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Silence the talk within Ramana Maharshi: Essay by Vijay Kumar... The Man who Realized God in 1993
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Silence the talk within practicing neti ramana maharshi

All messages .. words from "God"

The "Eternal Messages", the words from "God" are ever flowing and trying to contact you i.e. your "Atman" within. If you can tune in .. You establish the contact. Outwardly you appear to the World as an introvert, keeping silence all the time ... Actually, you (your "Atman" within) is talking to "God, the Creator of the Universe" all the time. This truth can only be experienced by the "Self Realized". You who wants to realize "self" at the earliest and desire talking to "God" must solve the riddle ... "Who Am I" .

Once the truth dawns upon you by the "Grace of God", You are initiated by "God" itself by full awakening of your "Kundalini". This is an irreversible process. Once you are "enlightened", you can not revert back to your daily chores as in the past .. From now on every phenomenon happening in this World has relative importance for you.

You continue doing daily chores with unattached attitude towards everything. You now perceive the happenings in the World similar to watching a program on the television screen ... Always knowing that program on the screen is only a reflection of the happenings somewhere else. This some where else is the subtle truth of Life. This other World which consists of "God, the Creator" and all "Atmanís" is the only truth, the only true World .. our soul atman the spirit within physical World only being a reflection of the happenings in this other World. Think and scan yourself from within .. You shall realize the truth one day.

Talk within .. the richest grace of "God"

The present World where we live is only a manifestation created by "God", a channel for all "Atmanís" to cleanse themselves. It serves no other purpose. All "Atmanís" manifest in this World, our "Mother Earth" only to liberate themselves. Liberation is only possible by removal of ego, the "I" within and perception of the "true self". Once you are a realized person, you try to liberate self at the earliest from the bondage of further manifestations .. thus fulfilling the "Eternal aim of Atman" .. to rejoin the source from where it originated i.e. "God".

Every "Atman" is connected to the Lord by a diving string. "God" talks to us not by mouth but when you are silent. Only when we are physically motionless can the "Atman" contact and talk to God. It is not you a physical being but the "Atman" within which converses with "God, the Almighty". How does anyone know you are talking to "God" internally! Externally it may be difficult for a lay person to recognize a "Self Realized person" but you shall feel it in the air. The radiance emitted shall make you oblivious of the fact that conversation between a "Self Realized person" and "God" is taking place. The divinity speaks for itself.

Complete surrender to "God" .. is a must

You must Faith in "the Lord" to learn the truth. One who does not read sacred Scriptures, attend gatherings and discussions .. Is he really an introvert? Which is more potent .. Mingling with those who are still searching for "God" in Scriptures and Discourses or one who can communicate with "God" in silence! Silence is serene .. only if you can talk to "God". The silent blessings of a realized soul carries lot more weight than mere blessings of an ignorant Guru distributing prasad or performing a miracle to falsely impress his devotees.

"Absolute" Faith in "the Lord" or "Guru" is a must. Guru must be a realized soul else you would be wasting time on alter of falsehood. Doubt kills the contact between you and your "Guru". God is omnipresent, yet you cannot see it in person. Still it blesses all those who have absolute Faith in him. One who has absolute Faith in God .. "Realizes" self early. One who "Realizes" self .. Understands the true nature of "God".

Sage "Ramana Mahirshi" was a true embodiment of the doctrine of "Silence" the talk within. People from far fledged areas thronged to his abode with a list of questions but, when they neared the sage .. The questions melt away and people realized their answers through the silent blessings of the sage.

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Talks with Sri Ramana Maharshi

Contemplation .. the silent talk

Sage Ramana Maharshi was a master in the art of Contemplation. His mere presence invoked the grace of "God". You could feel the presence of "God" when in his abode. External blessings were valueless for him. He would invoke the Spirituality all the time for the benefit of mankind. Ramana Maharshi was a truly Self Realized soul of the highest order. Though his physical self was ever present in his abode but his "Atman" always dwelt in the "Kingdom of God".

Silence is Golden: Definition quote silence speak more than thousand words sri Ramana Maharshi!

How many Sadhus you come across in your Daily Life practice Contemplation? Most may not be aware of the meaning of contemplation. You as a laymen could feel ill will in their minds towards most .. Can such so called Sadhus ever come near to "God"! They may utter "Godís" name from their mouth but their mind is elsewhere .. They are ignorant as to the true nature of "God", the Creator". "God" bless all these Souls who in their search for "God" fail to understand the basic rudiments of Spirituality that .. "God" lives in all". To serve him .. You must learn to serve Humanity with humility and without any selfish motive.

Essay by: Vijay Kumar "Atma Jnani"

Vijay Kumar... The Man who Realized God in 1993 on Silence the talk within. For more details on power of silence ramana maharshi visit - silence the talk within. Send your query - click here Ref. 940331

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