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Failure and Success: Article by Vijay Kumar... The Man who Realized God in 1993
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Failure and Success

Some businesses fail as the entrepreneurs who started them do not carry a vision. Business is not all about money! There is a hidden factor beyond the money aspect that is neglected by most failed businesses. The factor of community service... the factor of helping mankind... the factor of giving something back to the community!

JRD Tata (more popularly known as Jeh)... the scion of the Tata Empire made it a practice to serve mankind at its best. Earning money was never the goal of his life. In his lifetime he never built anything he could call a house... his home! JRD Tata spent his entire life living as a true trustee... always believing God Almighty as the owner of all!

JRD Tata was a true Karma Yogi par excellence! There was never one like him. India owes a debt to him... for the complete technological infrastructure he built for the country. In his lifetime he built one of the finest airlines in the world... Air India and Indian airlines! Both of them were subsequently taken over by the government! That did not deter the spirit of JRD Tata!

Every business must be built on the same surmise. If we desire a successful business... we definitely owe God something in return. We must give back to the community a part of our success... a part of our profits! Unless we do this... we shall definitely fail in any endeavor of ours. Businessmen these days do not follow the practice advocated by JRD Tata.

Every successful business enterprise is built on trust and honesty. Many businessmen... entrepreneurs lack the required integrity and professionalism in business. This leads to their failure! Earning money can never be the goal of life... nor producing something for the sake of it! We need to know the needs of mankind and fulfill it... the business would flourish!

Many entrepreneurs do not take proper care of employees. They bitterly fail in life. Every business demands perfectionism... taking care of employees and consumer is of utmost importance! One produces and the other consumes! Both are important for the business. If we manufacture and market a required product properly... there is no reason for the business to fail!

The failure and success of a business purely depends upon the visionary powers of the entrepreneur. Between the consumer and the employee is the vision of the entrepreneur. Visionaries are one who thinks beyond the ordinary. They are the backbone of the society. JRD Tata was a true visionary of his times.

Essay by: Vijay Kumar "Atma Jnani"

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