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Spirituality vs religion
Definition of Spirituality
(religious spirituality)


Spirituality: what it truly means to you!

Spirituality is one word which puts a human being on the highest pedestal of life. It is field of Spirituality traveling which one reaches the last leg of cosmic life nay the form of human being himself!

The goal of Spirituality is attaining salvation moksha in Hinduism! From the beginning of the first manifestation as an amoeba to the last manifestation (the 8.4 millionth manifestation)... the goal of every life remains the same.

The phase of life as a human being announces that the life has come full circle. It is only as a Human Being that one can get enlightened (reach the stage of Nirvikalpa Samadhi) and attain salvation moksha in Hinduism. Reaching stage of enlightenment is the last step in the field of Spirituality.

Spirituality is living life as it was meant to be... not as we may have desired or wanted living it. Living a life of choice is not the forte of all human beings. Those on the path of pure Spirituality... the true seekers of Spirituality are sometimes able to manifest destiny by establishing absolute control over it.

It is a certain fact that only the true seekers of Spirituality become the masters of their destiny. Knowingly or unknowingly many people who have a materialistic goal in life travel the path of spirituality and become successful in life. It was not a happening by chance... all was the result of a law which cannot err. These highly acclaimed individuals unknowingly tread the path of pure Spirituality and achieved the goal of their life.

Spirituality in other terms means that before we ask God Almighty for material riches to be bestowed upon us... we need to compensate by giving something equivalent or more back to the community. This is the path undertaken by most successful entrepreneurs.

In terms of Spirituality we are not supposed to get anything unless we promise to do something in return... in the system of God there is fair play all throughout. As we desire... so shall be the corresponding karma we would be required to perform. Mere false promises bring us nothing.

It was the forte of JRD Tata that he always loved his country and the countryman. The benefit of the society was foremost in his mind all the time. The prime reason why the Tata Empire is known as the foundation builder of India! Tata name itself is representative of building a technological Empire for the benefit of entire nation. This is what Spirituality is all about.

JRD Tata was a trustee par excellence. According to him everything belonged to God and he was merely a trustee carrying out the dictates of God. In his lifetime he never built a house for himself. His love for the material riches of life did not seem to exist at all. His every endeavor was aimed at improving the quality of life of human life and the country as a whole.

What a noble persona JRD Tata was... a true Karma yogi indeed! He did not live Spirituality rather Spirituality lived in him. He was a perfect example of how a true spiritual seeker must live his life. JRD may have never admitted that he lived a spiritual life but unknowingly he practiced Spirituality every moment of his life.

JRD Tata followed the dictates of Bhagwad Gita throughout his life unknowingly. Apart from being a true karma yogi... he also excelled in teaching the core values to the society. He was one of the rarest kinds that have ever dwelled on mother earth as material riches and comforts in life never attracted him come whatever may.

JRD Tata excelled in human values to the extent that even most accomplished people on the path of pure Spirituality get dwarfed by his accomplishments. Spirituality is not only seeking the domain of God but even in day-to-day matters of life every human being needs to practice Spirituality.

The famous saying, "whatever we want others to do unto us... we should do unto them" forms the core teachings of Spirituality. It is not merely a saying. It has to be practiced in reality as was preached and advocated by Napoleon Hill in his famous books "Think and Grow Rich", "The Master-Key to Riches" and the famous "The Law of Success In Sixteen Lessons".

These three Bible books by Think and Grow Rich ... "Think and Grow Rich", "The Master-Key to Riches" and the famous "The Law of Success In Sixteen Lessons" form the core of Spirituality. There is no argument about that. At every stage Napoleon hill has prophesied that before we can expect anything from God we need to give something back to the community. He was also a true practitioner of Spirituality from heart.

Spirituality definitely helps one take control of destiny. As we proceed on the path of pure Spirituality we tend to develop a positive approach towards life. Reeling all the time under a positive attitude of mind... One is able to fine-tune those critical aspects of life which are an absolute must if one needs to become the master of his own destiny.

