three spiritual guide posts to a healthy living

Three Spiritual guide posts to a healthy living: Essay by Vijay Kumar... The Man who Realized God in 1993
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Three Spiritual guide posts to a healthy living character education
(forgiveness - purity of thought)

These lines are as precious as your Atman within. These Teachings form the core of your Life. Never ever forget them.

Formula one
: Think pure, think good of all for in each Jiva (living being) resides an atman the soul within which is of the same Essence as God, the Creator. Pray all the time " oh God! Give me purity of thought.

Formula two : Forgive one and all, however big may have been the crime. You are only a trustee (of his!) ... act in trust! Have full Faith in the Lord and his system. He is the one who created us, maintains and governs the balance in the Cosmic system. None can go unpunished. To punish or not to punish ... is his job. Who are we to judge for his actions. We Human Beings can neither create nor are supposed to punish one ... why meddle with the affairs of his!

Never ever must we brood and think of punishing one ... for having committed atrocities on you or your family. You are but to pray to god "oh Lord! Please Forgive the ignorant one for he does not know what he is doing"

Formula three : Forget all ... all the past happenings and never ever brood on the future. Live only in the present ... as only the present is yours. You have to again ask god to Forgive you for all sins committed knowingly or unknowingly in the present or earlier lives. This is very very important to remember for Mother Earth has given you this abode.

You, an atman the soul within on your Cosmic journey needed to manifest a body to work out your Karmas. This body was given to you by Mother Earth ... a blessing which we can repay only by forgiving all other atmans (souls). In the Cosmic system, all Atmans are our brothers and sisters manifesting on Mother Earth. Must we not Forgive all sons and daughters of god, the Omnipotent Creator.

Spiritual Guide Posts: the power of now a guide to spiritual enlightenment!

Events which have occurred and gone, why remember them! World shall remember you for your acts of Charity and not what you ever wanted to do. Unless you are Forgiven by one and all (all atmans in the cosmos) ... your miseries will never end.

Essay by: Vijay Kumar "Atma Jnani"

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