small branches also develop more branches. The segmentation of the tree continues unabated!

In the similar fashion every religion grows. Initially all consent with the teachings of the enlightened one! Every religion develops from the following of an enlightened one. Christianity flowed from Jesus Christ... Buddhism from Gautama Buddha! As the enlightened one leaves the mortal frame... the original religion starts developing fractures!

Initially one splinter group separates out. Then another... then another and the chain continues! This does not mean having sects within a religion announces the fall of religion! With the growth of more branches... the tree does not break or fall down! Yes, with development of more sects... the noise grows... there is more dissidence... more clutter than before!

With the death of Jesus Christ developed Protestants. Those who were not agreeable to all the laid down principles of Christianity formed a separate branch and were called Protestants... they protested some underlying principles and formed their own! Does not mean Christianity got downgraded... or lowered in value!

Anything that grows always develops dissidence at some stage! Take the example of a new school. Initially we may have 200 children to start with which each class having 50 children each and each section consisting of 25 students! What if the size of the school increases to 2000? And the size of sections to 50!

Although with increase in number of students... the school grows... but the level of education imparted may reduce as the same teacher now teaches 50 students compared to 25 earlier! Although the school has increased in status... at the individual level students are bound to suffer! Similar is the case with religion.

As the followers of a religion increase... so do branching and sects! With the increasing number of sects clashes become inevitable! It is part of life. This is how every system grows in the cosmic system. As long as ethics and morality rule the roost... the religion stays and strengthens itself. The day followers give up on ethics and morality... Religion loses its shine!

The strength of a religion comes from laid down principles and their strict implementation! Nothing else matters in the long run!

Essay by: Vijay Kumar "Atma Jnani"

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