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  • Failure and Success
    Some businesses fail as the entrepreneurs who started them do not carry a vision. Business is not all about money! There is a hidden factor beyond the money aspect that is neglected by most failed businesses. The factor of community service... the factor of helping mankind... the factor of giving something back to the community!

  • Definition of Success
    My definition of success is simple. Pursuing a goal of life dear to our heart... when we achieve success in realizing the goal of life... nothing is more realistic... lively... on top of the world! I wanted to see and meet God in this very life when 11 years of age. By 13 my desire turned into firm conviction... in this very life come whatever may I shall see and meet God.
  • Success in Life
    I again repeat... Nothing other than the residual balance of karma follows to the next manifestation... the next body manifested by our soul atman! All wealth... all practical achievements of life get left behind! Success is pursuing a goal of life dear to your heart... pursuing which one loses track of time.
  • Secret to Success in Life
    The secret to success in life are not many. One simply needs traveling the extra mile most of time. Foremost of all requirements for becoming a success in life is... having a definite goal of life. Most human beings in life do not carry a goal. Their life is like a rudderless boat going round and round in the ocean. Having a goal in life is journey half covered.

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