Spirituality makes a perfect man out of a negative thinker. In the field of Spirituality there is no place for any negative thinking. One who has fixed a goal in life and always indulges in positive oriented thinking can not be a loser in life. It can never happen!

Spirituality imbibes the following virtues in a human being:

Spirituality makes you feel all the time that there is something higher than the mere existence as a human being.

Spirituality spells out that God exists within every living being as our soul the atman within. It is God within us which guides us on the right path whenever we tend to go wrong.

Spirituality inculcates in every human being a feeling of positive ness all throughout. Floating on the positive mental plane brings one closer to our goal of life.

It is Spirituality and spirituality alone which prompts and guides one in the right direction whenever we feel cheated by the senses prevailing upon us. To come out of the clutches of the five senses is what Spirituality is all about.

If we desire to know God truly then we need to follow the path of pure Spirituality. It is only as a true spiritual seeker shall we realize God one-day.

It is a Spirituality which cuts short the path and makes the whole world look like a family. In the spiritual domain there is no space for different religions, dogmas or creeds. our soul atman the spirit within wanton desires cease to exist... the moment Spirituality takes complete control over us!

Spirituality truly is the essence of life. However materialistic we maybe On earthly plane... there shall come a day when Spirituality would completely wipe us clean of all the impurities within us.

Without Spirituality the life or a human being is like a rudderless boat going round and round in the unfathomable sea of life.

It is Spirituality which teaches every human being the real value of life... being spiritual is not being religious alone... Spirituality teaches us the core values of life... the real essence of us!

It is only through the medium of Spirituality that God is able to guide the mankind towards its destined goal. As many human beings... as many different spiritual paths!

Right from day one when we are born and until the last breath... it is Spirituality which keeps our heart pumping all through. It is Spirituality which clears all doubts that our soul (the Atman within the body) is the real master and our body is but to decay and die.

Spirituality clears all doubts related to the concept of God. Whenever in doubt... the wise follow the dictates of the spiritual masters of the era! Every spiritual being merges his identity with the Supreme Being (the Almighty God).

Spirituality confirms that life has to go on... it is a journey to be completed in many phases (8.4 million manifestations in fact). It is Spirituality which confirms that the life of a human being of 70 to 80 years is but a trickle in the total life a span of our soul the atman within. The total life span of the soul being a maximum of 96.4 million earthly years!

Spirituality has no relationship whatsoever with religion. Following a religion means following the dictates of a successful spiritual master... one who has already covered the journey and has become capable of guiding the mankind to its logical end.

religion is meant for living a single span of earthly life. On the contrary Spirituality guides every living being to its logical end in the unending cosmic journey undertaken by the soul our atman within.

It is Spirituality alone which removes the fear of death from those who have released the pinnacle of spiritual life. Spirituality gives you a commanding position in life. One can work for above 23 hours per day having gained absolute control over sleep. This is not only possible but can be observed by watching the topmost rung of spiritual masters.

The presence of Spirituality in our lives cannot be done away with for it forms the inner core of our manifested physical life. Behind every success lies the core of Spirituality which guides one inherently all throughout cosmic journey.

In practice... when I started in search of God at an early age of 13 years... I was so confused about life that I thought it was only the religious masters who shall guide me on the right path. I was so wrong.

It was at the age of 37 that I came in contact with God one-to-one basis. It was the pinnacle of my spiritual pursuit. My life had come full circle. This was to be my last manifestation. I had reached the end of cosmic life. The distinction between spirituality and religion were now absolutely clear to me.

Having been able to traverse the path as a true seeker of Spirituality and reach the end goal has been a really pleasant experience. Everything I try to convey to the community is based on true personal experience of life. Being my last sojourn on Mother Earth I have but to impart the pearls of Spirituality I have learned before I leave the mortal frame.

