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Truce with my Inner Self: Essay by Vijay Kumar... The Man who Realized God in 1993
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Truce with my Inner Self

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Truce with my Inner Self
Find your inner self
(truth or dare questions)

The Lord within us

Working in your office, you brood why you were born. To work till you exhaust, no enjoyment felt on reaching home, your wife craves for some time for herself and children. You think your energy is being wasted in the corrupt World.

My friend, a painter says, "He is lucky to be born a Human Being", to enjoy the beauty of the mountains, seaside and realms of the mighty one unknown to mankind. His saying is proved in the beautiful sceneries painted on canvas.

You are confused. Your thinking is wrong. You do not worship your work. You are out of harmony from yourself. You are seeking for truth of Life from without. Truth is universal. A man dies. His family grieves over his death feeling bereaved. A moment before his changing form, everyone was cheerful. Why bitterness over casting aside of garment by the omniscient. Life is in every deed, every living being.

A journey in human form is the richest experience by a soul. One may have experienced the form of an ant, a tree or various unknown realms, why crave for the non-existent. God is everywhere.

In serving others are you not doing your worship to the lord. Why go to a temple, a mosque or a church! To meet various forms of Life cast in a Human body. It is gratifying for some to observe clothing of others but, what of your goal in this cosmic World? Who created us and for what purpose? Shall we never endeavor to reach goal at the earliest. Pace be of a tortoise but, the Lord is pleased. Stagnation is stinky. World is full of illusions. You have to decide what to see and what not to see, What to do and what not to do. Senses will protect and guide us to clear the eternal passage in this cosmic World.

The lord says, "come to me". Do we truly search for him. Your mad rush to the office in the morning and back to home in the evening, does it not bring to your memory a scene of a bullock going round and round the cart wheel flowing out water from a well. You differentiate your-self from other beings but, in the house of God, can we differentiate. Can you harm anyone without displeasing the Creator. He created us not to harm anyone but to achieve our goal in the manner that "Golden Rule" principle is followed.

Follow the path of Ahimsa

Thou are not supposed to think harm of anyone. "Ahimsa" should be followed in thoughts too. Read "Lord Mahavira in Jainism". Follow the Teachings of "Jesus Christ" - All are thy brethren. Love all. Assimilate the Teachings of "Lord Buddha" - complete your "Karma", follow the middle path to attain "Nirvana". What then is thy destiny? Is it not the bloom of what we have thought till now. We pray and ask God! Why burden the Lord again.

Pray to be Forgiven for deeds unknowingly committed. Love thy profession. Devotedly win the affection of your employer. You can never be a slave except within your own mind. Poverty is within. World is full of pearls and diamonds. Pray to Lord to grant thy wisdom to understand truth. Pearls for wise are stones brightly polished. Poor perceive it as richness. Be rich in understanding. When you abandon this earthly garb of your human form, you assimilate with the unknown. You are one amongst the dust. What value is of richness?

Live a Life of content. Understand thyself. "God is within". Do not tire your body. You will miss all that is rich. You need not climb Mount Everest or go to the Moon. Feel them wherever you are. Beauty is all around. The night sky! Did you ever watch the night beauty created by the unknown. The amazing spell of stars shooting and blinking, Comets with a lovely tail or the shying moon. Watch them closer through a telescope. You would for a moment forget you were living on Earth.

Happier moments are within you, always more so if you are bodily healthy. You can travel and visit fascinating groves of beauty in the flowing brooks, picturesque mountain sides or raging seas. Even if you are aged, don't get awry. Seconds are precious. Preserve every past moment. Break the bonds of slavery from within. Educate (i.e. develop from within) and know thy true identity of Life. Kings may come and Kings may go but the beauty of the seas, mountains, rivers, hill sides and the Cosmic World as a whole lives forever.

Can thou afford to meddle with the affairs of his. Are you not fulfilling his desires by becoming a stepping stone to success for the whole mankind. Love every form of Life however small or irregular it may be. The injured bird you are bandaging may be your stepping stone of the earthly destiny which is only a fraction of your cosmic journey. The lord may be testing you by reincarnating in bird form. Your sufferings of birth and death may cease who knows when!

We are Masters of our destiny

Abstain from wrong deeds. God does not pardon. It can Forgive if we repent and make up for the injustice done. Pray for enhancing Life of your ailing Mother but be prepared to sacrifice equivalent years from your Life. Remain positive. Even birds and animals will understand thy for inhibiting courage and Faith. Act as a true disciple of God.

