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Spiritual void: Article by Vijay Kumar... The Man who Realized God in 1993
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Spiritual void

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Spiritual void

Think of it that having born a human being... we have already passed a series of 7.3 million manifestations as an insect, plant and animal life. It is only after crossing through 7.3 million manifestations... a soul atman residing within our heart manifests the form of a human being... never before!

Having become a human being... why the bickering still! For the simple reason that unable to bear the torment of others we develop anger and hate and unable to forgive those who may be friend or foe... we continue living a pitiable life. Why can we not forgive the ignorant!

I shall illustrate with an example - (and God bless you thereafter!)

One day it so happened... by the side of a river that was swollen with floodwaters a passerby noticed a saint in a very peculiar stance of life. This saint who was habitual of taking a morning bath in the river... Continued with the routine in spite of the fact that river was in full spate.

While taking a dip... the Saint noticed a crab floating by. It was struggling to save itself. The Saint picked up the crab in his hand and there was a piercing cry. The crab had bit the Saint.

In the commotion the hand of the Saint gave a jerk and the crab fell back into the river. To the surprise of the passerby... the Saint again picked up the crab... again the whole story repeated and again the Saint picked up the crab. The third time when it happened... the passerby went to the Saint asking for the reason!

What the Saint said flabbergasted the passerby. He simply could not believe his ears. The Saint simply said a crab born low in the animal world is unable to forego his habit of biting... Then how can me... A human being let go of my habit of compassion and forgiving one. I out of compassion pick him up, the crab owing to his habit bites... none is wrong. We are hardened by our habits.

In the journey of life... we should continue doing what we truly desire from our heart... unmindful of what others do. Deliberate mischief if played by others must be definitely countered but not actions that are indeliberate. Let go off the habit of not forgiving people. Forgiveness is a tool that not only makes friends but friends for life. If you desire the best in life, Practice forgiveness to its best!

Essay by: Vijay Kumar "Atma Jnani"

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