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Story of my Personal Experience: Essay by Vijay Kumar... The Man who Realized God in 1993
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Story of my personal experience - How I Realized God


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Story of my Personal Experience
How I Realized God
(personal experience of god)

The Elimination Process

When I was young I was taken to the Jain temple on some sacred occasions for worshipping the "Gods". Due to my inherent tendencies I was not convinced that "God" resides in those stone statues I was asked to worship. I felt inquiring within my own self that if these stone statues were not "God", who or what was "God"? What people meant when they talked of God!

I distinctly remember asking an elder of the family that "Who was God"? Pat come the reply that, "Universe and everything contained in it was made by "God". Tell me, "Can you visualize the boundary of the sky and beyond"? I thought for a moment and replied, "the Universe seems to be without a boundary"! Yes, "the power which made all this and whom we go and worship in temples is known as "God", came the reply".

As I grew older I tried the elimination process. What was uncommon in all Human Beings and all other living beings? The mental powers! This confirmed that Human Being is the highest creation of "God" on Earth. Now! What differentiated different Human Beings. One was a king and the other a laborer due to difference in their mental capabilities alone!

What are these mental capabilities which differentiate Human Being on such a vast scale! How can they be developed? Was it the development of mental powers that Human Being could attain the level of a Buddha, Mahavira or Jesus Christ? The mental powers in our physical World are invoked by our brain. How do brain and mental powers (thinking power) correlate with each other. What role Kalchakra (time) plays.

Will Power & Brain

As time passed by things became more and more clear to me. Will power of a Human Being (the desire of "Atman" enacted through a Human Being based on ... The resultant Karma of all earlier lives manifested by "Atman") is the ultimate factor governing the destiny of a Human Being. Doing of Karma by a Human Being is the result of what is invoked through the brain by a Human Being [Invoking is done by the Human Being at will (i.e. his "Atman") based on the resultant Karma of past lives].

When I was in my 2nd year of Engineering, I gained control on mental powers to the extent that I worked for half an hour but when seen by the watch only one minute had passed. Whatever I read once in a book was clear to me like a Master. That control has never again returned in my Life even after a lapse of 20 years. Reason being ... I was never again so carefree after graduation. I got more and more involved in my family business of Foundation Engineering.

The mental waves on which I had started traveling were getting farther away from me day by day. The thought waves seem to travel even faster than the speed of light. It is these thought waves on which if one dwells, shall he be able to see "God" one day and subsequent events proved that I was 100 percent correct. For fifteen years I have worked hard may be not to the best of my capability or to the liking of my family as inherently I was getting more and more inclined to know "God, the Creator" ... talk to him if possible.

Having realized that Air, Water and Mother Earth were only elements supporting the Life structure of all living beings but were not "Gods" .. only thing left was Sun. The rays of light traveling at the speed of 1,86,000 miles per second take above eight minutes to reach the Earth. Electricity also travels at the same speed at zero resistance. During rainy days the voice of the thunder is like "God" speaking. You strike two stones and sparks fly. You rub two wooden elements ... Friction may cause Fire. All incidents indicated that the power of light (i.e. Agni) is an inherent power, unmatched with and very closely related with "God".

Doctrine of Anekantvad

Whatever we see in the Universe through our physical eyes or various senses have a definite shape but ... Seeing from the angle of "Anekantvad", everything in the Universe can be broken up into molecules and atoms. Atoms consist of a nuclei and around it are electrons rotating at the speed of light i.e. 1,86,000 miles per second. The power which rotates the electrons around the nuclei at the speed of light is to be known as "God".

The Doctrine of "Anekantvad" alone can make clear the relationships between Human Beings, between Human Beings and all other living beings and between Human Beings, all other living beings and the inherent powers of the Universe. Till the time we Human Beings continue perceiving ourselves as mightiest of all, at times even defying the "Law of Eternal Truth" ... We shall fail in our efforts to come near "God".

We must put an end to giving undue importance to ourselves. our soul atman the spirit within "Atman" within may have changed numerous Life forms before our present form as a Human Being. It is on its cosmic journey ... Goal being liberation from further manifestations. All Life forms are important but ... Desist from killing for the sake of pleasure for you shall never be pardoned for this act of yours.