Do not fear death for you cannot create. Do not love thy body. It is merely a clothing for the soul. You who understands the truth wants to free yourself of the earthly destiny. Still you want to live more! Life and death is as simple as changing of the Guards at Buckingham Place. The destiny of your journey in one form is fixed, so why bother when!

Understand the cosmic illusion! Control thy cravings. Greed is the aftermath. Do not indulge. You will want more and more. No matter how many buckets you add, the sea remains the same. Look inside. The reservoir is full. Disburse with both hands. No matter how many buckets you withdraw, the reservoir never dries.

Indulge and you fear the Lord. A baby cries unceasingly. It longs for wanton desires. Wise parents will gratify what they feel just. The child starts developing with a balanced Life, his wanton desires suppressed. Can we expect this child to grow and indulge in bestial desires. Not unless prevailing circumstances compel him.

A young child is a reflection of God. Not tainted by ego's, unjust emotions and wanton desires. The cosmic travel attracts him to indulge throughout the journey on this earthly abode. Parents must help a child grow into a wise Human Being. One who is wise is also handsome. One who is wise and handsome gets a beautiful partner for Life. Why not all of us act wise all the time.

Charity starts at home. How many of us practice it. You want to meekly continue doing what others are doing. You must stand out and become a leader. Followers will see you achieve your goal. Self interest prompts them. Faith in the lord and mutual trust will win the day. Do not distrust anyone. Disgruntled atmosphere robs the day of its light. Wise men make followers understand the truth. Leader is only the guide.

Discover the Eternal Truth

You do what Lord wants you to do. Why blame anyone or anything. Control is within us. Sun shines daily. Some shun its scorching heat. Does it get angry and hide itself only to reclaim ice age on this planet which had resulted in the end of era of dinosaurs and other reptiles. System of the lord is justly ordered. God never plays dice. You have to continue searching for the truth. Unknown factors prompt us to assume that "Lord's system is disordered at some state". You have to try and remove the veil by introspection. If air stops flowing, how long would the mankind survive. Let us be content with what we have and strive to unveil what we do not know.

People fight together. Families quarrel amongst themselves. Various sects of different religions are in opposition to one another. Nations involve themselves in wars. Ultimately what goal we all aspire to achieve. Are we not controlled by cosmic hands. Why not all of us be wise and search for realms unknown in deep seas and outer space. May be other regions of cosmic space possess highly civilized species who may compare us with lowest of the beings on our planet. Do you consider the interest of an ant before unwisely stepping on it. Are we not supposed to lay aside evil thoughts and harm none. Let us all think wise, lest we annihilate ourselves in this justly ordered Universe.

Humanity is the most sacred race developed by God on this planet. Look at the many manifestations and varying faces of the Human society. We alone have the power to think and govern our destiny. What can be more gratifying to a lusting human form.

Must we not protect all the lower forms of species. Why a call by wild Life enthusiasts "to save the endangered species". Were we made by God to spread ill will and terror. A Human Being so wise who has unraveled one mystery after another and established itself as most powerful on Earth. Travel in water and space at unbelievable speeds, unearthing mysteries of our body and other subtle achievements are not less in any terms.

Time, a relative factor

What Human race has developed in last 100 years is much more than what it achieved in a 2500 year span. Time which was being considered as a fixed factor until now is now thought of as a relative factor in terms of the scientific advancements taking place all over the globe. How! None could imagine 200 years ago that it may take less than a 1000 years before we travel to the moon but has it not become a reality. The time gap between predictions and actual achievements is getting shorter and shorter.

Can we now predict how many years from now will it take for space ships to travel faster than the speed of light. Then only can we hope to uncover mysteries of the stars and Galaxies. Perhaps Never. Does it mean end of beautiful journeys being taken by our unmanned space ships.

Truth or Dare Questions: All about inner self!

Shall there be a limit beyond which we are prohibited to see. I have a strong hunch that "human mind", a fact "Par Excellence" will develop to such a stage that we would not be required to travel physically in space ships but teleport ourselves to distant Stars and Galaxies with mind waves in a fraction of a second.

Why not all of us become introverts and scan the powers of the mind. May be the ultimate dawns upon us and we realize the cosmic truth. "God" Bless us all.

Essay by: Vijay Kumar "Atma Jnani"

Vijay Kumar... The Man who Realized God in 1993 on Truce with my inner self. For more details on truth or dare questions visit - truce with my inner self. Send your query - click here Ref. 931206

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