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The Search for Truth: Essay by Vijay Kumar... The Man who Realized God in 1993
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The Search for Truth

The Divinity Within

Humanity today is deeply in search of a truth ... An Eternal Truth which governs the Life of all living beings. None is happy today ... Be he a Millionaire or a poor farmer (poor not in riches alone but wisdom too). Leaving aside few top Businessmen, Industrialists and Intellectuals of today who are richly endowed with wisdom and material wealth, others feel they are merely passing Life ... Which they inherently feel is full of enjoyment for all. Something is amiss!

You may drink at a Bar, enjoy food at a ***** Hotel and spend the evening with your girl friend ... Are you truly happy from within. You feel some inherent power within controls you. You do not know what it is ... Some call it your "Atman" within, some name it as "Brahman", others call it your "I" within, some your "other Self" and still others your "Consciousness". Are they all one and the same! Are these all governed by the same laws of Nature since Eternity! Is there a Supreme power we know as "God" controlling all these.

All above is true. The Absolute Truth is one. It has remained the same since Eternity and shall remain the same forever until the system of "God" collapses i.e. When "Kayamat" or "Pralaya" comes. What is this truth we are talking about? Why "God" and all the "Atman's" do not show themselves? Why misery to mankind?

The answer is simple! God made a beautiful World to live in. We lost our Faith in the "Lord". Result ... our soul atman the spirit within Life became miserable. We lost trust in our fellow beings, each one of whom is endowed with divinity within. We forgot ... we are all "Children of God". With Faith and trust lost ... We became more "Egoistic". We gave more importance to our "Self" than anything else. You have to control your "Ego" if you want to come near "God" ... "Ego" which is directly controlled by "Maya". Ignorance prohibits us from realizing the truth.

Truth unveiled ... Ego shall vanish.

"Maya" which is the inner strength of the materialistic World of today prompts us to commit crimes and ... Is the cause of lessening of brotherhood amongst us all. In the beginning you get charmed by the presentations of "Ego" ... You continue living a Life of indulgence. You are far away from truth ... The divinity within. The Faith lost, your inner voice still prompts you to unveil the truth. How many of you succeed. One in ten Million. These persons recognized by the society as a Rishi, Swami or a Deva go higher and higher up the Spiritual ladder and attain Godhood ... We know them as "Lord Mahavira, Buddha, Jesus or Mohammed". Why a mad pursuit for material riches in Life!

Compare both the biggest Democratic setups of the World ...

USA (250 Million population)

In USA every individual lives on a "Daily" basis ... He is born every day. When the work for the day is done he sleeps ... Only to be reborn next day. An American citizen in this way is able to live Life daily ... Not bothered by the events of the past and not worried about future. As an intelligent being he "Realizes" that past cannot be brought back and "Future is the present of tomorrow" ... Whence arises the question of any worry!

He tries rearing a family, working to the best of his capability for the day. In time he succeeds owning a house, stabilizing his Life day by day ... The average trust amongst citizens maintained to a great extent. "USA will collapse the very day, the mutual trust between two persons gets replaced by suspicion". Exceptions are everywhere but, an average citizen of USA is happy and wants to continue living a happy Life.

Recently all citizens of USA were responsible for abetment to crime. How? Iraq captured Kuwait. UN sanctions followed. UN forces compelled Iraq to free Kuwait. But, USA wanted to teach Iraq a lesson. It took the reigns of war in its own hands ... Results were catastrophic, resulting in complete chaos. Day and night bombardment of Iraq ordered by the President of USA (a duly elected representative of people of USA) made full USA put to shame. Why did the citizens not put an end to high handedness of the President or the Senate.

For a crime perpetrated by a king or a duly elected representative, all the citizens of that nation are to suffer ... Such is the "Doctrine of Mass Karma" evolved by "the Lord", the Creator of the Universe. Is there a remedy to undo what has been done. We can repent and pray for the injustice done but ... Is it possible for 250 Million people to simultaneously pray to god to be Forgiven for deeds committed unknowingly. If all are wise and rise to the occasion by the grace of the Lord" ... There is a possibility.

Here one instance is being cited which happened in my Country not long ago. Superstar and hero of the Indian Screen for uncounted Millions "Amitabh Bachan" got wounded in stomach during a film shooting. The wound was deep and he would not have survived for long. I personally deeply appreciated his "sentiments as a true hero" in Hindi films ... an apostle of truth and justice (I do not know whether in actual Life he is like that). I at that time was not fully Self Realized but still could talk to God. I prayed deeply for 3 hours and lo ... I was told by the Lord that he shall not die. Reason cited was only one ... "The door was closed on the face of death by prayer of countless Millions".