Spirituality is not to be practiced merely in theory. Spirituality is not contained in the sacred textbooks alone. We simultaneously need to practice pure Spirituality and try reaching the end of the cosmic life. Achieving salvation in present life would be something every human being would desire.

Why not all of us practice pure Spirituality all the time! back to what is spirituality

Spirituality and religion

The difference between Spirituality and Religion is the most often asked question on the net. For a layman both seem to be the same. All one has learnt since childhood is going to a temple, mosque or a church for praying to God. What other purpose can religion have for one who is ignorant of different facets of religion? One inherently follows Religious practices from the start. One may be born a Hindu but may be a strong believer of Christianity. Why does one change over?

If religion provides succor to one: why the dissatisfaction while following one religion? Is there something beyond the mundane, that we cannot see? Why one needs to go to a church, temple or mosque and pray to god? If we do not follow the religious practices ... shall we be doomed to die a terrible death? What if I do not want to follow any religion at all? Live a lively Life with compassion for all beings. Why would God bring me death if I do not commit any sin?

In all the religions of the World, the presence of a higher power within us, our atman the soul within is accepted. No dispute on this issue, what is the nature of atman the soul within. None has seen this spirit, the most powerful source of energy in the Cosmos, much more mightier than the biggest of Suns and Stars in the Brahmaand (Cosmos). Study of this spirit (our Atman, the Soul within) and of the mightiest of all the Spirits (GOD ... the Almighty Creator of the cosmos) is what Spirituality is all about.

Spirituality is that aspect of Life of a Jiva (Manifested Life of an Atman, The Soul Within), which forms the core of all Life on Mother Earth. Without Spirituality, religion cannot survive. Spirituality can survive without religion.

Around 3600 years before when there existed no religion, Humanity existed. How did people live without guidance from religion? How did these persons live as Buddha, Jesus Christ and Prophet Mohammed had not yet been born? What of following the religion, which gradually evolved as a following of these Spiritual Masters?

Lord Krishna, Mahavira, Buddha, Jesus Christ and Prophet Mohammed were not religious but Spiritual Masters of their time. Their following is known as a religion. Followers of Buddha practice Buddhism ... the eight fold path. The followers of Jesus, the Christians study Bible, the doctrine administered by Jesus Christ and his associate disciples. Prophet Mohammed preached what is contained in Qoran, the sacred document of the followers of Islamic Dharma.

Followers of Jaina doctrine are known as Jains. Jains are never known as followers of 24th Tirthankar Mahavira who strongly advocated that every Human Being is imbibed with the power to become a Mahavira like him. Jaina Philosophy is unique in itself that Jain word is derived from 'Jina'... One who has won his real self, one who "Realizes" GOD in his Lifetime. Followers of this doctrine and what Mahavira and the earlier 23 Tirthankars preached is what we know as 'Jainism'.

religion broadly is study and following what is laid down in the scriptures for improving upon our level of Life. To live a Life full of moral values and ethical practices.

Spirituality is delving deep into the inner domain of self ... studying scriptures to know atman the soul within and GOD (The Almighty Creator). Followers of Spirituality without exception are after the absolute truth. They do not hanker after fleeting and temporary pleasures of Life. Seekers of Spirituality live a contended Life where as religious followers believe more in pleasing one GOD after another to seek their material wants fulfilled in the present manifestation.

True seeker never seeks bodily pleasures for self and family nor makes material pursuits as goal of Life. One is not attached to the body of the master but to what he has to preach.

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religion and Spirituality

religion and Spirituality - what differentiates religion from Spirituality?

religion is "absolute truth of life" of the physical manifested world. It is religion and not Spirituality which forms the basis of the present society we live in. In the present the needs for following a religion being at its minimum... it is easy to follow any religion. Anyone... even a layman can follow any religion but not Spirituality?

