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What is the cause of Islamic Terror
(islamic terrorist groups - islamic terrorists)

What is the cause of Islamic terror? Before we venture into the cause of Islamic terror we need to understand why an Islamic terrorist is at all there! What makes a terrorist out of a normal Human Being! How and why is an Islamic terrorist born?

Is an Islamic terrorist creation of USA and its allies? Why do Islamic terrorists owe their allegiance to United States of America? Is USA responsible for creation of Islamic terror groups?

Yes! United States of America (USA) is primarily responsible for creation of Islamic terrorists and Islamic terror groups world-wide. Why?

During the time of the cold war between the United States of America and the erstwhile union of Soviet Socialist Republic (USSR)... USA tried to wage a proxy war against the USSR by employing Islamic groups on a massive scale through countries patronized by United States of America. By creating instability in the region and regions relating to USSR, United States of America ultimately made USSR succumb to its injuries... the mighty USSR collapsed!

The ultimate goal having achieved... now it was not within the control of the United States of America to provide and take care of the Islamic groups it had created in and around Afghanistan and Pakistan. United States of America was quite successful in creating its initial presence in Afghanistan and Pakistan but as time passed by it became difficult for United States of America to continue providing funds to the Islamic groups. The result... these Islamic groups revolted and converted to Islamic terror groups!

All the innocent Islamites involved in fighting against the erstwhile USSR... were now branded as Islamic terrorists. These innocent people (the Islamic terrorist) had families and their life to live... they had become totally dependent upon the slush funds from the USA. As the funds were not forthcoming... these Islamic terrorists understood the game of the USA! They understood that whatever United States of America was doing in the name of protection of the poor countries and helping the mighty USSR was only a gimmick!

The reality of Life lay elsewhere... this Islamic terrorist understood in principle the folly of their being involved against the USSR. They wanted revenge! The Islamic terrorists now had started considering United States of America as their main foe! The countries like Saudi Arabia and Pakistan who had helped United States in achieving its goal also became the foes of Islamic terrorists. These Islamic terrorists had no place to call their own. They formed bases in Pakistan, Afghanistan and many countries surrounding the erstwhile USSR.

They now had only one goal of Life... to seek revenge against the USA that had acted in a totally arbitrary manner causing hardships in their Life! They grouped themselves world-wide. They needed funding which was provided to them by the fundamentalist Islamic groups... not short of cash this Islamic terrorist as and when they got their opportunity started striking against the interests of the United States of America.

These Islamic terrorists created many Islamic terrorists websites and this became the mode of communication between various Islamic terrorists and Islamic terror groups. The happening of 9/11... the episode of the twin World trade towers is the result of weariness of this Islamic terror groups... one of which is headed by Osama bin laden.

Osama bin laden spent the most of his time fighting against the erstwhile USSR and even got six months of training by CIA in its headquarters. He was a pure creation of the American fundamentalists regime. After the proxy war with the erstwhile USSR was over after its downfall... Osama bin laden was refused any help and recognition from the United States of America. He was infuriated... he pledged retaliation which resulted in many air strikes in the USA during the 9/11 episode.

Can we still blame Osama bin laden and his group of Islamic terrorists for the 9/11 WTC episodes? Osama bin laden is not to be blamed... the total blame lies upon the comment of the United States of America and their allies who failed to take care of Osama bin laden and his trusted brand of Islamic terrorists who had fought the erstwhile USSR on behalf of the USA.

We only reap what we sow... nothing more or less! To put the blame on Osama bin laden and his team of Islamic terrorists is pure eyewash for the citizens of America. If the citizens of United States of America have chosen military commanders and their president who are not willing to disclose the truth and only truth to the masses at large... they are to suffer in the end as they have suffered in the 9/11 WTC episodes. Why blame the innocent!

Any Human Being who truly suffers at the hands of a mighty government and that too the superpower number one of the World... it becomes extremely difficult for one to Forgive and forget! The total Teachings of Forgiveness and compassion were laid bare... these innocent Human Beings need food and clothing for their families to survive. They were not only betrayed but also stabbed in the back by the army might of United States of America. No balm was applied on the wounds of the so-called Islamic terrorists rather the American soldiers rubbed salt on their wounds. The so-called Islamic terrorists cried in pain but to vain!

The treacherous behavior of United States of America created the might of the Islamic terrorists. As and when the opportunity arises this Islamic terrorists strike against the interests of United States of America... be it the soil of United States of America itself or the soils of Israel or the UK and other allies. Whoever had supported the cause of United States of America is at fault! Osama bin laden was trained in CIA... he is the creation of United States of America... how can he be branded as a terrorist... and Islamic terrorist!

Osama bin laden is a civil engineer by profession... he heads a big construction industry... whatever can be the cause of his attitude against USA? The citizens of United States of America must clearly understand that they are supporting the wrong president and the army commanders. As long as this continues there shall be more of Osama bin laden in this World for all is the creation of United States of America itself. No one else is to blame.

In the name of weapons of mass destruction (WMD) United States of America has created practically a hell in Iraq. The total economy of Iraq is in shambles... who is to blame... none other than United States of America and its allied countries. Iraq may have indulged in manufacturing weapons of mass destruction (WMD) but when attacked by the forces of United States of America and its allies... nothing indiscriminating was found... why was the war continued?

United States of America and its allies have no answer on that! The forcible occupation of Iraq by the forces of United States of America as one date is a clear impropriety committed by United States of America. Being superpower number one Country of the World does not entitle one to forcibly occupy any Country and drain its precious resources. United states of America imposes himself as super police watchdog on planet Earth... every living being has a right to live... and Human Being the highest manifestation on Mother Earth... no other Human Being or a Country has a right to exert against the solidarity of the another.

Islamic Terror websites: USA is primarily responsible for creation of Islamic terrorists and Islamic terror groups world-wide. Why?

All countries are supposed to live in harmony... practicing peace and compassion all the time. Such were the Teachings of Bhagwan Mahavira and Gautama Buddha. Jesus Christ gave us the Teachings of brotherly living... he never advocated practicing and harboring ill will towards another. All Christians living in the United States of America practice Christianity and believe in the doctrines of bible, the sacred book of Christians. What use of the Teachings of the Jesus Christ if they are not followed in Toto. We need to follow what we practice... only then can there be peace among various communities and countries of the World.

The citizens of United States of America... the followers of Jesus Christ must open their eyes to reality... they must understand that the fundamentalists, the Islamic terror groups, the Islamic terrorists are all a creation of their nation, the mighty United States of America. If they do not act now... these Islamic terrorist groups might destroy the might of USA forever. As stated by Osama bin laden the 911 WTC episode was only a precursor to what is further in store for the United States of America and its allies!

When can we expect to open our eyes to the reality?

Essay by: Vijay Kumar "Atma Jnani"

Vijay Kumar... The Man who Realized God in 1993 explains the concept of What is the cause of Islamic Terror. For more details on islamic terrorists, islamic terror groups visit - what is the cause of islamic terror. Send your query - click here Ref. 041029

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