satsanga its importance in daily life

Satsanga its importance in daily life: Essay by Vijay Kumar... The Man who Realized God in 1993
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Satsanga its Importance
in Daily Life
(how company of saints affects us)

Satsanga: How the company of Saints affects us is best explained by the phenomenon of coating. We can make Brass look like gold by coating and polishing it with liquid gold. If we coat it again and again the upper layer of gold would become so thick that with passage of time we may tend to forget the item was made of Brass. What we see gets stored in our memory cells. What is inherent pales into insignificance.

In Human Life whenever a beastly character comes into the company of a saint for a longer time ... He tends to forget his own identity and temporarily merges into the saintly fold. If he remains in such association for a longer period ... Chances are he may permanently change himself. Owing to circumstances this transformed Saintly character if falls into bad company again may even become notorious than ever!!!

It is primarily unto the individual concerned whether to remain merged in his new identity or return back to his earlier fold. Your eagerness with which you seek and your self control alone would decide your future!! If you desire to see God then you ought to have a God-realized Guru! If you seek blessing of God than any holy person will do. It is only a Guru who on the basis of your thought pattern and analyzing your behavior would stop your falling into vices again.

A true guide and preacher never forces upon a pupil to follow a certain path ... By explaining the plus and minus points of behavioral practice, he can try your achieving goal at the earliest. To follow or not to follow is your job and only your job!!! A realized Guru is the biggest asset of any pupil on this Earthly abode (A Sojourn for the Atman soul within). How to seek a proper Guru! You have neither the competence nor wisdom to distinguish a true Guru from a false one.

False proclaimers of being true son of God roam the streets in abundance. Getting into their clutches is like handing over the water of your Life to a pitcher where it shall only rot and decay. So called Sadhus and preachers ... followers of unethical practices can completely mar the ambitions of a true Sadhaka (novice on the path of God). Not able to distinguish right from wrong he learns what is taught to him. What pity. Where has our common sense gone! Why did we permit ourselves to fall into the lap of such Guruís submissively patronizing them. our soul atman the spirit within inner voice always prompts us when we feel we are being cheated!!

Satsanga: atma bodha satsanga pravachan an essential ingredient of Spiritual Path!

Lord has given us instinct and knowledge for ourselves to self assess ... What is good or bad for us!! We must contentiously use our intellect in selection of a Guru by hit and trial method. There have been many who have realized and gone back to the abode of the Almighty Lord. Their experiences and narrationís available in their Biographies and Autobiographies will act as the guide posts ... To steer you on the right path.

Essay by: Vijay Kumar "Atma Jnani"

Vijay Kumar... The Man who Realized God in 1993 on Satsanga Its importance in Daily Life. For more details on doing satsanga daily visit - satsanga its importance in daily life. Send your query - click here Ref. 970501

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