What vastly differentiates Religion and Spirituality? religion... if it forms the core of the physical manifested world... it is the Spirituality (the truth of our Soul within) which upholds the values in the society. Without Spirituality the physical manifested world cannot sustain for long but in the absence of religion... the society can survive on its own.

It is Spirituality (the truth of our real self... our Soul within) which forms the core of the cosmic world. The physical manifested world is a reality in terms of senses (which guide every human being on its earthly journey). In the cosmic world... our physical manifested world does not hold good for there is nothing solid in the Cosmos. Everything in the cosmos is made up of the basic building block of the cosmos which comprise of atoms and molecules alone.

religion is meant for passing of the physical manifested life in a meaningful manner. Unable to understand the nature of God... humanity has built for itself various religious centers all over the globe. These religious centers are they a mosque, temple or a church... provide a succor to the ever ailing society. They quench the thirst of an average human being... one who does not have time or the resources to contemplate directly on God Almighty.

Indulgence in Spirituality is not meant for the average human being. To fathom the depths of the Scriptures of the various religions of the world (the core truths of Spirituality)... one needs to dive deep into the pearls of wisdom contained in the various sacred Scriptures of the world. Spirituality is totally oblivious of a religion. In the field of Spirituality one need not go to a mosque, temple or a church in search of God. It is contemplation and only contemplation which shall lead one to God Almighty.

Spirituality (contrary to religion) is all about the spirit existing within every human being nay every living being (Jiva in Hinduism). It is truth of every life prevailing on Mother Earth. It is the real self of us that exists within every living being since the birth of that body in form of an individual soul. Spirituality and Religion are the two fundamentals of life which every living being is required to follow simultaneously.

One can live without religion but not without Spirituality for Spirituality forms the core of very existence of every living being. It is the spirit within every human being that we exist as a physical form on Mother Earth. We may or may not indulge in understanding Spirituality or a religion but inherently every living being pursues the path of spirituality in every manifestation. Spirituality is that fundamental of life which cannot be ignored by one.

To understand the basics of the Spirituality (not religion) one needs to understand the underlying meaning of the various sacred Scriptures existing on Mother Earth. Whatever our religious masters teach us on the physical plane may not be a truthful representation of whatever is contained in the sacred Scriptures. Many commentaries may exist related to a particular sacred Scripture but all may not be correct or rightly represent the facts contained therein.

To interpret the sacred Scriptures correctly one needs to understand the inner meaning of the core teachings contained therein. Spirituality in other words can only be best understood from a realized master. Only those who have reached the level of Mahavira, Gautama Buddha, Jesus Christ or Prophet Mohammed can deliver the humanity of its ills.

On the contrary going to a temple, mosque or a church can provide temporary succor to the ailing humanity but it is only Spirituality which can provide a permanent relief. Religion provides relief in day-to-day life but Spirituality liberates one forever from the cycle of birth and death. Religion is primarily a following of an enlightened master... it is only the correct interpretation of his teachings that one can follow spirituality to its logical end.

Buddhism religion relates to the teachings of Gautama Buddha. The Islamic religion is based on the teachings of Prophet Mohammed. Jainism (which can not be rightly called as a religion but a way of life) is based on the collective teachings of the various Tirthankars (enlightened souls). Similarly Christianity is based on the teachings of Jesus Christ.

Following the teachings of Mahavira, Gautama Buddha, Jesus Christ or Prophet Mohammed... One can definitely reach the higher portals of religion but to become one like Mahavira, Gautama Buddha, Jesus Christ or Prophet Mohammed one needs to understand the core teachings of the realized masters themselves in a totally unadulterated form.

In a nutshell, if we desire to understand the fundamentals of life itself and reach the end of cosmic journey... we need to understand Spirituality in totality. And on the contrary if we desire to live the present physical manifested life in the best manner possible then following the dictates of religion alone would suffice.
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Essays By: Vijay Kumar "Atma Jnani"

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