The Law of Evolution is same for all beings ... To think, by your not killing the pests we are doing service to "God" is wrong for the pests have their own limited Life and if they are a nuisance to us (the most advanced species of the World) they must be annihilated lest we may suffer at their hands. The survival of the fittest is the basic theme of the evolutionary process.

Never forget that "God" alone maintains the balance in the Universe and all "Atman's" in their manifested Life forms only do its bidding. our soul atman the spirit within killing or not killing a being only effects us and only us for it is our "Atman" within which carries forward the results of the Karma performed by us i.e. a Life from manifested by it. Must we not take a pledge to improve upon ourselves because it is the reform in the thinking process of every individual that will bring a change in the Society for better.

God ... An inherent power

God is not a being and is formless. As a normal Human Being cannot and does not want to comprehend that "God" is an inherent power (It can be felt by any Human Being during intense prayers to God) ... It worships it in form of deities of the shape of a Human Being. This gives more and more credulity to its existence on Earth as most powerful of all beings resulting in enlarging the ego of a Human Being ... Often resulting in calamitous results.

God is the center point from where all creation started and all things in the Universe are connected to it by a divine string. Wherever we try to break an atom ... Massive energy is generated resulting in an uncontrolled chain reaction. God shall bless us for using this energy for useful purposes but when used for negative goals ... The results are disastrous.

Mind .. the Controller of all Human Beings

Once I realized that mind is all powerful ... I tried to clean my brain of all negative influences. Negative influences bring us nearer to Satanic forces and Positive influences towards God. Once we eradicate from our thinking the negative influences we are left with only good thoughts. These good thoughts bring us nearer to our goal i.e. God.

By invoking right thoughts from positive Mind (i.e. the "Eternal reservoir of Positive Thoughts") we become more and more pure Spiritually. The weeds of negative influences from our brain are required to be taken out and thrown away at regular intervals. By keeping our brain clear of all unwanted seeds of evil thoughts, our brain stimulates us towards better deeds. We start growing in harmony with our inner self (our Atman within).

What is the relation between God, a Human Being and all other living beings. In due course of introspection, I (Vijay Kumar and not my Atman) realized that Atman within the body of all living beings is of the same nature as God. Is "God" not the collective sum of all liberated Atman's. "Atman" of all beings in Essence is the Governor of all beings. What then is the relation between the "Atman" and the physical self i.e. a Jiva!

"God" Initiates Me

Having perceived the truth I was only to inquire about the Eternal relationship between all beings and lo! On 3rd of August, 1993, at 2.15 a.m. God initiated me. I was sleeping in my bedroom on first floor. At about 1.45 a.m., I felt choking and gasping for breath and an urge within to go out on the terrace. I was obeying commands from within as if in deep sleep.

When I reached the terrace of the first floor I was again instructed by "God, the Creator" to go back to the room and bring the collapsible easy chair (which I use for my reading) and go to the terrace on second floor. I brought the chair and sat on it looking upwards, towards the sky.

What was I seeing! Full vision of the cosmos ... A blinding spell of white light all around ... Something which can never be described in words. The "Ultimate Truth" dawned upon me and at 4 a.m. I was instructed to go down. I was then instructed to write down something. I started writing. When I reread those lines ... Every thing was clear to me.

No questions remaining unanswered I had realized Self ... I was one with "God, the Creator" ... More eager than ever to complete my journey on this Earthly plane and liberate myself (i.e. me as an "Atman") from the cycle of birth and death at the earliest.

I am a completely changed man now. Having realized the purpose of my Cosmic journey ... Life has a different meaning for me since that day. I can invoke willingly the mighty powers of the Universe after constant practice and take dictation's from "God, the Creator" for hours together.

In the messages are hidden the Eternal Truths which can never be falsified by any person of understanding. "God" has blessed me to remain in the "Grihastha Ashram" (i.e. with the family) and continue my Spiritual quest further.

You have to experience it to believe in the existence of God!

The answer to all the questions related to the "Universe" and "God" having been answered, The quest of all spiritual seekers for ages having been fulfilled, I pray to the almighty "God" to give me Strength and wisdom to uphold the values in the Society of which I am an integral part. May "God" bless us all.

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Essay by: Vijay Kumar "Atma Jnani"

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