Can you think what people prayed for him ... "Take my Life but spare his". My prayer ceased only when answered in affirmative by the "Lord" himself. The "Lord of death" desired only one Life and was pushed back by the "Prayer of the well wishers" addressed to the "Almighty God". All prayers accumulated created such a tremendous impact that "divinity intervened".

The above statement can not be passed off as a mere expression of Faith in the Lord but the fact can be verified from Millions in our Country.

If all Americans want to survive the holocaust which is to follow ... "pray to god" day and night. Perceive the truth. Do not indulge in wrong criticism of fellow Indians. Your supporting of Pakistan is abetment to crime for ... Pakistan has already made "Atomic Bombs" under your very nose and guidance. In the name of creating balance in South East Asia and guise of protectionism you have helped terrorism supported by vague laws suiting your needs. You believe in might is right. You forget to understand ... In the World of today even an individual who wants to rule by power meets with disastrous results.

The World was created by "God" and anyone who indulges in wrong deeds faces the wrath of "God". Be wise ... All of you. Rise to the occasion for the biggest power on Earth is about to be doomed. Will Power and prayer to God is thy only recourse. You are "Super power number One" for there are others smaller than you willing to accept your Superiority and Superpower status.

A day before USSR was Super power Number Two and the day after ... a broken conglomerate. Provide a helping hand to one and all. Maintain your superpower status by your noble deeds. Do not wait for the day beyond which the World shall fail to accept your Super Power status. Your prestige gone ... You feel dejected wanting to commit suicide. The whole nation, all citizens ... Will they be able to face the Humanity at large.

You live in a region of World where more stress is laid on materialistic achievements. The achievements in themselves are not bad. Who does not desire playing Golf, fathom the riches of sea with latest inventions of Science or travel in space age planes. But, in pursuit of above you forget ... Science was meant to accelerate mankind forward ... Not to put a brake or decelerate it. Use science as a stepping stone to success and not as a stumbling block ... Never to rise again.

You have far advanced in materialistic achievements ... What of knowing yourself, the "I" within. You ask how it can be done. Come with reverence as comes a student to a "Guru" and you shall be welcomed.

In the circumstances of today ... If the order of the head of the household is not adhered to ... he feels miserable not because he feels let down but due to fear of escalation of indiscipline. Day and night Prayers and service to mankind to make up for the wrong deeds committed unknowingly will save us all from the terrible journey ahead. Time has come for all of us to act ... Act in full sincerity. "God" believes only in total Faith and submission. Don't forget, God is never at fault. We suffer for our own follies. Understand the logic behind every manifestation created by God. Perceive the divine hand in everything you do. God is everywhere ... See from within.

India (900 Million population)

Looking at India what do we see ... A Country with divinity at every corner. In Delhi, the heart of India you cannot walk ten kms without encountering monuments more than 500 years old ... Much older than the age of USA. Columbus discovered America in 1472. In this Country every thing is sacred ... Directly blessed by God. Uncounted Millions of Souls have liberated from this part of the Mother Earth ... Not now or in the near past but above 2500 years earlier. Lord Mahavira, Lord Buddha and other revered Saints ... All were born on this sacred land. They were on the last leg of their Cosmic journey to preach message of Good Will and brotherhood.

These Souls were amongst the selected one's ... Fully blessed by the Lord. We Humans literally regard them as Gods in the Kali Yuga of today ... We think, to emulate and become one like them is just not possible. Did you ever think "The Universe and divinity existed even before these Deva's were born. Herein lies the absolute truth. Since Eternity, "the Lord who created the Universe" is one. The power we call Omnipotent, Omniscient, Omnipresent is manifested in all living beings. Be you born poor or rich, in India or USA ... Understand the cosmic truth! We are all "Humans". Religions are merely different paths towards attaining "Godhood".

India is Great not because we are born in a particular climate or a particular land but ... Average Indian is full of divinity. With passage of time and in pursuit of materialistic achievements we Indians have accumulated a layer of dirt of Egotism on our Spiritual understanding ... Scrap the dirt and you shall find a reflection of God. The nature of "God and Atman" is one. You may ask how and where to search for the right man. Lo! you are still in doubt. Contact any Self Realized soul. Make God your guide.

