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Who was Osho: Article by Vijay Kumar... The Man who Realized God in 1993
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Who was Osho

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Who was Osho

Osho nee Acharya Rajneesh as he was popularly known as belonged to the Pune region of India. His commune situated in Pune is still one of the largest religious communes of India.

Acharya Rajneesh was primarily a Digamber Jain. His initial teachings were excellent in nature. He wrote numerous books on different topics. But at a certain stage in life he merged ethics and morality with sex.

His teachings reduced to- while practicing free sex... one can obtain highest level of meditation yoga that was possible. According to him it was directly a path to god.

Millions in India started traveling towards Pune unmindful of the consequences. They had only one goal in life... indulge in the teachings of Acharya Rajneesh as much as possible for they wanted to enjoy life to its hilt.

Acharya Rajneesh was one of the finest Saints of his times. Yet, a single mistake in life cost him heavily. His teachings of yoga combined with sex at Pune made a huge furor all over the country... in the melee he left the country and settled in USA.

In USA he developed one of the largest religious congregations United States had ever seen in its history. After a few years of practice eventually the US law also nailed him. Now he had no place to go all over the world. Most countries rejected him. There came a stage when not a single country all over the world was willing to accept him.

Many even suggested dumping him into the sea. Ultimately India yielded to religious pressure from within and this citizen of India by birth was given unceremonious entry to India. But the ground had been lost... Acharya Rajneesh was now a broken man! One who was broken at the heart... his folly of mixing yoga with sex paid heavily.

I distinctly remember that had he not committed this mistake... this son of India could have gained enlightenment in his lifetime. He had almost committed the same mistake that sage Vishwamitra committed in his times.

Essay by: Vijay Kumar "Atma Jnani"

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