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Swarga Naraka Dharti: Essay by Vijay Kumar... The Man who Realized God in 1993
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Swarga Heaven Naraka Hell
and Dharti Mother Earth
(their interwoven connection)

Every atman soul manifests a body ... On its journey towards Emancipation! If it were a plant it would do all within its means to become an animal (in next Life) ... the next higher of the species but would it swoop low (owing to bad Karma), it could regain the body of an insect or even an Amoeba in its next manifested Life. Who knows when ... the sword may fall! We pray and do Punya Karma (pious deeds not only in the physical frame but mentally also) ... We elevate ourselves to the higher planes of cosmic consciousness ... we inherit Paap Karma ... We are doomed to go to Hell ...

You are born a Human Being. You live a Life of content. One day hell breaks loose ... You fail to control your emotions and cause hurt to your fellow beings ... Earn Paap Karma. Ultimately hurtled into the dungeons of Hell in your next birth ... You are born a crawling insect to be trampled by one and all. What apathy .. nothing within your control you shall again have to take the cast of a Human body before you can atone for your sins and ask god for his Forgiveness!!

Every ‘Atman’ manifests initially on a Life supporting planet and then goes on Spiritually elevating itself to higher and higher planes. You go to ‘Swarg’ owing to your Punya Karma and "Narak" owing to your Paap Karma. God never differentiates ... For him all are equal.

Before an Atman is allotted another body, it has merely to wait ... Where? Where else other than Swarga or Naraka depending upon the balance sheet of your previous Life! There is no waiting in Hell! So many species of insects plants and animals!

Waiting for a proper birth is essential ... For the family in which you have to take birth may not yet exist. The complex theory of genes and chromosomes is to be understood well. The balance sheet of you and your would be parents must match ... Then only you inherit the womb of that Mother. Your Mother may be a she animal or a woman ... Is solely dependent on the balance Karma of your previous Life.

‘Swarg’ is no where else but it is a X-dimension where only Atmans operate. We do not see an Atman or God but still we feel their presence ... Where? The travel of Atman is not limited by time or space. They travel on frequencies above the speed of light i.e. above 1,86,000 miles per sec. All thought waves without exception travel on frequencies above the speed of light. Traveling on different waves lengths in the X-dimension (i.e. speeds above 1,86,000 miles per sec) can one Atman meet another.

Every Human Being who has learnt to control his senses, can elevate his mental status to levels that he can seek blessings of one and all whom we consider as dead and liberated i.e. God realized! All purified Atmans are practically known as Human Gods like Mahavira, Jesus, Buddha and Mohammed of the earlier Ages and Sri Ramakrishna Paramhansa and Ramana Mahirshi of the recent ages reside in the X-dimension known to us as ‘Vaikuntha (abode of God). These purified Atmans are ever ready to bless us if we sincerely and with full devotion (i.e. through mantras) invoke their presence and blessings. Proper use of Mantras is essential for their invocation.

In ‘Hell’ which is nowhere else but exists on this planet itself can be found those poor Souls whose misdeeds landed them in Hell. You slowly through the evolutionary process elevated yourself to the level of a Human Being. Your works as a Human Being did not conform to the standards laid down by the scriptures! You failed yourself at all levels of Morality and Ethics. On earthly plane, the society may not spurn your advances, neither you may be ridiculed and pitied upon for you are the lord of great wealth and riches and none wants to face your wrath!!!

In the realm of Atmans, you are graded as per your doings. Your Karma does not befit your being allotted a birth again as a Human Being. You are given a body as per your mental status. You behaved like an animal ... Lo, you are born an animal in next Life. What a pity! What shame! An animal form after Human Life! Are you truly not put in dungeon of ‘Narak’ to spend a Life full of abuse.

You are born a bull ... From the day one abuses are hurled on you for not being born a cow ... to be milked so that you become an asset to the owner. The moment your growth is sufficient to be harnessed to a plough, you shall daily without fail in all weathers, sometimes without food and water, till the ground ... Absolutely with no regard to your condition! What when you were well off as a Human Being and never cared!! Your Karma has now placed you in the position of an animal, why weep and wail!

Attempt again to the best of your capability ... for only your good Karma shall re-elevate you again to the level of a Human Being. Why think and brood! As an animal you only have to work leaving all thinking to your owner ... For it is not within your control to alter your destiny, only the form of a Human Being has been given this privilege. When you were a Human Being you failed to recognize. You never used the capabilities lying dormant. The eternal aim of ‘Atman’ to free itself from the cycle of birth and death... When shall it be realized!!!

‘O’ puny Human Being, think hard for your may be the next bull tilling the fields! Meditate on God, seek his blessings and act as per his will (the will of Atman enacted through you) ... You shall be free one day. Having Realized-self, your journey shall end ... You shall become one with God!

Hell Heaven Mother Earth: Definition the interim relationship between the three!

Status of a Human Being ... The last in the journey towards Emancipation is not less in any terms. Help one and all ... All are your brethren. Society looks forward to a ‘Human God in the making’! You must take the lead ... Guide the rest of Humanity to its fitting finale. The Kali Yuga (the present metal age) must end. Give the society what it truly yearns for ... "A Satyuga".

Essay by: Vijay Kumar "Atma Jnani"

Vijay Kumar... The Man who Realized God in 1993 explains the concept and relationship between Swarga Heaven Naraka Hell and Dharti Mother Earth. For more details on swarga naraka and mother earth visit - swarga heaven naraka hell and dharti mother earth. Send your query - click here Ref. 960805

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