Fathom not the depths of sea, but look inward ... The sea is vast and bottomless. Deeper you go ... More you unveil. More you unveil ... You perceive the truth, the system built by God. You get less and less attracted towards material wealth and become impatient to dive deep for the pearls and diamonds of wisdom.

our soul atman the spirit within "Vedas and Upanishads" are there for the last many thousands of years. Understand their true meaning. Interpreters are many, but only few learn the truth. "God says come to me" for thy shall teach thee the doctrine of Eternal truth, the truth of your "Atman", the Universe within. Come to me with your Ego left behind ... In learning of God there is no perspiration but inspiration. our soul atman the spirit within Country is large ... So many religions, so many Faiths, still a united Country. Why?

Never forget ... All Indians are connected amongst themselves by a divine string. None can break it for this land is blessed by God. No number of invasions, innumerous wars and provocations demoralized us Indians. We are a mighty Spiritual force to be reckoned with. We are a source of divinity on Mother Earth. None can dent or destroy our culture, our inherent Love for India.

Learn to respect others if you desire self respect. Use of force is not the order of the day. Gone are the days when brute force could get things done. Science has given us handy instruments to use for our benefit ... To make our lives more enjoyable. It is difficult to keep pace with the fast developing Science of today. Still we say ... We are suffering at the hands of God.

Go to Disney World, Orlando ... Can you believe Human Being capable of creating all such dramatic inventions. The hands of divinity taking place all over the Globe. Remove the divinity within and the dead body of a Human Being is not worth a penny. What of the materialistic achievements when full Life is spent on accumulating them and whence comes the time to enjoy ... Body is no more. See the light of truth in the darkness of the materialistic pursuits.

You are born an American. You grow up. Make many girl friends ... Dating and going steady at your Convenience. If need be get married ... Else Life is good. You settle in a profession. You vigorously pursue your profession in the day and night with your wife or girl friend. If you are lucky, you start building up a fortune for yourself. Comes a time when you have children. They grow up ... Not to abide by your instructions. Your wife or girl friend is also not Faithful to you ... You have no objection. Life is going ahead with full steam ... Fully enjoying yourself.

You go to church every Sunday. Pray to "God" ... Ask for thy blessings. You do not understand who the God is ... Continue going to the Church every Sunday and Pray. This has become a habit forming routine for you. Think it over. Do you go to the Church for praying to God whom you do not know or ... To make new friendships and have a Good pastime.

If you truly understood God ... Need for going to the church would cease. You would perceive divinity within every living being". The distinction on basis of caste or creed would vanish from your mind for ever. Seeing a living being you would feel divinely attached to it.

Why then we fear some! The animal instinct being more dominant ... Plays a vital role at a given period of time. We must protect ourselves from such devilish natured beings ... Be it a Human Being, an animal or a plant. Try and change such beings ... Show them the divinity within by unselfish love. Even a lion would become a tame as a house cat. World is full of such examples. The day the animal instinct in the lion takes charge ... The days for the owner are numbered. Pray and keep the divinity alive. Animals do not understand our language but the bond of divinity is always present ... though unseen.

Mans Search for Truth: Definition quotes the search for absolute truth!

Comes a time when you are 50 years of age. Your children settled you feel something is amiss. Throughout Life you have been praying to God without knowing him. Your inner quest now surges forward ... You dream. At 70 years of age you lie on death bed ... The "Atman" within prompting. Although you have lived a Life of satisfaction but ... what of it. The cosmic goal of "Atman" within remaining unfulfilled ... It leaves the body to manifest again as a living being. You come back in the present, a broken man ... The dream vanishes.

The Life circle moves on and on. Your Doctor informs you that you have AIDS. You again dream of the nice time spent together with many but to what gain. God created Man and Woman to continue the process of Life and not to pursue wrong ends. our soul atman the spirit within excessive indulgence has cost us our Life. There is no remedy for ... God wished it so. Many lives have been manifested by "Atman" but it is still far from the Cosmic goal ... It is angry!

Look at us Indians. Only one wife ... Full devotion and Faithfulness both ways. We live a Life of satisfaction ... Satisfaction derived from the performance of right Karma. We are happy that we are blessed by God in our Cosmic journey towards the Eternal goal .. Liberation from manifestation ... To become one with God.

"Love all ... Abandon your love for material wealth"

"Hate none but "bad thoughts" .. Food for your ego"

"Fear not the Lord ... But your Ego within"

"Obtain the Grace of God .. Serve others"

Essay by: Vijay Kumar "Atma Jnani"

Vijay Kumar... The Man who Realized God in 1993 on The Search for Truth. For more details on character education forgiveness purity of thought visit - the search for truth. Send your query - click here Ref. 940430

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